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yeah i should have read that first.

why is this not closed yet?
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...made in DeaWon, China in December 2005...
...Very rare, as it was discontinued in the beginning of 2005...

thanks for that , it was meant to be 2006
Classic Ftw!!!
i just found this
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thats the worst thing ive ever heard!
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Don't forget, your Epiphone has a polyurethane finish, which is not easy to sand off.

thats a very good point, i forgot it was polyurethane so it wont fade by itself
so i finally got a Gibson and decided to fade the finish on my Epiphone Les Paul classic.

i want it to go from


to something like this

ofcourse i know i cant get it exactly the same but as close as possible. does anyone know any good and simple way to do this

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Meet Lindsay Phelps. My first decent photoshop in ages

does guitar hero and rock band have a positive or negative effect in music society

yes or no

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How can you think that? Like jim pointed out, Georgia was in their own sovereign boundary, so, wouldn't that mean that Russia shouldn't have gotten involved? And why are the Russians still hostile to the Georgians and killing innocent civilians? How is that protecting their people?

about 90% of south Ossetia's population are Russian people. also, Georgia killed 12 Russian peacekeepers
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What motive would Russia have to invade these countries? Georgia attacked Russian-inhabited South Ossetia first and Russia retaliated. As long as Ukraine or the baltic states don't attack Russia, they'll be ok.

i am against many things Russia have done in the past, but this is one of the few times that i actually support them. i think their reasons for going to war, in this case, are fully justifiable. they are trying to protect their people. no other countries need to be or are involved
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he makes a point, obviously not realising his mistake, but let's say they start supporting Iran- in the same way the US helps Georgia, stationing troops and rockets there etc

i don't think the US would be very happy...

that is what i was trying to say
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For the freedom of the Iraqi people. I have talked to a marine that was in Iraq and he said that the Iraqi people love the US there and want us to stay until the job is done. I also have talked to a woman that is an immigrant from Iraq and she loves America. I used to be against the war by the way.

ok imagine if Russia began to support iraq and provide them with supplies and medical assistance. the Americans wouldn't be too happy about that would they.
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Yeah they don't deserve food and medical supplies, just let them burn. Retard.

its a war, during a war people die. what about hundreds of innocent civillians killed and injured in iraq? and for what? thousands of innocent people have been killed there and no other country is allowed to interfere. So why is it that the USA can interfere with other country's affairs?
you need a portable hard drive
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"Russia has invaded a sovereign neighboring state and threatens a democratic government elected by its people. Such an action is unacceptable in the 21st century," George Bush said on Russia

this is the same guy that wants to invade the sovereign democratic state of Iran

lol and he also said all of this
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Actually currently i was ignorant, georgia and russia may both go to hell, south ossetia declared independence in 1990, why the **** are they going at it and why the **** doesnt someone do anything to protect south ossetia?

south ossetia was and still is part of geaorgia, it gained independance in the 1990s however, it's independance has not been diplomatically recognized by any member of the United Nations. So technically its still part of georgia. the russians got envolved because first of all 12 of russia's peacekeepers in georgia were killed (which is basically asking for a war) and also, 90% of the south ossetian population are russian. The georgians killed 1500 russians in the first day.
the Russians aren't doing anything wrong

South Ossetian won independance from Georgia in 1992. Georgia is now attacking South Ossetian again and Russia is defending it. Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili wants it back because it's a key to his hold on power.
South Ossetian won independance from Georgia in 1992. Georgia is now attacking South Ossetian again and Russia is defending it. Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili wants it back because it's a key to his hold on power.

It seems like the Russians are the good guys this time
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I don't think the US has intervened in anything yet.

not yet. but they have before and they will again
Why is it that Americans think they're the 'world police'? This war is none of their business. They go to war at any time they want and no one is allowed to stop them. But when another country goes to war, why do they think they have the authority to intervene?
Mythbusters FTW!!
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LULZ @ pic

same for alteredgod for the hair
PRS Singlecut Trem Modern Eagle Electric Guitar, Abalone in a local guitar shop. it was £4,500 ($8,800)

it was extremely good but not worth the money in my opinion