i heard they smell of fish but taste like honey
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i found a program that could help us get the logo back on track...

here is the link

that messes up your computer...dont use it...unless you really want to ofcourse
"yippee ki yay mother****er"
ill give you a 3 because ive never seen you before but youve been around since 06

EDIT: however, after looking at the number of your forum posts ill give you a 9.5
9/10 for the new pic
you get a dead emo

*inserts chocolate coin*
(to Oblivion_Rps )

you get hit in the head by a Les Paul

*inserts finger*
you jammed the machine and lost your phone

*unjams machine, steals phone, sells for more coins, inserts coin*
you get sh1t in your vagina

*inserts coin*
9-i see you all the time
you dont get anything because you didnt insert a coin

*inserts coin*
you get a chicken

*inserts penis*
you get a used condom full of aidz

*inserts coins*
Seasick Steve-Dog House Music

7 cant really see you
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**** thats you playing?

thats a 9/10 sounds very professional
rate on the subject of.....?
5/10- dont like the style sorry

someone please rate my new MP3
please rate my new MP3 its called stranded blues. constructive (or not) criticism welcome