For sale £400 - never gigged and in good condition.

e-mail me at if interested.

Also on sale on Ebay / Gumtree.
Hey buddy! Hope you're well.

So it turns out the VH100R is discontinued and by the looks if things, have gone up in value!

I don't really know what to do with this in mind - it's a GREAT amp and probably worth keeping just because it's good to have a nice amp to hand.

Shame it's ugly AF
Naaa kinda fallen out of love with the guitar tbh. I got to a level where I got fed up of improving my technique and needed theory to make me progress.

From there I couldn't find the time to study and get better :/

All I have left now is a PGM301, a faith acoustic and a Laney VH100R :/
I have the older version so two straps

Annoying that I have nothing to compare it to on a UK site.
Are they discontinued now? $450 seems WAAAAAY too low. I'm from the UK btw
Hey guys,

Real quick question - could anyone tell me what a USED Laney VH100R is worth in the UK?

Had a look on ebay and gumtree and nothing there!

Thanks in advance,

So after listening to lots of demos the Jet City range just doesn't quite sound right for me. Reason being the gain isn't saturated enough for lead guitar.

The peavy also has far too many settings / buttons etc on it for me. I like a simple 2 channel amp which has decent cleans, good crunch / lead and a reverb.

The search continues!
Hmm - the review here says the same -

He plays on full gain at 15 mins but that's not enough gain for me!

Basically says you need a pedal to get into that territory?

The 50w also only has 1 gain knob on the crunch channel whereas the 20w has crunch and then overdrive?
Hey dude ^^

If you read the specs above, I think it's the 50w which is more vintage voiced. But with the 20w you don't get Dedicated Channel EQ OR reverb :/ - if someone could confirm, that would be ace.

Thanks for the Peavey suggestion.
thanks buddy but i just read on site that the small w combo has a lot more potential to produce high gain?

50w says this - SKU: 110711. Category: Combos. Tags: Clean, Crunch, Dedicated Channel EQ, Effects, Reverb, Soldano.

JCA5212RC is an all-original Soldano design for Jet City Amplification. Soldano’s “Crunch” circuit is featured here again – a preamp capable of a wide range of character – from clean and bright to muscular and powerful. And our top-of-the-line combo also includes Soldano’s “Clean” circuit – previously only available in the Soldano Lucky 13, the Clean channel is wide-open with no gain control. Each channel also has a dedicated EQ, for added tonal versatility.
There are a few more tubes here, too – both the 3-spring reverb and the effects loop are tube-driven for rich, warm effects. And like all Soldano designs, it’s all about the purity of tone in 5212 again – not a mini-switch, pull-pot, or other secret-sauce knob will be found anywhere on this amp.

20w says this - Category: Combos. Tags: Custom Eminence, Expansion Slots, Foot Switch Compatible, High Gain, Soldano, Two Channels.

JCA2212C is a “combo” version of our JCA22H. It’s the complete package, with (2) foot-switchable channels and crazy tube tone that ranges from clean and jangly, to full-on Soldano high gain.
Thanks dude - I have had a look online and the 50w combo amp only costs £70 and comes with a reverb channel ( a decent reverb is going to cost me at least £50)

My only real question is, can I get decent tones out of the 50w model like I would be able to out of the 20w. To be honest with you, I've had plenty of 100w amps before and could always get decent tones out of them.

the 50w weighs 12 more kg but would be usable if I wanted to play in a louder environment for a once off.

I figure I can sell my Laney VH100R and Orange 2x12 for around £970 combined? I'm thinking £320 for the cab and £650 for the head? They retail at £979
Wow man - thanks so much for your help. I've just watched this and they sound bloody amazing -

I always prefer head and cab compared to combos but if I'm not going to gig there's no point eh - the smaller the better in terms of space!

Any advice on a cheap reverb pedal I can pick up which doesn't sound really artificial?

Also can't think of there being any advantage getting the 50w model?
The VH100R is amazing but I'm short on cash at the moment and just want something that isn't going to sound awful. I have an orange 2x12 but would probably wanna get a 1x12 just to save space.

If I was to get a small tube amp, what would you guys recommend - needs a good lead channel and reverb. I've been out of the gear game for a long time!

EDIT- Hey Dave, things have taken a turn for the worse tbh - my passion for guitar has gone downhill and I'm working in London (money is tight)

I'm selling my deluxe tele which should get me around £900 and I'll have to sell my VH100R too but just wanna be sure what I'm going to get will at least sound okay!
Hey guys,

So I'm moving out from home and into London and am looking to sell my Laney VH100R as I don't gig anymore. I would still like to be able to play but would love to hear your advice on the best alternative?

I only want to play quietly from my room so I'm guessing the best option is going to be buying a nice pair of speakers and a Line 6 POD or a small tube amp which has a decent clean channel and a strong high gain lead channel (ideally with a reverb)

Could I please get your thoughts?

Thanks so much,

1 like 3 dislikes, really?
Hey guys.

Got rid of the S-1 switching and noiseless pickups and installed BKPS.

Just my Laney VH100R, drive comes from the pedals.

I'm really liking the sound of the Mad Professor Sky Blue too.
Thanks Dave, yea I'm veering away from the TS808. I really don't know what to choose between the Suhr Shiba, signature paisley pedal or play it safe with the Fulltone OCD.

In the meantime here's a pic for you all! I don't know how to fit them (and I'm getting rid of the S-1 switching) so I'll need a tech to fit them for me next week.

Hey guys,

Any recommendations with regards to OD pedals? I'm not looking for something to boost the drive channel, I'm looking for a great overdrive / stratty / twangy tone!

Here are the ones I'm currently looking in to.

Wampler Brad Paisley Drive
Suhr Shiba
Fulltone OCD



I've recently bought a fender deluxe telecaster and in the process of putting some BKP Blackguards 52 in.

I'm a massive country / folk fan and listen to Brad Paisley, Dixie chicks, lady antebellum, matthew and the atlas, civil wars etc

Could anyone point me in the direction of good books / video's to get me started with country music? I know the major scale and open strings are key but that's about as far as my knowledge extends.


Hi guys,

I moved my amp around recently and just want to make sure this is correct!

I have an orange 2x12 16ohm cab.

My amp is plugged in via the 1x16 ohm slot.

There's also 2x16,1x8, 2x8, 1x4

Thanks guys!
Thanks so much guys! I saw that purple one, it's really nice, I like this one too.

The only thing is I'll have this guitar for has to be good :p
Thanks mate, how comes you replaced the pick-ups? I had BKP's before and really didn't get on with them. Do you regret selling?

The S3 and S4 models look nice. How much are they?
Guy posting in thread.
Hi Guys,

Unfortunately my Grandad passed away a month or so ago but my dad gave me £1000 to buy something to remember him by.

I'm thinking of buying a suhr, going to add my own 500/600 into the mix so looking at £1500/600

I've been on the Suhr website and it's so confusing! Ideally looking for a H-S-S guitar. Want something that's great for lead but also great for classic rock / blues / strat like tones.

I have no idea what models of theirs I should look for at that price range!?

Thanks guys.
Enjoy guys!

Let me know what you think

Please watch in HD and listen with headphones if you can! Much better quality.
Thanks guys. Not much tele love on here
Hi guys,

I haven't posted in here for a while but the majority of you will know me as THAT PAUL GILBERT FAN...well, I've sold my PGM500 and custom Fireman and moved on.

On Christmas day I got a faith Venus Acoustic and today I got a Deluxe American Telecaster.

Unfortunately my Grandad died today so I can't do a review of the tele but I'll have my say on the acoustic.

My collection now...

It's a Faith Venus with diamond inlays. It retails for just under £600 but I got it second hand for £300. It's in mint condition and is hand built with an amazing spruce top. Unamplified it sounds decent, but when I plug this thing into my VH100R on the clean channel with some reverb it sounds astonishing. I also like the cutaway which helps you play chords lower down the neck. The EQ on it is outstanding and the EQ-s button gives the guitar a massive boost (closest I can describe it is a massive thud) I wanted a guitar for singalongs and I am for sure going to have many years of fun with this acoustic.
These ones then.

If anyone has any other suggestions , I'm all ears. Thanks.
Hi guys,

The three guitars I have are...

PGM301 Signed by Paul Gilbert
Fender Deluxe Telecaster
Faith Venus Concert acoustic

It goes without saying, these are nice and expensive guitars! For that reason I need wall hangers that are GUARANTEED to keep my guitars from falling off.

Any suggestions?
Siiiiiiigh elaborating! Well the Orange Rockerverb sounds FANTASTIC for cleans and for anything telecaster / stratocaster territory. It's great for metal but medicore for classic rock. Out of the 3 amps the Orange is the one that sounded the most 'expensive'. If you put a nice guitar with good pups in there, it's going to sound great....

Here's me playing on mine.

The reason I sold mine was because the lead channel wasn't tight enough. Shredding on it is pretty horrible.

My JVM demo can be found here...

All in all a great amp but too much going on for me. Great leads and cleans, horrible overdrive tone.

Laney VH100R

My go to amp...I'm a massive Paul Gilbert fan and the lead channel is nothing but Paul Gilbert. The cleans are decent but not stunning, can get great classic rocks tones by just backing off on the volume on your guitar. Reverb is nice too.

Laney tone...
Thanks mate!

I googled it and it looks FANTASTIC! Any other suggestions guys? Don't really want an electro acoustic and I guess some of the money I'm paying for goes towards those electronics?

I want it for singing along to songs like I do here. I know my voice isn't the greatest
None of these.

I've had a rockerverb 100 and a JVM.

Get a Laney 100VHR. Better than both.
Hi chaps,

Looking for a great acoustic guitar that sounds good and easy to play on.

Just using it for singalongs

Suggest away!