I've spent most of this week in the wilderness recording these tracks so yeah, here's my band.

The Civvies

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The Jam, The Clash, The Beatles, The Enemy, The Stone Roses, Oasis, Manic Street Preachers.

Sounds like:
An aggressive, Jam influenced back line with an early 90's inspired melodic overtone.

"Vampire Weekend meets Save Ferris. Strange mix of ska-like vocals and indie rock riffs,
but it actually works! "
- The Hope & Anchor, London.

"Stand out act for me were The Civvies
The Civvies on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads
they really reminded me of The Jam musically and The Undertones vocally.
But they had individuality and they really impressed me on the day!”
- Live & Unsigned

"These guys have so much energy ! If you want fun - Then you call
The Civvies !" - Radio Presenter Siany, 96.4FM The Wave
Nah took 3 years to get round to writing the damn things.

Er, the other 2 members are ex-army, so when they were leaving to star tht eband back up and getting hazings, 'you're just gonna be ****ing civvies' and what not.....well, it's to shove it to them I suppose.
The studio used was fantastic, we got exactly the sound we wanted. Real credit to the technician that recorded us all nice people there.


This is my band. roses, oasis, the straycats, the jam, manic street preachers, rolling stones, and lots of other stuff really.

Been waiting 3 years to get this organised and it's finally and expensively come together this weekend so really, any feedback regardless would just be a blessing to me.
Hah, Glad to hear it pal. I've only recently been made aware that I have one if you can believe that. I always thought I was quite well spoken but aparently not.
I'd love to dude, but financially...I haven't a hope in hell. And I only get to record at night when my kid goes to bed, I'll have to rummage round and see if I can get some lamps or something. Thanks for the tips though.
With regards to my accent, It's hardly difficult to believe you find it difficult to understand. I get told most days by the people who live by me I have a very strong Welsh accent so If you're from Arizona and listening to me through a low quality recording it's hardly surprising it's a little difficult to understand what I'm saying.
Thanks for the advice mate.

Unfortunately there's nothing I can do about the picture quality :S But I will definitely take the rest into account. Thanks for taking the time to watch the video's and post me some feedback.
Hah, Just realised I probably shouldn't have named the thread the same thing. Admittadely the name apart from being a take from a mighty boosh episode, 'underwater funk' and what not, Was definately meant to catch the eye in that sense.
I apologise for misleading you sir.
Been working on a bucket load of new bass lessons. Just thought I'd get some feedback on them if I was ever gonna try putting them up on the main site.
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However the past couple of months have really been quite damaging, I'll probably normal out a bit. :/
I kind of just took the melody and winged it then recorded myself playing it that day, my playing of it is much more clear now that i've had some time to get comfortable with it. But alas i have no batteries for my camera.

Let me know what you think. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Any sarcasm will be greatly ignored.
I'm still working on my improvisation, but I decided to put up a video of me improvising this month, So yeah. Let me know what you think.
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Currently its Canned Heat from Jamiroquai.

The Jamiroquai basslines were under my radar until about 6 months ago when someone pointed out just how fantastic they were. And this song is exceptionally good.
I thought this whole guitar hero obsession thing was only in America, I don't know many people that actually play the thing so I don't think I've been exposed to the same annoyences and grievances as other members, to me it's just another random game that I've played once or twice and nothing more.
I accidently snapped my first acoustic clean through once and It was still fixable, no different when I got it back, just find someone in your area who repairs guitars, not too much of a drama.
I've got a muse obsessed bass pupil, and to be honest I've never liked Muse but he's getting quite technical and seems to be getting a little bored of what I'm teaching him so I want to teach him a muse bassline to perk him up a bit in the lessons. He already knows hysteria I need another quite technical muse bassline if there are any other technical muse basslines, Preferably something that will improve his playing across the frets, not something that'll just consist of fast picking along one or two strings. I doubt there'd be any legato or bass sweeping in a muse song, doesn't the guy use a pic? Anyway, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Bread and butter pudding
Quote by fleajr_1412
If you've read some of the replies is this thread, you'll see why I'm so uptight.

I've read most of the posts in the thread mate, Let it go. It's nothing you can do anything about, apart from stir up a big pointless arguement with people who are just going to type as many sheep noises as they can in a post. Tell me what the point in dignifying them with a response would be?

Quote by konfliqt
Cardiff here.. would say something football related, but I'll wait until we're above you in the league

Aye, best leave that for another thread.
Quote by fleajr_1412
Why do you English hate us so much? Because you can't stand the accent (personally the London accent drives me insane), and that we're all 'sheep shaggers'. Some of the English are alright, but when the elitist fags come along and are like "lolol the Welsh are dumb, theyz rz sheep shaggerss lolzorz" it just pisses me off.

Let it go dude....nobody else from Swansea then?
Graham Central Station - pow
Sly & The Family Stone - thank you
Jackson 5 - i want you back
Duran Duran - rio
Rush - spirit of the radio
Weather report - teen town
Red hot chili peppers - blood sugar sex magic
Rage against the machine - killing in the name of
the flecktones - any song - hoedown maybe? It's just fantastic bass and everything else work all the way through.
Spiral architect - again...
The who - my generation
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Just out of interest, all the Welshy's here in this thread, where abouts in Wales do you live?

Decent things to come out of Wales.

Rhod Gilbert

Manic street preachers


Funeral for a friend


Like I said....decent, not great.
Quote by Johnny Trash
The worst bit about the Welsh is they come to England and boast about how great Wales is. They fly the Welsh flag EVERYWHERE and preach about Wales to everyone.

If Wales is so great, why the **** do they all come to England?

I've always found this to be the problem (I'm welsh) Problem being that enthusiasm for the revival of a dying language has meant that anyone who makes something out of themselves publically from Wales has to show a high level of patriotism, irritating patriotism, just to remind everyone yes, were Welsh.
Also in ratio the more famous you get in Wales seemingly the less inteligent, let's take Charlotte Church for example, complete ****ing tool, did you see her talk show? Really in light of these things, for the mass majority of unfamiliar foreigners we must look like total idiots. But just like every other country, even though we are dominated by an idiotic populus It's hardly more noticable in terms of 'which country is stupider'.
The sheep stereotype has never bothered me, because....I've never had my penis in a sheep.
It's a long drawn out thing, and with the north being mostly farmland and a high level of idiotic resentment that exhists between England and it's neighbours means that stereotypes like that are bound to exhist and never never never never die, frankly I think the invention of the internet opened up a portal for everyone to argue about matters like this and by now I kind of expected everyone to be bored.
By the way Llanelli* And for pronounciation you were pretty right, just gotta kind of pronounce it your way and then 'kl' like you said add a hissing sound with your tongue to it on both the double l's.
We're no better or worse a country than any other, I've been to England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Cyprus, Greece, France, Malta, etc. And everywhere I go is no better or worse, on the whole the food & people are shit, I guess most places kind of have us beat on weather though. It rains alot. Infact it's rained basically all week and probably isn't going to stop for a long time.

Quote by Fiddelers elbow
Its like americans taking the piss out of canadians...


Quote by arc41190
wow I didn't know the english hated the welsh so much. I'm both english and welsh so I guess I hate myslef.

Actually it always seems to appear worse than it is on forums. I think because usually with internet forums people on the whole seem far more desperate to voice their opinions loudly and take the piss out of each other. So like everything else the prejedice rises.
Vegetables could have hurt feelings.

I once convinced my girlfriend that in the passion of Christ and in the bible, Jesus does infact use his magic powers to turn himself into a warewolf.

So that makes me feel a little better about the vegetable thing.
That was quick...
LittleKnowItAll wasn't a name I chose because I believe myself to be as such quite the contrary, It's a great song that I'd interpret to be about the younger generation thinking they know it all. Great song. Thought It an appropriate name for myself being a smart arse little prick. Mind you I've been using this name for years.
You could buy me a nice fullstack bass amp instead? >.<
Deep Purple
Children of Bodom
The Wildhearts
Neil Young
Led Zeppelin
Black Sabbath
Bob Dylan
Chuck Berry
It depends, I mean if someone comes up to me with a BC Rich Warlock for instance I'll have time for them because I'll assume they're some annoying ****ty metal guitarist who wouldn't know quality of make if it bit him in the arse and is therefore **** at guitar full stop.
If someone came to me with an overwater bass ran through an ampeg full stack I'd assume they knew what they were doing.
Is this stereotyping? yes.
In the long run has it always panned out right for me? Yes, also.
Anyone like REALLY looked into the story plot in detail. Tried to figure out what the tattoo meant and what not? anyone got anywhere for that matter?
Quote by gonzaw
I think all episodes are like 8:00 GMT or something..

Not that I would care since Prison break will be casted here in May or sorts (leaking episodes is the only way)...

I heard that 2 characters were going to die or something....

I hope one of them is Bellick, and the other one maybe William Filtchner....

Bellick always irritated me anyway. Pansy.
Alright Alright, I forgot there was a search bar. Let's just let it go, someone will close the thread and this will be slightly less humiliating in time.
Have I missed the first episode or am I behind because of the time zones and it's tonight?
****, Piss & Bollocks.
Ah well, Someone just close the damn thread then.
There's me thinking I was finally down with the kids, and had found me the latest scoop. ¬_¬
Just found this, REALLY hope this isn't old news, otherwise I'm gonna look like a right Numpty.
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Can't say I'd prefer anything to the Classic Les Paul Shape, It's just simple and beautifull. However I do like the strat shape also.
Yeah, Start on the 6th and it can be used in B Flat minor, you see?
As long as you move the scales in correlation with the first note of that second scale you'll know what key your in, then it's just a matter of remembering the very easy shapes.
A minor Pentatonic scales.






Use the root note of the second scale down as your basis for understanding what key your In being on the A and these being minor pentatonic shapes these will wrok in the key of A minor, move them accordingly up and down the fretboard for other minor keys.
Anyone able to find one or wants to be the first to tab it? I can't find a powertab to Rio full stop anywhere online, Infact I only managed to find one power tab for Duran Duran and it was ionly the guitar.
Rio is a fantastic bassline for anyone who knows it, If anyone could find me a power tab so I could slow it down, figure out all the ghost notes and go over it, get it all spot on it'd really help.