hey guys, JUST got a 360. putting my gamertag on here.

that was ****ing awesome.
its that.

soraya is awesome though. my fav live
I see its pre D-Sonic.

Does it have piezo bridge?
Quote by musicTHEORYnerd that i think about it, does meshuggah even have a bassist?

yeah, and the bass player changes constanly. its pretty much only live. Fredrik does it in studio.

Older stuff Meshuggah was a 5 String bass half step down A# D# G# C# F#.

Newer Meshuggah stuff is a 6 string bass 3 steps down normally F B E A D G sometimes E B E A D G.

I think a meshuggah bassist was Dick Lovgren for a while.

8 string Standard is F#BEADGbe

if this is dropped, you get EBEADGbe., The low E on string 8 is the same frequency as your bass string. Animals as Leaders' Tosin uses this a lot. "Point to Point", "Tessitura". As well as Meshuggah "Obsidian".

you could stay in standard and play exactly what the guitar is doing aka another rhythm guitar for tunings this low or acquire a 5 string and drop it 3 steps with heavy ass strings on it
Quote by CoreysMonster
it just came out a couple of days ago, how the hell is that slow? It's not like he announced it.

if you subscribe to his blogs it is like he announced it. cause he did in a blog

either way, $ blows my mind
Quote by Steve08

The whole album in general is pretty sweet, though...

true that
Final Exit and Becoming the Enemy are sooooo good.
i somewhat agree on the rap topic though.

on their full length if they remaster and add/take from skylines, id like to see it removed but maybe thats just me.

doesnt 'ruin' the song, its good for a laugh, but idk
so alex wade from whitechapel loves PIE.

Quote by AlexWadeWC
This shit is ****ing amazing. I haven't heard music composed this well in a long time.

Not being a dick, just being completely honest with constructive criticism from one musician to another, but the rapping in the beginning of the 3rd song is really dumb and ruins the song in my opinion. If you want to be taken seriously in the music business (which i think with your other material you very easily could) you don't need to be doing "silly" stuff like that in such well crafted music. Unless you want your sole fan base to be dumb kids 15-18 who when you release your second full length won't like you anymore because you won't be the "cool" music to be into, instead of having real, true fans who appreciate you for your musicianship and will fully support you by buying merch, CD's, and paying the ticket price to come to your show and put gas in your van to get to the next show.

Keep it up, you'll be turning heads sooner than you think.
rofl. sucks for me too no GA dates
Quote by MustangMan311
I have never wanted to punch anyone in the face more than the fat ****ing Asian kid in the glasses and the ABACABB shirt. Before BTBAM played, he was talking to his friend about how he couldn't wait to **** people up in the pit. HE TWO-STEPPED TO THE CLEAN PARTS OF OBFUSCATION. WHAT THE ****?

there was a kid like that at ATL. moshing to everything.

anooying as hell.

you get my message dude?
go to bulbs soundclick. google it.
Quote by Magero
Probably best to go back to if you're gonna post shit like this.

seeing as how its back up; i will be there, am there, and just on UG for the occasional check up in this thread mainly.

im with chris [glassmoon] on this one, dont really understand the deal between site hate or really the hate of the genre. if you dont like it, dont post in the thread. im sick of reading "melodic bit of straws + clean singing with clean interludes and technicality = bulbs writing style", "peripherys singer is emo", "X metal is more thought provoking than Y metal", "X band > Y band", "X band copied Y band".

think about what you people are saying/typing. im sure bands arent deliberately copying, taking influence and copying are two different things.

meshuggah were the first band to bring 8 strings to the forefront, I know, we all know. It opened musicians eyes to the new tonal range. i mean if you play an 8 its like youre playing and/or writing on a new instrument. almost the same with a 7 but not quite.

polymetrics/rhythms as well. meshuggah use them. bebop bands used them in the 1930s and still do to this day. polymetrics/rhythms will be used in the future in other styles of music as well as metal im sure. they arent copyrighted. nor are 8/7 strings.
i didnt know EVERYONE here was close minded and kvlt. Good thing is back up.
its pretty normal for a while. i listen to it occasionally now. i think i overplayed it for the first 2 weeks. it was ALL i listened to for a while.
Well i mean... its supposed to be a joke
Quote by nevermore97

lol. i love meshuggah and nevermore. dude you like nevermore, i know they arent incredibly alike, but check out Sybreed dude.
^^ almost 'tinny'

it does get old. still good for the occasional listen i think. thats about it though
Dimmu Borgir

some Dimmus ok, I like the bassists voice more than the actual vocalist.

An example of black metal I appreciate is like Emperor and Behemoth. Then again I'm just now getting into it.
Quote by Linqua5150
when i saw him he played (not 100% sure about the order):

1. disruptr
2. kingdom
3. truth
4. supercrush
5. By Your Command (it was way EPIC)

teh red pedal is a whammy im almost positive.

as for the order when i saw him it was something like

1. Disruptr
2. By Your Command
3. Supercrush
4. Kingdom
5. Truth

but by your command was def in the first 2 spots idk if it was 1 or 2, but the backing track cut out after track 2 and he had to use the click track for teh remaining half of his set. it was still good but it got ****ing annoying with TICK TICK TICK TICK at an actual concert.
Quote by icaneatcatfood
However it is not better than black metal recorded in a professional studio.

some of it is.

any of it is better than f*cking burzum or mayhem.
most of teh 'djent' equal or worse than emperor or ihsahn.
Quote by metalmaster362
odd times and shredding sounds better than a black metal song that sounds like it was recorded on a cellphone

or in a basement with a tape recorder from 1996, but i +100230203201 to that statement.
it isnt my right to let others post them. to be completely honest i should have PMd those.

i just dont want them posted not so badly, but because i am not the author of any of those except for a few bars in Totla Mad and All New materials.

I downloaded them from the authors, and they asked any downloaders not to post here and just use for private study.

Now I'm asking teh same of you, becuase i couldnt direct you all to the original posts [site is down] i posted here when i should have PMd. I have more, but ill Pm you later i have to go lol.
Quote by BR00TAL
Good man! Fantastic album. Always preferred these guys to Mahavishnu Orchestra.

I prefer Mahavishnu Orchestra over return to Forever and Weather Report (love both still).

i prefer the Dixie Dregs over all three though... /flameshield
no, dont put them up there. i would ahve redirected you to the links by the rightful authors on, but its down...

bandwidth limit exceeded til feburary.

dont put them up on UG please. use for private study and all. Zyglrox and Totla Mad may already b on UG, but dont post the others.
Quote by \m/Gaz
How do I activate the chat? I assumed it was just online when I was on the site?

and I've already heard All new Materials and Totla Mad, and Zyglrox is just immense, I think they're better without the vocals.

Also ^^^ I'd agree it's mainly for keen guitarists this kinda music really, which is probably why it's not that popular

it doesnt say youre online... there should be a white/grey bar at the bottom of browser screen.

and those songs you jsut stated really have no room for vocals, especially zyglrox, they shouldnt add vocals to that or totla mad. i can see all new materials having some room if they tweaked it.

ah well i quite like the sound with and without vocals.

and yeah, people who arent music-savvy in general dont really appreciate it. i can see drummers loving the stuff more than i do. [seeing as how most of it is difficult to bits on drums, which is why 85% of it all is programmed until the bands find a man-machine capable of their ideas]

EDIT: Gaz you might need to clear your cache
Activate your chat dammit :p

I like Periphery's vocal sound, high pitched (not emo, as some say).

Its what they are going for, cleans with screams.

As for Bulb's tracks check out:

All New Materials
Totla Mad
Frak The Gods!

for instrumentals, i can rec some with vox too

EDIT: Periphery vox >>>> Tesseract vox = Vildhjarta vox >>> Textures vox >>> Fellsilent vox
I can't wait for Peripherys album. It's gonna be awesome, regardless of what the metal forumites say.

Check out SikTh now dude. Btw, I friended ya mang.
Quote by Night_Lights

Wait what the shit, Chris is out? So its this new Spencer guy on vocals in that trailer?

Quote by \m/Gaz
I'm really starting to get into Djent now actually, took a few listens for it to grow on me.

Tesseract and After the Burial are pretty sucky though.

Periphery, Keith Merrow, Cloudkicker, Chimp Spanner & Animals as Leaders are class bands though, love the jazzy synth atmosphere in a lot of them. And Keith's riffs are some of the most headbang-able ones I've heard in a while.

tesseract is ok... they are better than fellsilent i think.

but that last statement you made is cool. thats basically the bands in the sub category i listen to except i have a few extras.

also, SikTh arent really djent but I highly recommend them for listening...
here you go bro. I have quite a bit of Periphery/Bulb/Keith Merrow/AAL tabs as well
^^ I have a full guitar pro tab for that song.

It is one of my fav Bulb tunes to listen to and play.

Good that djent *shudders* is growing on some of you, it really is good music imo.
yes he is. he also just gives away his hard work. any non-haters on here got comments on chris leaving periphery and spencer joining?
I personally enjoy most of the artists labeled djent, I dont know why, I just love its sound.

Cloudkicker is soooooooo good, B.M. Sharp is nothing less than genius. And giving his music away legit for free, thats true generosity right there.
Opeth - Blackwater Park
Tyr - How Far to Asgaard
Quote by Dimefan69
No, the guy who posted their set got How could i mixed up with the king of those who know. I dont think theyre playing it.

dude no lol i dont get cynic songs confused.

rofl i said they teased with the intro to how could i. its harpsichord intro. im not f*cking stupid. i love cynic.

they did play king of those who know, thats correct.
Quote by Dimefan69
Was that them? i was just tryin to listen and every five seconds i was getting pushed by some asshole.

Thank you, btw. I really liked that song.

no problem man. and yeah i fixed your statement.
Devy opened with Disruptr.

God I would have enjoyed him more if dumb drunk army f*cks werent trying to mosh to his sh*t.

I mean you don't really mosh to that. You can in parts, but they were trying to mosh the entire concert.

And then they were 'moshing' to Cynic. That made me lose all hope in humanity right there.