Save guitar solo's for an Encore, then feel frree to go a little mental! Once you've finished your set it don't really matter so long as you dont fall of the stage.
P.S definately try not to fall it hurts
HAHA am 16 played my first gig at 12 bin plain for 7 years whooppwhoop.
shhh... i know its not that long, i'm gonna shut it now.
I think i'll join this chant.
Axl Rose
did you seriously say you were lookin to buy a squier or a bullet. save 200 then buy a cort kx5
did i spell that right
oh and maybe run to the hills as an encore, if your strings can still bear it withiut snappin n the march.
as an intro play somethin easy like mississippi queen
either remove the pickguard or just keep it standard because if your guitar doesn't match itself (if that makes any sense) it removes value and don't look to good