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Too bad they don't make power adapters for basses...

Ahh. I misread the post. Sorry for the stupid comment. My bad.
I use power adaptors for all my pedals. But the rechargeable route works well too. You just never know when a battery is going to crap out on you. Usually it happens to me when I'm playing especially well.
The Flys, Linkin Park, 311, Crossfade used to, but I think the other guy left the band.
I like the Smashing Pumpkins version.
Roses are red
Violets are blue
I'm a schizophrenic
And so am I
I think I heard that Unwritten Law has now completely changed every member of the band.
I saw Finch live and in the middle of one song they busted into Mayonaise. It was awesome. No one seemed to get it but I was stoked.
Hate to tell you, but this tour they ARE playing what they want. I heard they're doing unique setlists for each show, and playing stuff they usually dont do. So who knows what you'll get. Still gonna be a great show though. I've seen them twice. And Zwan. And just Billy. All good.
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guess you better weigh me against a duck

She turned me into a newt............well....I got better.
Back to topic, that guy was a dick. I've been playing for 20 years, and I actually consider myself not as good as people that have been playing a fraction of the time. I just enjoy playing. Why can't everybody do that?
I actually read that when they do a small show like that they use the name Rawg and play without the outfits and stuff.
It happened for me completely by accident. I tried and failed for a looong time, and then one day I was playing Stairway, and the lyrics just jumped out of me. I've been able to do it ever since. The easiest way is to play the song at half speed or slower, and really get a feel for where the notes and vocals mesh together. Then you can speed it up. I have very little confidence in myself, and I thought I would NEVER be able to do it, but now I have a huge list of songs I can sing to. Just keep at it and it will happen.
I had a similar idea today. I made a playlist out of my top 5 songs from my top 5 bands. I call it my 5 by 5 playlist. It is:

Smashing Pumpkins-Today
Room For One More
Safe Home
Bring The Noise
Green Day-Going To Pasalacqua
St. Jimmy
When I Come Around
Christy Road
Social Distortion-Don't Take Me For Granted
Ball And Chain
Cold Feelings
I Was Wrong
Through These Eyes
My Own Worst Enemy
Over My Head
Perfect One
These are all bands that I have seen at least once, as well. It's basically a perfect playlist.
I have to go to that. Different sets every night. Damn I love this band.
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Hell ya, Scotty. \m/ Here's another:
I've never heard of them, but Death From Above and 1979 are both Smashing Pumpkins songs. Any connection there?
I actually plugged in and rocked out today. I usually just goof around on my guitar unplugged, but I played for a good 2 hours today. I played:
When I Come Around-Green Day
Basketcase-Green Day
Going To Pasalacqua-Green Day
2000 Light Years Away-Green Day
Christie Road-Green Day
Cowboys From Hell-Pantera
Sad But True-Metallica
Jump In The Fire-Metallica
Room For One More-Anthrax
I Am The Law-Anthrax
Among The Living-Anthrax
Mayonaise-Smashing Pumpkins
Crestfallen-Smashing Pumpkins
Hummer-Smashing Pumpkins
Plume-Smashing Pumpkins
Down Here With The Rest Of Us-Social Distortion

It was a pretty good workout.
Ya dude. Take a listen to any of the tracks on my profile that say V2. Those are all done with the Singstar mics and Audacity. That'll give you an idea of what you'll end up with.
Stay In Shadow by Finger Eleven. Room For One More by Anthrax sounds brutal if you can get the timing down. Outshined by Soundgarden. I like the slower, more powerful type songs
Personally, I LOVE sex, and the crazier the better. BUT it has to be with someone I'm committed to. Not marriage necessarily, but a relationship nonetheless. I don't jump into bed with just anybody. Although my ex-gf and I had more sex after we split up than we did when we were together, but that's all over now. There has to be an emotional connection as well. I have 2 hands and a good imagination, I can handle the physical, and without the risk of pregnancy or infection.
Redneck Rampage, Duke Nukem 3D, Space Quest. All good.
Speak like you, Yoda does. In soviet Russia.
I won an Xbox 360 at my girlfriend's office X-mas party raffle. Best night ever.
That was pretty cool. I'd give 8. I like to play it too, but the loud punked version. Still, I really think it works the way you play it. And I like your comment about not polishing demos. All my stuff is recorded live, the way I would play it if someone was in my living room listening to me. That being said, can you comment on something of mine? I have 20 something songs on my profile. Pick something that no one has listened to, that you recognize. Thanks! Hope the demo goes well.
Sometimes I'll start humming or singing a song to myself and 30 seconds later it'll come on the radio or t.v. or whatever. And I get deja-vu ALL the time. I also get the feeling when I'm watching brand new movies that I've seen them before, to the point where I know about plot points BEFORE they happen. Pretty creepy feeling.
I read words backwards, just to see if there's anything funny there. I turn numbers into guitar tab; 1023= C! I have to line up the seam on paper coffee cups with the creases in my fingers, I feel like I'm going to drop the cup if I don't. I read every word I see. Like packages, instructions, signs. Comes in handy when I'm bored. Always something to look at. I hum constantly. I crack my thumb knuckles with my middle fingers. Only those fingers. Probably a lot more, but I can't think of any right now
I like to play songs that have both clean and distorted parts to them. With a pedal, you can switch back and forth very easily, and get creative with the pedal's sound.
Ya, that sounded pretty damn cool. I wanted to hear some really vicious chords to flow back into the song at the end, but really good nonetheless.
I put a fixed bridge on my Strat, and a Seymour Duncan Screamin Demon Humbucker in it. It's great.
Sounds pretty good for only playing a few months. I listened to Mr Jones and Wanted. Sounds like you're not pressing the strings hard enough, and also probably strumming a little too hard. That makes a lot of extra noise. But it sounded good. Keep it up! I have a bunch of stuff you can check out on my profile.
Very cool man. You did all the parts really well. Like the vocals. Where did he get PM5K from? I know they covered it, but yours totally sounds like the Cars version. Stellar work, anyway. Just What I Needed is a lot of fun to play, too.
There's a LOT of random stuff in SP songs. There's an explosion form Doom in Where Boys Fear To Tread. I saw a website that listed them all.
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186,000 miles per second
300,000,000 meters per second.

<faceplam> Yes, thank you. I did indeed have my math wrong. Being from Canada and using the metric system, I should have know this.
Hey man. I just put up my own cover of this song. Check it out if you want.
Ok. Way to stick to the thread, guys. The other day I found a Vietnamese coin at work. Their currency is called Dong. So recently I was talking to my ex-girlfriend and told her next time I saw her I'd show her my dong. She was kinda speechless until I explained myself. It was funny.
I always thought the speed of light was 186,000 feet per second. Unless I'm thinking of some other speed. Sound maybe? Correct me if I'm wrong, because I 'd like to know where i got that number from.
AKG guitarbug. i love mine. Never drops a signal anywhere in my apartment, and it cost me $200.
I don't have a PS2 either. It's the microphones you want. sell the game back to the store by itself. Make a few bucks. Anyway, when you record in Audacity, the file is a special Audacity file. You change the levels within the program, and when you're done, you save it as mp3, .wav, or whatever format you want. It records as one track, but you can split it into a stereo track, and then change your levels and gain and add effects or whatever, then when you save it, it all merges together. I don't know how familiar you are with Audacity, but it's pretty easier to figure out once you get in there and start messing around. Theres also a FAQ on this site about it. PM if you get stuck or want to know more. Happy recording!
I either use the side of my thumb, or put my index finger and thumb together like I'm holding the pick, and strum that way. Depends on what I'm playing.
I have a MIM with a SD Screamin Demon bucker in the bridge position. I love it to death.
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because music relaxes me.
cause I really enjoy playing and listening to music.
It's just awesome, isn't it? beeing able to play ur favorite songs.

Yes. Being able to make the music you love with your own hands, there's nothing better. There's a lot of music that reminds me of certain times or events in my life. I always have to be listening to SOMETHING.