Hey it'd mean the world if you'd check us out, just posted 2 songs Thanks!
Got bored. Say what you want, Paramore's crazy fun to play and solo over
Criticism welcome.
Reppin London!!!
9's on my pgm301(standard)
11's on my s470 (C#)
I make your all your london ontario pizza hut orders D:
Swedish black metal= Burnt Churches
American death metal= No burnt carbs
having three fingers on your left hand
Anyone else think Birdman looks like he has to shit/shit his pants everytime he looks at the camera?
While trems kick ass, The Edge III does not. Do not buy a six string xiphos
How much to ship to canada?
PGM 301
Lado hawk series
theres drums in the new guitar hero
tv links
Ya the Les Paul axcess or something like that was announced a while back. It was a les paul with a floyd.
i think you should try it for yourself and see what you like the best. make sure you like the floyd before you purchase one
almost all protest the hero and alexisonfire also metallica live
Ok guys i changed it to midi so you all can listen. I added a new part at the end that I'm still un sure about. Oh well I'll work on it again later and poist whatever i come up with Criticism welcome
Thanks man
Nobody? Anything? Just looking for some constructive/bone shatteringly honest criticism
Allright here it is thanks btw for the help I think i got it to work
now who wants to tell me how to attach a guitar pro file because its apparently not as easy as I thought.:P
I was bored and inspiration struck so i wandered into the land of guitar pro to see what i would create. Just a little riff that happened to strike me. that huge ass pause at the end is where some sweet ass drums will eventually go this is still just in very basic form. also timing might be screwy because guitar pro is still somewhat comfusing to me:P
Any Comments are appreciated(but let's try to be nice anyway? )
Pretty much the second biggest protest fan on UG
It's not that bad once you get the rythm down. I suggest using all hammer ones for the part you described muse but alternate picking the 6-7-9 part after that
for protest probably nautical from kezia and palms read isnt to bad cept for some parts
I'd shred the **** out of the whole fortress CD with protest the hero
That's standard down half a step(E flat) so its played on the first three strings if you're in standard move that tab up one fret(half a step)
well it's a stupid modern day rap song its not gonna be that complex


Thats the main melody
They're from my home town pretty cool guys
i will be watching south park in his honour today
to be in a room full of trannies and having your dick not know the difference. But all your friends and the tv crew i sent there do
Learning Fortress by Protest the Hero all by meselfs!
you mute the a string with your middle or ring finger and strum.