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I don't wanna be like those stupid science bitches
If taxes were voluntary I doubt many people would pay them, even they respond (hypothetically) that they would. So hell na I ain't gonna be payin
"Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else's opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation."
Oscar Wilde
dr andre's dead..he's locked in my babesment
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Hummus on everything

dis that i tell them
Ignition (remix)
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Alright, it looks like this thread is turning in the direction of an impending orgy

So I'm just gonna ask.

Who wants to have a ****ing orgy

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A small note.

Can anyone honestly say that they have been in a situation, where they would be adamant that the situation would have ended better if they had a gun?


Yeah when me and my friends went hunting or to the range. Probably woulda sucked without the guns.
Lakefront Brewery's EyePA is my favorite beer right now. Good to see Southern Tier Brewing company getting love but I haven't tried either of their pumpkin beers because of the price. Are they worth it?
five guys or in n out depending where you are
she must have a thing for men with no style
whitea album or abbey road for sure
ya eugenics worked super well that one time
how are the naughties 2000s?
This decade...nine you know what the word decade means?
I know it to refer to a large set of drugs (heron, crack, meth,etc.) but I usually think of marijauana first as in "my son won't grow up to be a DOPE smoker!".
Too hard to speculate. If classical composers suddenly got dropped in 2014, would they like neo-classical metal? Doubtful. If they were just immortal and heard all the music coming out from the times of their deaths til today, would they like it? They would like a shit ton of different genres because they'd have evolved with the music being written.

You can't even know if Tupac would like today's rap and you wanna know if Mozart would like metal...
It's a social construction.
chilliiiiiiin bout to go to grad school in the fall
Anyone have experience with both meth and MDMA? particularly orally administered

SWIM got .1 of 'molly', took it, and had a great time, but he doesn't think it was MDMA. It was off white colored crystals. Taste was bitter and chemicals (duh).

Evidently, it felt crazy amounts more speedy than his previous 'molly' experience (this previous 'molly' was from a different person and he said he tested it with a kit, but hmmmm does SWIM believe him..). The most recent experience had a come up within 30 minutes and within 1 hour was peaking, extreme euphoria. Most euphoric SWIM had ever been (in recent memory). He was out in nature and the contrast between the green grass and the blue sky and water was astounding. particularly the green grass was so vibrant. SWIM must have been heavily stimulated at this point, but he doesn't remember feeling that way. Other than the euphoria and striking (but perhaps subtle in retrospect) visual element was psychedelia. During this peaking phase SWIM definitely felt a psychadelic vibe from the 'roll'.

After the peak dropped out (yea I seem to have been dropped from the peak straight to the come down), not gradually or cyclically coming down. SWIM said of his previous 'molly' experience that the come down came in waves (like LSD) and the drug was cyclical and still felt prominantly during the come down. SWIM said his previous 'molly' experience the peak came at about 1 hr and 30 minutes and he was still rolling until well past 5 hours of administration (also .1 oral).

so he was dropped there to the come down, psychedelic feel is gone, euphoria is not the euphoria from before, but feels like he took a 1000 miligrams of adderall. this is probably somewhere in the 2 hour range after administration. within an hour from then, SWIM was almost back to baseline.

SWIM in the time between those two 'molly' experiences (his only ones) was exactly 1 week and he did consume some stimulants (amphetamine 20 mg twice, but no caffeine). I doubt 40 mg of amphetamine would add THAT much to his tolerance in a week to reduce a 5+ hr experience to barely a 3 hour one, everything else being equal (ie. they were the same drug whether mdma or meth).

Socially, SWIM is pretty shy around people he doesn't know that well. Even around those he's close to he is often silent. This is related to his social anxiety. It's not bad, SWIM can approach strangers on the street he just prefers not to you know? Anyway, the first experience was in a crowded bar full of SWIM's friends, some visiting alumni (uni), and any significant others. So a place where SWIM knows about 50/50 of the people. SWIM was dancing having a great time (SWIM's gf wasn't there but he was having a great time dancing with his friends! no grinding needed). During the peak at that bar he just danced and danced. not even talking to the old friends at this point just bouncing around. he left the bar, went home, people were back for the after party. no body else was rolling, they were all drunk.

we're in a pretty chill room playing jenga. SWIM was on top of the world. coming down at this point, but steadily, SWIM's concentration was impeccable. during each move a symphony or better yet a cacophony of anxiety was swelling in his chest, neck, and skull. With the successful placement of each piece swim put on the tower, a wave of relief and joy washed all anxieties out the back of swims head. swim's communication was not great even after leaving the crowded bar. perhaps he was tired as he came down but SWIM wasn't really on the top of his game.

The second experience had more of a 90/10 split of people he knew to those SWIM didn't. it was outdoors, on a lake, very scenic, not shit for a couple miles. during the peak SWIM really only remembers staring into the gorgeous scenery, walking, feeling the grass under his feet. he's not sure if he talked to anyone. but once on the come down, SWIM remembers being the ****ing cornball king. he was socializing in ways he normally doesn't. he was participating in the conversation on a mere representative level, but he was also looking for puns, plays on words, stupid dad jokes, outrageous scenarios derived from plain, normal statements. and they were landing. SWIM usually projects a brand of humor which people his age (of whom there were a bunch at this gathering) don't always get or appreciate and they were liking it! so here sWIM is, basically trolling them but getting lots of laughs. SWIM's words felt like they were coming out wrong (almost backwards) or that he was saying something really dumb or unintelligible or embarassing but people seemed to like it.

soooooooo if anyone has any input, questions or whatever I hope you speak up. SWIM is curious about what others think he might have got
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That'sa notta reala pizza pie

it's not a pizza until it comes out of the oven
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Alternatively, he could care more. Which would probably prevent his girl from cheating on him. Women like a man who really cares.

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Dick and tits, it has the best of everything.

what is this seasonal affective disorder? i take vitamin d3
Hey guys, do the capsules of adderall XRs themselves contain any amphetamine? That is, if you empty the contents (beads) and consume them, but discard the outer shell that makes up the capsule, are you wasting amphetamine? Thanks for the help.
I worked as a farm hand only like 10 hours a week for two summers. Then I worked one summer as a night stock employee at lowe's. I would work from 9 PM to 5 or 6 AM five days a week. To be honest working on the farm was harder even though I worked more hours and had to stay up all night at lowe's.

It gets mad hot up in the mow. If it's like 80 degrees outside and you're in a stuffy barn tossing hay, you're gonna get pretty uncomfortable.
Wish I could post my whole philosophy of law much cringe
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Grow up. I'm not dependent on it, nobody is, it just helps, and it's not the governments job to restrict the stuff on the supply side.

And it should piss you liberals off that because of the DEA restrictions, the companies who make it have had a 83% increase in profits, because now they can jack the prices, and nobody can do anything about it.

samsung m240
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i dont like thing

white diamonds and they shinin like some headlights
Yeah and Led Zeppelin copied all those guys

o wait
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I have a girlfriend for about two weeks now and recently we started having sex, which is great. We are both really enjoying it and we are very comfortable with each other! I'm not very experienced but she did have a few boyfriends before me. The thing is, when we first started dating she told me that she has never had an orgasm during foreplay/sex, although she can make herself come quite easily. She says she does enjoy having sex with me and I do believe her because she can't seem to get enough of it, but it would really mean a lot to me if I could just send her over the edge.

I'm not really sure how to go about this, I'm trying to do a lot of foreplay and buildup to sex and I'm really focusing on her and what she likes most of the time. We communicate quite a lot in the bedroom, although she is not comfortable 'helping herself' or masturbating while I'm with her. I suggested this so I could see what works for her but she doesn't want to, but maybe she will eventually when we become more comfortable with each other. Maybe it's just a mental thing for her, she told me she trusts and loves me more than her previous boyfriends. Should I talk to her about it or would that only make things worse? Maybe we should just be patient? Or do women not find having orgasms as important during sex?

Anyway, does anyone have experiences similar to mine, or any words of advice?

my exgirlfriend was able to achieve orgasm with this method.

do whatever foreplay you like, get semi naked, lay her on her back and mount missionary style. Don't penetrate, but she should be wet for this to work. Grab your dick and put the head on her clit, take her hand and put it around your dick. She can then use it to stimulate her clit. If she can make herself come with her hand, she should be able to do it with this method and it's 'more intimate' than her directly stimulating herself while you penetrate.

Achieving orgasm does have a tremendous mental component, so not focusing on it and not putting pressure on anyone is important.

Edit: Also we tried me or her stimulating her clit while simultaneously having penetrative sex, but she felt this was just stimulation overload and did nothing in achieving orgasm. This is probably related to the mental component. A slow and isolated progression of clit stimulation (head of penis, tongue, or even one finger sometimes) in conjunction with her intense focus on and awareness of the relevant sensations (clit stimulation) was the recipe.