This has been driving me mental. It's not in the comments, and i've tried looking other places. Plz help

Starts at 2:27
Thanks so much!

Ill check it out when i get home today.

Kinda of a sappy song =p

Would be cool if someone could just say what the chord progression is please. I have no problem with the intro and stuff, but I'm not so good at figuring out the chords >.>

I tried to find it throughout the internetz but to no luck. >.>

I think its tuned down half a step but not positive. Link to the song below.

So ya don't need the whole trouble of having the whole thing tabbed. But if someone could figure out the chords for me they would be my hero =D=D. Thanks!
@all the people not impressed and saying how obvious it is

You are a party pooper. Stop sh#itting all over people's parties...

edit: lol it got the lol wut pear....I would post it...but you know
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May 19th 2007.

You have to hand it to them though. They make you wait, but damn do they deliver great games.
LoL. Nice work stating the obvious.

Of course Men raping boys will be homosexuals
I guess Men raping girls can be blamed on hetrosexuals?
Does anyone still play actual Quake 3 Arena????

I play .30 - Rail CTF and Rail Freeze Tag
Lol off craiglist??

Even the shortbus knows this is a scam
I plan on dieing with old crusty organs that nobody would yeah.
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1st: If they don't try to help the mods keep the place organized, who is?
2nd: They don't report everyone
3rd: They have lives, reporting people isn't what they do all day everyday.
4th: Be honest and for the love of god be gentle with him, you may want him back one day.

Offended reporter xD
Good ol' fashion time!!!!!!!!


............... D=
You: Yo!
Teacher: What's up?
You: I'm leaving you.
Teacher: Ok.

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delete system 32

I was going to warn you that I have seen people get banned for that, but guess it is too late.
No I mean there is stuff that runs at startup that you don't know about.

I know in windows you can see this with msconfig but idk about macs
Free space on your hard drive doesn't speed up your pc.
You need to limit the number of programs that are starting up when you use it.

In the background, not ones you open.

edit: or ya get a new computer
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if we invented a time machine in the future, y havent we (in the future) come back to give us special secrets to become rich or have a better life? or even tell us to get off this forum and try to get lives?

I like how this has been mentioned 10+ times in this thread even though it was proven (possibly) wrong in the previous pages.
500 channels, nothing but cats.

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If time travel is possible, where are all the time travelers?

If you compare to Back To The Future then we are just in the timeline that has no time travellers.

Besides, who would want to come back to our time after being in the crzy future?
I hope that baby stroller didn't chip the paint.
wtf. I am playing that boss right now.......what is this madness

I wanna be the guy

edit: that asshole grabbed me while playing funky japanese music, flipped multiple times in the air, and smashed me down onto the ground and some japanese dude started commentating
Pause at :26 and look at his can see the fake leg peice.
Seaman:"Admiral there appears to be a yacht heading straight for us"
Admiral: "wtf?"
Seaman: "it appears to be some no0b in a boat"
Admiral: "Damn, we just put a fresh coat of paint on too"
What is this? Is UG being punk'd right now?
Hey, anyone still play Quake 3?

PM me and we can set a match up.
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It wasn't sarcastic. I don't believe in people telling jokes about other people's misfortunes. Anyway, I'd be more concerned about who invited you, the guy making fun of deaf people. Whoever would invite somebody like that is just sick.

And yes, because going deaf and/or having tinnitus is sooo hardcore.

Dude it's the pit. Did you expect anything less?
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oh...god.... somehow I got linked to from your very sad now....

that is actually the worst thing I have ever heard in my entire life...BY FAR.......

....even the whammy kid would make fun of them.........*cries*

Hey guys that Scholarship is a awesome discount off the tuition along with some other Free Stuff. There is so much that happens during the program that makes it totally worth it. You get to record, make a music video, play 3 concerts, attend a private concert, meet a ton of professionals who are doing it now, get advice from past music industry professionals and musicians! If you think about how much it costs to record a song, make a music video, attend a private concert, along with all the other stuff that happens, include room&board and meals for a week, it will all add up to be more than that. It is totally worth it and has so much value!

lol...............was that you in the vid????
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One that always cracks me up is when homer finds a winning lottery ticket, and wants some candy, but can only afford one. so he chooses the candy.

not bad for an 09'er

...and this also has restored my faith in the pit a little as well.
Lift your fingers when switching power chords to avoid the sliding noise, and you need to work on your finger picking or just change that part. Do that and it would be a lot better.

Not bad though for your first song ever.
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weree the **** is Bodom?

Right where they should the list

And to the guy that mentioned blink, Enema of the State '99 not in the 00's, and theres no way that other 00 album they made would have made it up there.
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A thread EXACTLY like this was done yesterday, I would report it but I don't know how You got lucky this time...

Oh you 09'ers!
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Vancouver is one of the easiest places to get weed from. And to the guy that said NB's multicultural, Richmond's population has more asians than white people :O

LOL! That is so true! I don't quite understand it, do they have meetings with each other and have everyone move to Richmond?

I am from Vancouver B.C. and I would love to see some bagged milk in the store so I could laugh my ass off, but I guess it is something they do back east. milk comes in a plastic jug
what a prankster.........

I was at a party and this guy really seemed to be into me. We were hitting it off all night and finally we tried to find a place where we could be alone, it seemed like the bathroom was our only option. He sat on the toilet seat and I began to give him head, he was saying stuff like "oh this feels so good, keep going," which I very much enjoyed hearing. Anyway, a few minutes later he lets out this enormous groan and I catch a whiff of a furious smell, the dude had just taken a **** while I was giving him head. He screamed, "boys I did it, I blumpkin'd her," this was met with cheers right outside the door. I had no idea what he was talking about and had to look it up on urban dictionary the next day. I will never perform oral sex on or near a toilet again, if murder wasn't a crime, I would have sawed off his face right there. I'm so bad at sex.
You cannot succeed and not succeeding...

damn... beatin to it.
You Say To-mah-to, I Say Pot-tah-to
Garden Store | Santa Barbara, CA, USA
Me: “Thank you for calling [garden store], this is ***. How can I help you today?”

Caller: “Yeah, i have mites on my, uh… tomato plants. I need something to put on them to kill the mites”

Me: “Well, sir, we have many different types of sprays and powders for bug eradication that can work.”

Caller: “I need something that can work indoors.”

Me: “Indoors? Like a greenhouse? Because the products we have are all natural and can be used in a greenhouse.”

Caller: “I mean indoors like in my house. I don’t want to use a spray in the closet in my room.”

Me: “Sir, you’re growing tomatoes in your closet?”

Customer “Uh, yeah… so what can I use?”

Me: “Well, we have a powder made of diatomes you can use to kill the mites, and you can still eat the tomatoes without any issue. It’s all natural and perfectly safe.”

Caller: “That sounds good, but… umm, what if I were to smoke the tomato plant? Would that still be safe?”

(I finally realize he’s NOT really talking about tomatoes.)

Me: “Umm, sir, tomato plants are part of the nightshade family and are actually poisonous if ingested. I wouldn’t recommend smoking them or eating the plant itself. Just the tomato.”

Caller: “But, if I had a plant that was smokeable, i could use the powder stuff and it would be okay?”

Me: “Yeah, just make sure you wash it good before you um… smoke it… as you would with any home-grown vegetables and fruits.”

Caller: “You’re sure? Because i don’t wanna die for smoking something i’m not supposed to.”

Me: “Then make sure you aren’t smoking the tomato plants in your closet and you’ll be fine. Have a nice day!”