I do.

and haii, I'm back
that happens to me on occasion. Don't rightly know how it fixes itself, but it usually does within a few minutes..
i watch zero tv.

youtubing keywords seems like your best bet, pres. ads sounds good too.
It's really good, but it's just Of Montreal
Like, all their music is really good, but it just sounds like more music by them. And I know that that's all it is, but idk.

Don't mean to be such a moodkill >_>

also, I think this is the first thread I ever made ^___^
I'd get cody a jessica, but I don't want to post her picture on UG...


happy birthday again, even though technically it's almost over ;_;
YAYYYY it's Cody's birthday!

here's a cupcake!

and here's your guitar you get to wait another 5 months for!!

Quote by frodoisdead
the woman in the band plays the guitar, sometimes.
the bloke in the band is apparently the 'talented' one, who creates the bulk of content while she creates the lyrics and vocal melodies. that's according to my sister anyway
i'd only ever enjoy the ting tings on a dancefloor, after several double vodka redbulls. yes i'm classy.

i think there was a thing on them in Blender or Rolling Stone a few months back, apparently there were a couple other people working on a project with them that bailed and they were the only two left, so she had to pick up a guitar and learn to strum an A and E chord and apparently, that and drums is what they've built their music on. I'm pretty sure she's gotten better since then though.

As far as music, they're not talented per say, but definately catchy. Fruit Machine is a good song, I don't think it was in the few that was put up.
how was the show at the cat's cradle?
i was sooooooooooooo close to going, but it was a choice between that or Nantucket, and i couldn't get plane tix down ;_;
Quote by ZanasCross
I want UG thongs.

just a plain color, only it says "the pit" on the front. win.

I'm currently in DC, but if i can fly down on the 8th, i'm TOTALLY going to the Cat's Cradle show!!

<3 <3 <3 <3
I don't even know if this belongs here, but personally, I would LOVE a UG tee.

If there already is, and I don't know about it, just call me dumb and close the thread, but from what I gathered, there used to be one, but there isn't now. And that deeply saddens me.
To whomever I offended.

I'm a tw@t.

Say whatever. I deserve it.
shouldn't this go in the "funniest thing you're heard said seriously" or whatever thread?
I know there's more out there than Kiyiko, me and ... let's have a party!

Any girls bicurious to a Kinsey 6, come on (:

note: this isn't necessarily an img thread, but feel free to add if you want
Oh, I'm also a counselor on seasonal staff at a girl scout camp

tbh though, I get more money asking my dad for pocket change.

Actually, I don't really remember ever believing. I remember trying though.

Also, I used to think that adults were smart.

EDIT: oh, I used to think I was cool because I listened to Slipknot.
Model, Lifeguard
haaaaaaappy birthday!!

I got you a ton of chocolate
Quote by Seryaph
It is weird to get stared at for wearing clothes.

One time, my uncle and I were cycling up the coast of Spain. He knew of this waterfall that fell off of a cliff right onto the beach and into the ocean. It was sweet water so we were going to go refill our canteens and get a drink. To get to this place we had to leave our bikes chained up at the entrance to this giant cove and hike for a mile or two along the beach. It was great, the country side was beautiful, it was a wonderful day. When we stepped foot on the beach we noticed that it must have been an unofficial nudist colony as there were nude people everywhere. Men, women, children. They were all kind of looking at us weird for wearing clothes but it was fine. So we kept trekking on. At some point in time, the cliff went almost to the water and there were these two giant rocks making an almost clear cut division along the beach. We got passed the rocks and kept on searching for this elusive waterfall. As time went by we couldn't help but notice that the nudist men, women and children had turned into nudist men. Nothing but nudist men. Old nudist men who were really giving us strange looks. They kept popping out of nooks and crannys in the cliff or peering out from behind rocks. After some 10 or 15 mins of the stinkeye from middleaged naked men, we decided to abondon our quest for the waterfall and return to our bicycles.

That was one of the more interesting experiences I have had at a nudist colony. There are several more, but perhaps I will share them with you guys tomorrow.

they're called nude beaches, dumb@ss.
they're not that uncommon in Europe.
then you fail.
*resurrect thread*

Quote by jammy jam jam
pens ftw

pencil ftw.
cody should recognize this one

you know...

this just keeps getting weirder and weirder every time i refresh.
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My house (especially my room) always seems to be too hot and sticky.

oh my god
i saw that and thought it said especially my mom
naked time!

*dances n00d*
Quote by Gunpowder
Why has no one invited me to this nudist colony?

Is it because you don't love me?

are those testicles in your avatar?
bathrobe. i'm cold.
check your pms, fag
um, technically it's summer
but it's cold.

good point.

they can come to the northern half of the world.
Real women drink whiskey
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There's an entire frickin' colony?
Where the hell have I been all this time? Where is it?

in my bed
Hey, there's a Jedi group @_@
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Mostly I smell like weed and coffee and fags and Geoffy Chaucer's robe mixed with whatever Adidas spray is closest to me.

Your avatar is...keeping me here. Srsly it's amazing.

if you were talking to me, well.. thank you
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they got cold


but it's summer now, can we get naked again?
I wanna hang out naked with UGers again
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hmm.. burning rubber...

You're doing it too fast. try using some lube.