i just think you ar right, it kindsa is indicative of the cultures of today to play upon such mundane jestures of affection and treat them as if they were some fasion item- "ooh give me a huge you owe me one". what ever happened to affection that didnt have to be shown or transmitted through pointless physical actions. to me a hug is something you give to your best friend you havent seen in 5 months or a friend on their birthday when you give them a present or something not some lame thing you throw around like it means anything, it just annoys the hell out of me. kids these day do stupid stuff like that all the time, like at my college people never seem to shut up talking about the most utterly pointless things and becoming enthralled with pointless persuits. whatever happened to comfotably sitting with you friends and enjoying the quiet of a nice sunny day?
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Bastards of Bodom - Children of Bodom
Same. The really difficult ones to find are the recent live compilations, almost every shop I've been to don't stock them, they're almost as hard to find as Dream theater albums.
Quote by ebbbaaa
All pop punk, especially the Plain White T's and Snow Patrol. TWO NOTES ISN'T A SONG.

YES MY FRIEND!!! Absolutely right, I hate all pop-punk-emo-commercialised ****. That faggot Mika really pisses me off, but he's not really a band. I'll have to say Fall out boy, I just want to find a gun and fire as many bullets into their faces as possible.
Quote by Revelations
Yes. Very good song. However there are some shocking songs on that album which contribute to my decision on being the worst Maiden album. Namely, The Apparition and Chains of Misery. *Shudders*

I'd partially agree with you on the Apparition, but i really enjoy the blues feel Chains of Misery has to it. Yeah its damn cheesy, and i have no idea what the meaning to the song is, it's really random, but it's a great Maiden tune none the less.

I think a greatly under rated song is the Fugitive, which for me is the defining point of the album, aside from Fear of the Dark or Afraid to shoot strangers.
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oh, this is a good one.
so i'm walking down to my mates shop and we meet his dad, who is soo weird. he goes on to tell us why he didn't wear shoes or socks anywhere for five years. sounds a bit strange right? so i ask "didn't you feet get cold?". to which he replies " no because i can think through my feet, if i thought hard enough with my feet i could melt snow". man that cracks me up. and no he wasn't joking, he is that weird.
Her: I love you

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5/10 - Redeemed by Hendrix, Presely and Zeppelin

Dream Theater
Children of Bodom
Racer X
Steve Vai
Iron Maiden
Judas Priest
****ing **** name. 2/10. WTF were you thinking?

My band name is Carnifex, it's latin for executioner.
Metal Gods - Judas Priest
The Longest Day - Iron Maiden
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what do you guys think of Carnifex for a progressive ,neo-classical shred/ darkly themed heavily metal band? i think it lends itself to a concept album involving greek/roman mythology. carnifex is latin for executioner, but we were gonna call ourselves Gladius, which means sword. what do you think?
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Well, I checked and double checked, but I couldn't find a DT thread, so here's my version. If anyone desides to read this, the topic of discussion is their new album, sytematic chaos. I've read a lot of articles claiming to be "disappointed" and let down by the new album in comparison to their earlier works, but I think i contains some of their more technically aggressive and challenging songs, so I realy like it.

Opinions anyone?
victor wooten, geddy lee, terence "geezer" butler, Steve Harris, john myung definately, cliff burton, jaco pastorious, and i take influence from guitarists aswell, mostly shred.
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8/10, seen you around quite a lot.
7/10, funny sig.
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1. Age? 16
2. In school - what grade? I'm british, so year 12
3. What instruments do you play? 6 string bass
4. If any, how long? 2 years
5. Are you male or female? Male
6. Virgin? Unfortunatley yes
7. How often do you masturbate a week? 0 times
8. Do you drive? no
9. Have both parents? I have "three" parents - Mum, dad, step-dad
10. Do any drugs? If i find the time, yes
11. How often do you do them? no often
12. How long have you been doing them? I never really started constant use.
13. Ever been in trouble with the law? No
14. If so, what for?..
15. Single or taken?Single
16. Pregnant, or have any kids?No, don't plan on having kids
17. What would you do if you were super admin for a day? Delete everything and kill everyone.
18. Do you ride dirt-bikes or motorcycles? No
19. Ride minibikes? Hell no.
20. Skateboard? Noooooooo?!?!?
21. When's your birthday?18th October 1990
22. Where were you born? Leytonstone, Essex
23. Favorite game system? Xbox 360, the PS3 is one expensive piece of ****
24. Favorite genre's of music?Progressive or british metal
25. Least favorite UG'er?SpeedCacophony
26. Ugliest UG'er?Me
27. Favorite UG'er?Me
28. Hottest UG'er?Me
29. Any siblings?Grr, yes
30. How many, if any?2
31. Do you wipe your butt standing up, or sitting?Sitting
32. Do you use a washcloth, or just soap while showering?Just soap
33. What's your hairstyle?Very long
34. Have a myspace, what is it?No myspace, it's a crock of ****
35. Are you in a band?Yes
37. *********?Yes please
38. What's your favorite holiday?Easter
39. Favorite time of year?Summer
40. Favorite food?Chinese or Japanese
41. Do you have a job?Luckily i'm unemployed
42. Do you want a job?Maybe some day
43. If you have a job, do you like it?...
44. Ever been fired?...
45. If so, what for?...
46. Did you noticed that I missed #36?Yes
47. Did you check to see if I actually did?No, didn't need to
48. Did you noticed I missed #16?No you didn't, you lying bastard
49. If you could go ANYWHERE in the universe, where would you go? Ozzfest 2007 or the unholy alliance tour.
50. If I paid you $450.00, would you suck on my biggest toe?Abso****inglutely not, you sick ****.