whats up my black friends
I have a gutted EG112 laying around too. Great maple neck and solid alder body, makes a great base for a project.

You might find the bills racking up pretty quickly though, so ill suggest getting a good bridge, nut, and tuners, and you can probly go budget on the rest until upgrades make more sense econmically.

well actually... I'm back. what up
Yeah man I'm back.

I've just been really involved with school lately Brian.
Hey guys...

I've been lurking but not really posting so much for that last few days, and I feel there is a serious problem that needs to be addressed, right now.


I would love to help people in their threads, but they just get reported or closed first.

I tried to point this out in an earlier post, but apparently you guys didn't want to listen, and continued to exist in this elitist "you can't post here unless you explicitly follow our set of retarded guidelines".

So peace out, I guess.

This forum has become something I don't wanna be a part of anymore.

If you really want to talk to me, you can add me on facebook, or email me, or even send me a PM because I'll still check back often.

So, bye.
Man I'm jammin out to some tunes right now, it's ****ing spiritual bro. It's so sick. I can like, feel it... in my soul. Damn.

The bee's knees man, item nine .

Props to whoever gets that reference.
haha, man as if this is... real... no way that poor bastard.
Quote by Schism1985

"I don't fit here
I don't fit anywhere....




This calls for rofl waffles.

I'm the analogy man.

And the analolagy man (lol surprise buttsecks). EDIT: as if I have to deceive the filter to write buttsecks

And the... nvm I ran out of things.
He's sort of like Allah, like you can't draw a picture of him. Well you can't say SYK's name.

Or Voldemort?
I call bullshit lol.

This is like in the weed smoking forums I frequent, when people would be like "omg huge ass grow i have going but no pics cause i dont wanna get caught lolololol"yeah I'm sure that's real

We have nothing but a couple of grey painted guitars body pictures to even prove this is real, so what the hell man?

Also can everyone stop bitching? I read through 4 pages of what should have been about a one page thread. This is retarded, especially because the people who are supposed to prevent this kind of thing are the ones perpetuating it.

So Mr. Guitar Builder, can you please give us a picture or video or website or something to go on so we know you aren't just a massive stinking troll?


Also, for the record this is a cool idea, but it's really just a more expensive, less convenient method of colouring guitars.
Quote by Scowmoo
I am now going to take Neil's credit for the single most amazing discovery in the history of EVER.

The discovery of SYK's name. Or am i just daydreaming again....

My build should actually be getting started the week after next, as that is when my woodteacher teacher told me I could bring it in.

that's not his name.
I went for a run today. It was nice. I'ma keep doin that.

So how is everybody?
Man I'm pretty sure it is, and even if it's not, it's totally a social status thing when you're in high school.

But yeah, don't mind me, I'm just chillin, and I got so chilled that I got sort of depressed.
need to get laid

it really just sunk in on me...
Dude mangoes are so good. Imagine a blowjob, but instead of the feeling being on your dick, it's on your mouth.
A mango tree? I dunno... how the hell do you get anything if you don't want to leave the security of your own home?

I suppose you could order it online but it would take a while to get there, and while there are places that will ship fresh produce to your door, they are often quite expensive because of the weight of fruit and the refrigeration required.
It definitely worked the last time I tried it, but I only had about 1/4 gram of very low quality weed. The result was an average high off something that would normally do absolutely nothing to me...

So now I get to smoke product that would normally send me on a bloody vision quest. Take into account the fact that not a whisp of smoke has filled my lungs for a fortnight, and the effect of the large amounts of mycerin I'll have in my system, and...

Damn I'm going to trip balls.
Man that's badass.

I'm going to burn some private reserve BC kush tonight, it will end my 2 week sobriety streak. I've even asked my sister if she thinks it's a responsible choice, and since she OK'ed it I think I'm fine.

I hereby vow to get completely blitzed tonight and not again for at least another week!

Also, I'll be trying the mango method, where the user in question consumes a ripe mango or mango smoothie about 45 minutes prior to inhaling the cannabis smoke. What does this do? Well the mango contains a chemical called mycerin which causes THC and other cannabinoids to cross from your bloodstream into your brain. The end result is about a 100% increase in effects per amount of cannabis consumed per mango consumed.

I'm stoked
So man how did dropping acid go for you?
Dude as long as Ashlee still wants to ride your wrinkle stick, you're in a better position than I am.
22C quickly feels like 30C in the humidity of Toronto at this time of year, add the constant heating and enclosed space, and it's really quite unpleasant.
Man you can pick up a portable a/c for like $50, it is so worth it!
Man my friend looked in the mirror while she was on mushrooms and she freaked out and thought her eye was migrating to the side of her head like a flounder fish.
Man I'll be honest with you, doing pot has taught me so much about myself, I can't imagine how much worse off I would be without my experimentation... I personally recommend it, but i don't recommend doing it every day and being a stoner like I was. It's just not the way to
Quote by PittsPeng
what tool does the drilling like for the cavities for a humbucker (so it hollows out a section without having to go through the wood all the way)?

It is called a router, and is best used with the proper templates for the cavity you wish to create.
yeah just make sure that the keyboard you're typing on isn't actually the udder of a cow from a nearby farm or something.
Oh that's too bad man, but tell me how the LSD goes!

EDIT: And for the love of Christ do not watch rap tunes with muted cartoons while you're tripping acid, your brain will felate itself repeatedly, and you may die.
Ok well here's what you do...

Lay out some tostitos on a baking pan, grate lots of cheese on top, put sliced olives and hot peppers on there.

Throw that bitch on 400 F for like 10 minutes, SET A TIMER CAUSE YOU'RE ABOUT TO GO GET HIGH and you will forget about the nachos completely.

Now, when you put the lighter to the bowl, hold it about 1/2 inch to 1 inch above the bowl, experimenting with pulling pressure to "dance" the flame on the bowl.

What does this accomplish? Well, rather than straight carbonizing all your ****, it allows more of the THC to be vapourized out of the bud, thereby making the bud last longer and get you way more stoned. It also is alot smoother/easier on your throat, and tastes better.

Do this until you feel too high to smoke anymore weed. Then pack and burn one more bowl, just for kicks.

Now by this point your nachos are ready. If they are not, pop em in at 5 minute intervals, but make sure you don't burn that cheese!

Put any cartoon on your TV (Matt Groening's work is best IE the simpsons or futurama) mute it, and play your favourite rap CD.

Now as you enjoy the amazing flavour of these nachos, you will notice that the bumpin' loud tunes will actually synchronize with the mouth movements of the cartoon characters.

You will flip your **** and laugh hysterically.

Now remember this, if you go to sleep high, you will wake up happy. If you go to sleep burnt out, you are likely to be really tired and maybe irritable next morning.

So pack a good night bowl, and drift on off to dreamland at the time of your choosing. I recommend getting high, taking a shower, and hittin the hay. This is an amazing series of events that will make you happy.

(you and your buddy will thank me tomorrow)
Ok, describe this bong, describe this weed, and I can tell ya what you're in for.
Ok first of all,

what are you using to get high? (blunt, bong, doobie, pipe?)

who are you doing it with?

Is it your first time?

Where are you doing it and how do you feel right now, prior to getting high?
Jake, I had lemon kush X hashplant once, it blew the thing that was blowing my mind,

Quote by Comrade Curry
ryan! lets talk weed

Ok man, I've been sober for like 9 days so I'm sharp as a fucking whip and will probably answer your questions with a completely unbiased view!
Quote by Invader Jim
Speaking of tyler, I'm going to try to vent. Post may be long.

This totally f*cking sucks. I've never felt this way about anyone before. I swear, I feel like she's my soulmate. She's got the prettiest brown eyes and the most beautiful smile; so warm and sincere (loving even), and her eyes twinkle when she smiles. And she's so nice and outgoing. I just feel so happy when I'm with her.

But she doesn't feel quite the same, I guess.

Yesterday I got to spend the entire day with her and some friends. Sh*t rocked. The only "downside" was that the car was too small for 6 people, so she decided she wanted to ride "lap" (lol).

But again, I was too late. She's engaged and might be pregnant. I really hope she's not. That will ruin everything for her, which will ruin everything for me... She says she has issues with her fiance, so she may not be engaged for much longer. Idk.

Idk what to do to get my mind off of her. It's f*cking crazy how she's not even doing anything, yet I'm going nuts for her.

Wow. I actually feel a little better.

fapfapfapfapfapfapfapfap.... fap.

No really? I had a girl just like this, and I got involved with her, and they day I was going to make it official, she introduced me to her new boyfriend. My feeling got assraped. Good times.

But J, just remember that the universe tends to unfold as it should, so if it isn't her, it will be someone even better.

My best wishes go out to you, and I hope thing go well Jim. I know exactly, exactly how you feel, and I can tell you that it only gets better from here ok? Hold out man it's going to be all good.
No they totally do.
Final Destination 3D is shite. 'Nuff said.
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and you wouldnt call that epic night of avoiding the cops like a week ago physical activity? that'd give me a hell of a workout!!

It doesn't count when you're too drunk and stoned to feel it But I suppose that was a rather rigorous regiment.
Quote by deftonesordie
hehe... 100's a good warmup for me.

Hey you're like 19 and probably physically fit. The most activity I've done in the past year is walking to meet a dealer.
I got my weights today! No bench yet, but I've been using the curling bar. It's only a 100 pounds set! I'll be able to bench that by the end of the month...
Man school starts on Wednesday

On another note, Bob Seeger FTW!