Nice!! Great to hear your take on Jackie, recordings definitely don't paint the full picture. Have fun tonight, man!!

Edit: Just listened to Wiser from 3/29 and I agree with you completely. I don't need a 16 minute version, but at least it grooves the way Wiser should. It's not nearly as tired as it sounded before.
Columbus with TTB! Can't wait. I found a copy of the 3/27 and 3/29 shows... not the most rocking Crowes shows by any stretch but there's some promise there. I dig the way they're doing Thorn and the spacier tunes with Jackie, and Medicated Goo is pretty cool. I was a little concerned with Jackie's guitar tone and overall presence when they announced him joining- he's never really been the go-to lead player in the stuff I've heard of him and he's always had a less powerful tone than past Crowes guitarists. The recordings didn't end those concerns for me, but I am digging the Jackie/Rich vocal sound.
Yep, that's the birthday show. There's a pretty great audience recording on the Archive. I think Furthur has gotten better overall with time, but that's the only show I've heard with the same energy as a great Dead show.

Stoked for the next round of dates!
You've certainly got a place to crash if you ever decide to catch some Ohio Crowes! Jam bands in general seem to play well around here, it's a bummer that we're kind of a B market.

I'm listening to Furthur's 2010-03-12 show with CR and Jackie for the first time in a while- I forgot how great it was. CR singing Two Souls In Communion is perfect. The whole show captures the Dead spirit better than just about anything post-Jerry.
Nice! Man, I'd love to see a Cap Theater show- you should do Port Chester! I'm hoping for a summer Ohio show or 2. I imagine they'll hit the area at least once. I'll be at All Good this summer too... not banking on the Crowes being there but it'd be a nice surprise!
I feel a little unsure about it, but I dig Jackie and I trust the Crowes. I wonder how much they'll utilize him as a vocalist. I kind of like the idea of bringing a younger guy in to freshen things up.
Nothing I can make it to, but I'm stoked!
I'm not holding out for MFF either, but I find some comfort in having another "so who's gonna play guitar for the Crowes??" conversation. Haha. Audley or Paul would both be fine by me- they could bring more of the big rock lead sound that Luther didn't always pull off. I've got to listen to that 2006-11-08 show again... I've been listening to a lot of stuff from earlier in '06 over the past few days.
Wow. Now there's an enticing rumor! I know of this guy named Marc Ford that could probably fill that role petty well. CRB has made me appreciate Adam more- I feel like he has a more distinct style now, and he seems to be more comfortable really letting loose. I hope that transfers to any future Crowes stuff.
I'm still bummed I missed the Columbus stop on that tour- I had every intention to go, but our car almost blew up on the way to the Furthur there earlier in the summer.
I always forget about Trigger Hippy, but every time I listen to them I remember how good they are. I hope they play around here soon- they haven't hit the area yet so we'll probably get something this year.

I feel like all the set lists from that last US tour were really autobiographical. Maybe it's me looking too far into it, but there were a lot of strange set lists and they all sort of flow like they're telling the story of the Crowes' history.
Man, 2 years already. That seems crazy. As much as I dig Rich & CRB, post-Crowes life feels different. By my house, there's a parking lot where the spots are marked "BMC"... I can't walk by it without thinking about Black Moon Creeping and wishing I had a Crowes set list to check.

How about that CRB Halloween show though? Good to see them bringing that Crowes tradition back a bit.
Paul Simon is the guitarist you're looking for. They were never a band- just a duo that sometimes used backing musicians.
You'll start impressing people when you stop playing solos note for note and learn to use your own musical voice. I'm not trying to sound like an old fart, I'm trying to spare you some steps on your journey as a musician.
I'm going to hit the Columbus show- can't wait!
It's probably my favorite song on Zep 4.
Nice! Looks like a cool set list- awesome that you got an Esau. This has been a good year for Weir, he's sounded revitalized to me. He's finally moving away from that talk-singing thing.
I'd be all over that if I didn't have the show already. Someone grab it!

Looks like CRB opened with Someday Past the Sunset last night, but I still think Cincy got a cooler set list.
Well I'm sold on CRB. They were amazing last night. The jams had more direction and dynamics than last year, they seemed happy and the crowd was with them the whole time. I was more than happy with the set list- we got The Wheel (have they played that one before?), Roll Old Jeremiah, an awesome Vibration and Light>I Ain't Hiding, Brown Eyed Women, Mother Of Stone, Tom Thumb's Blues.

Just as I had hoped, the Phil influence is definitely there now. The jam into The Wheel from Sunday Sound (which started the 2nd set) was awesome, with the whole crowd looking around wondering if it was actually The Wheel- then going absolutely nuts when Chris started singing it.

Adam is such a huge part of their sound... I love the arsenal of sounds he's been using. Really unique and perfect for CRB. It goes without saying that Neal is the man, but I was actually impressed with Chris' guitarwork as well. He's certainly improved since last year, and his tone was a million times better. I don't feel as weird about Chris taking solos anymore- the band has learned to work around his playing and go to different places than they would if Neal was soloing. The rhythm section were locked in all night behind them, and they seem to be doing more interesting things to steer up the jams and keep them interesting.

All in all, I'm feeling really good about these guys, and didn't expect them to be this good this quick. There's a genuine chemistry there, and I'm pretty sure I'd be just as stoked on them even if I wasn't such a big Crowes fan.
Stoked to see CRB again tomorrow night. I've been keeping up with recordings and set lists, but I'm excited to really see how much they've improved since I saw them last September. Hoping they play Someday Past the Sunset and Last Place That Love Lives (or at least something from BTF...UTF, I never got to see the Crowes after its release).
Glad you finally got to see The Wall, Matt! It really is a complete sensory overload.
The more I listen to these CRB shows, the more I realize how awesome Vibration & Light Suite is.
Thanks for the CRB reviews, Matt. Interesting that Neal is using a Vox guitar now too.

It's so hard to judge a band that's still finding itself, but it makes for interesting show experiences. I've got a few shows from the spring tour, and from what I've heard they still aren't quite firing on all cylinders. They just need a little more direction and dynamics in their improvisation- they rely too heavily on jamming into space and not going anywhere. It's the problem the Dead had with wide-open jamming in the later years- I've only heard one version of Dark Star from post-1979 where they actually go somewhere new instead of just reaching space and making noise for a while.

I have faith in CRB though, and I can't wait to see them again in August. Neal and Adam have both spent some time with Phil at Terrapin Crossroads recently, and that can only be a good thing.
Slow Train Coming and Infidels are solid albums from the gospel era, but don't mess with those yet. They aren't even close to most of what came before them. Bringing It All Back Home, Blonde On Blonde and Blood On the Tracks would all be good picks for where to go next. If you're curious about the great stuff Bob has done semi-recently I'd grab Love and Theft.
Bob just announced a Cincinnati show, so I'll be seeing him a 6th time since '07 this summer. Can't wait... everything feels right when I've got a Bob show coming up. I'm pulling for a Visions Of Johanna and a Blowin' In the Wind this time around- those are the 2 songs I always seem to miss.
I'm not going to pick 5, but Purple Haze is worth pointing out for the interesting phrasing. Most people would just be playing pentatonic stuff in Em, but Jimi is waaay outside the box.
Quote by BrainDamage
Ouch. Only band I remember seeing that was like that was Motley Crue, opening for Aerosmith in '06. Even when they played a song I actually knew (Helter Skelter) it took me until the chorus to figure it out because they were so loud and distorted

I've got to say, the first time I saw the Black Crowes I was against the stage directly in front of Rich. Luckily the first 4 songs were acoustic or I might not have realized the rest of the band were even playing. At least now I have a pretty good idea of EXACTLY what Rich's setup sounds like. Heh.

No regrets though- it was my first time seeing one of my favorite bands and I got to be that close. I scored Luther's set list too.
Nice! I can't wait! Wouldn't have expected the first CRB release to be Blue Suede Shoes though. Haha.
Quote by A Rolling Stone
Sorry to sneak out of the Great Abyss, but I just decided to get on here for a second. I actually went to the Cincy DRA/Isbell show. It was absolutely amazing. great setes from both & Ryan was hilarious. Got my Black-cat-shooting-pentagrams-from-its-eyes t-shirt (with complimentary upside-down cross matchbox) for 20 bucks. My only beef was that Isbell only played maybe 6 songs! He did Goddamn Lonely Love & Outfit Truckers-wise, and both were amazing. I've seen DBT, Hood Solo, and Isbell solo. Now to catch an elusive solo Cooley show!

English Girls Approximately was a real highlight of the night for DRA.

Lucky! I'm bummed I missed it. I like Ryan even more knowing how much he's been doing to help Isbell out- he deserves it.

Seeing Cooley solo would be awesome! I wish he'd do a solo album. As much as I love Patterson, Cooley's songs usually stick out a lot more to me. He's also got a lot less songs than Patterson though, so it's not really a fair comparison.

Oh, and welcome back from the great abyss!
I think a lot of that influence comes from Buddy Guy's playing in the late 50s/early 60s. Unfortunately, a lot of the common studio stuff of his from that era is pretty watered down compared to how (and how loud) he really played.
Cold Roses is awesome. It's also got Magnolia Mountain on it, which Phil and Friends and Furthur have played (I think Ryan does it better- Neal tears it up). Ryan is playing here next week with Jason Isbell opening, but it's sold out. I'm pretty bummed- I'm just getting into Ryan, and I'm a big Isbell fan.
27 songs?! Jesus! This definitely sounds promising, and looking back at all they've done this year I feel like Chris is really ambitious about this band. In the next couple years these guys are going to become an amazing band.
CRB just announced that they're done tracking their album. Can't wait! Between Rich, CRB and Trigger Hippy, this Crowes hiatus rules.
Cleveland, Lexington and Chicago... but no Cincinnati. Bummer.
I picked up tickets for DSO in Cincy this february. Pretty stoked- I haven't been to a Dead-related show in over a year.
Weir sat in last night on about half of the first set, but I can't find the set list now that I'm looking for it. I'll keep searching, I know they did Minglewood and New Speedway Boogie.

Kinda funny that these sit-ins happened after us having this conversation. Being in SF, I'm sure these shows were recorded. Can't wait to check 'em out.

Edit: Got it! *=with Bob Weir

tomorrow blues
tulsa yesterday
star or stone
reflections on a broken mirror
seventh son*
just like tom thumbs blues*
bright lights big city>*
new speedway boogie*
new minglewood blues*

40 days
poor elijah - tribute to johnson
girl on the mountain>
vibration and light suite>
i ain't hiding
mississippi you're on my mind
sunday sound

it's late

How funny is it that he did Tom Thumb with Weir instead of Phil? I wonder if Bob sang any of it. Also- whoa, they didn't end the first set with Rosalee! But they still found a way to throw it in there. Rosalee is great though.
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I see what you're saying and somewhat agree, though I think this "Dead ripoff" label that a lot of people throw around will change when they release the album that they supposedly are going to record/have already recorded.

This is the key. They jumped into playing super jammed out shows right out of the gate, and a lot of the songs were unfamiliar to people... then you've got to factor in that other than Chris and Adam, these guys haven't played together much. They're still feeling out all the material to an extent (and their musical chemistry as well- that takes time), and that's where they're going to discover their identity. I'm really curious as to how different the album will sound compared to what they do live. I'm sure there will be a more varied musical sound on the album, and I hope that makes its way into the live shows... at this point, even though the songs can be in totally different styles, they all have the same spaced-out, airy sound.

I'm realizing now that this has all sounded pretty negative, but honestly I'm really excited by this band. They've got a ton of potential, and I just like to imagine where they might take things.
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If you have never heard this show, please do yourself a favor and go find a copy of it. The electric set is one of the best sets of music they've played since the reunion if you ask me. Got To Get Better In A Little While is filthy.

One of my favorite Crowes shows- if not my favorite. I definitely thought about that show when CRB played a Sugaree encore here earlier this year. It kind of bums me out though... if I had gotten into the Crowes a little earlier I might have been at this show.

Speaking of CRB, I've been listening to a few shows lately. I really like them, but they definitely need to grow. For some reason, they love to jam out of a tune Dead-style for long periods of time... but instead of jamming into another song, they come to a complete stop. It's a letdown every time for me because it makes it all just seem directionless. The times when they do jam into another song they do it well though. I love hearing Chris sing Dead tunes, and he does have every right to play them considering his history with them... but if he wants CRB to be taken seriously as their own entity and not just a Dead ripoff, he's got to stop playing 2-4 Dead songs a night. At the same time though, I'm sure he doesn't care anymore about attracting a bunch of outsiders to his music. He's been playing music for a long time, and if he wants to get stoned and play a bunch of Dead tunes every night I'm not going to complain. I hope he's having more fun than ever up there.
I'm listening to this one now:

Mountain Song is my absolute favorite Furthur song, so it's worth checking out just for that. They tease Echoes by Pink Floyd (and jam it a little) in Blues For Allah, and overall the setlist is a good example of what they do.

This was my second Furthur show and it's got a great set list and performance- Scarlet>Estimated>He's Gone was nuts, and we got a 16 minute Bird Song! :

This one has some awesome stuff- especially the mountain themed 2nd set with a really jammy Mountains Of the Moon.

I missed this show by 1 day... great performance and set list, with a first set Truckin' and plenty of really early Dead stuff.

Edit: There are a ton of awesome Furthur shows, these were just a few that came to mind. I really have no idea what people consider their "best". 2010-03-12 and 2010-12-31 (both are from Bill Graham Auditorium in SF and both are 3 set shows) are probably the most popular.