Alright guys, I havent posted around here in a long while but it'd be cool to see what you think.
This is the band i've been in for about a year and a half or something, I write all the parts except drums. We're starting to gain a following on our local scene in the west cumbria area of england for our live shows mostly.
We have four demos up in the bandpage which came from a 10 track ep we plan to release soon and we are working on new songs to be recorded soon.
Check us out -tah
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demo recordings from my new band. there are gona be vocals on the first and last ones. recorded first take so there are several **** ups, and with a dictophone, so the quality is terrible. but you can hear every note

tell me what you think

EDIT: the tracks aren't actually gona be called that

This is great stuff! you need to get some decent recordings of this!
I think lots of people are put off things like weed because it's illegal.
I've met lots of people who won't or have never tried it simply because it's illegal. I think some people associate things that are illegal with them being very bad for you or only having negative outcomes.
Aah right! Thanks a lot guys!

Feel quite silly now.
Hi, I recently bought a used Digitech Whammy. When i first got it off the guy it didn't work at all, the pedal's lights work fine and it LOOKS like it's working fine but when i play all that comes out is faint buzzing. This happens whether the pedal is on or off.

I contacted the guy and he took it to some tech who aparently fixed it. He said the guy tried it and he tried it and it was working perfectly, but i get it home and it's got exactly the same problem!

Could this be a problem with the power supply? as i'm not using the digitech one, just an adapter that works on all my other pedals.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Gonna go take a Brad Pitt
The new album is probably my favourite album of 2010 so far
Best songs IMO: Blue Blood, TLF, Black Gold, Spanish Sahara, 2 Trees, What Remains.

And was anyone else upset with the final version of Alabaster?
Storm - Godspeed You! Black Emperor
The fact that if i need to get from A to B i first need to go half way, let's call this point C. so to get from A to C i need to get halfway first, we'll call this half way point D, but then i need to reach halfway to D first. Because you can divide any number by 2 it goes on for infinity. I will never get to point B.
I think about it all the time.
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A few pages ago I said I was going to check out Mogwai and listen to all of their albums in order. I just got Come On Die Young, and I....honestly think it's better than Mogwai Young Team. Why does everyone hate it?

I thaught everyone loved that....
I swear i've heard that every Mogwai album is "THE ONE" that is the best or generally regarded as such.
I would love to be a part of this if it's not too late.

I already have an idea for a track...
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They are playing near me tomorrow night, sorely tempted!

I reccomend it. Every artist that was on was amazing. You won't regret it.
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I cried the first time I heard the climax of Sleep, no lie.

I can relate to this
The guitars at 17:40 onward are just so epic.
When i was younger all i usedto listen to was "Melodic Harcore","Metalcore" etc It didn't happen over 2 days but gradually i began to grow out of it. I think i realised how samey all the music i was listening to was.
I had a stage where i didn't really know what to listen to and resorted to watered down rock stuff like the vines and bands like bloc party.
I heard Coheed and Cambria on the TV and was obsessed with them for about year, They kind of annoy me now.
I had (And still have) a friend who liked lots of wierd music (or what seemed wierd at the time). He showed me Aphex Twin and i was blown away by how abrasive and angry it was even though it was electronic music. That led me on to stuff like Boards of Canada, Portishead and from the same friend i listened to Godspeed You! Black Emperor who've changed the way i think about music and remain to be my favourite band of all time.
I loved the shit out of the foreward EP last year.
It's the kind of thing i wouldn't expect i'd like too, because of style of the vocals.
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What album should I buy to get into Godspeed? I've listened to some of their tracks and they are really what I want to do with my music.

Any of these really:
Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas To Heaven
Slow Riot For New Zero Kanada

Take your pick.

EDIT: I saw 65dos two sundays ago and they were f*cking incredible. Tiger girl is amazing live.
Also, everyone check out the london band Nedry who supported them, ambient, electronic, post-something goodness.
Godspeed you! Black emperor
My Bloody Valentine
The Sound Of Animals Fighting
Hows a dd7?
I really like the Vintage Fuzz master by Devi Ever, you'll have to order from america though, as i did.
Are you looking for a head or combo?
Head- hayden Mojo
SO does the 1960 actually have a master volume?
I see it has "Volume 1" and "Volume 2" these arn't for the different inputs are they?
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The most mathy I can really get is Foals.

I ****ing love foals, man!
i couldn't care less if they're "not real math-rock" and i'm a huge Tera Melos & doncab fan.
It's not just EITS, every other Post-Rock band you here about sounds exactly like them.
Am i the only post-rock fan that dosn't really like Sigur Ros?
Thaught i'd post this for people who haven't seen.
I was surprised to see john uses a Holy Stain...
A Silver Mt. Zion don't get mentioned as much as i would have thaught in this thread.
Probably my favourite band atm, the only spin off of GY!BE that rivals the original imo.
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I found Mogwai's The Hawk is Howling at the library. It's awesome.

It's my favourite album by them, I think i'm the only person i know who thinks THIH is the best, everyone seems to like CODY or Mr. beast and except for Glasgow mega-snake i just wasn't into Mr. beast.
definitely more of a noise-jam thing...
What's everyones' thaughts on Mid-fi Electronic pedals?
I've been eyeing the random-number-genorator for a while.
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What's an affordable warm analog-sounding delay? If I were to get another delay, that is..

EHX Memory boy.
I really like to listen to The Album Leaf when working on something.

Same, i think "The Enchanted Hill" is genius.

I'm on a massive Pelican trip at the moment, they're pretty post-rock, right?
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This is me and my friend Josh (boboguitar on UG) jamming some doom metal-esque stuff. He's not a drummer I'm gonna upload one of him on guitar and me on drums soon.

Is that one of those agile jazzmaster-ish guitars?
How do they play?
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Saw pelican last week when they hit LA. Any of you interested in a pic or two of one of the pedalboards? Both were running marshall jcm900s iirc. I know they're technically "post-metal" but it's basically the same thing, albeit heavier.

What is that dan electro pedal at 6:30? it's not a french toast, is it?
So yeah, can't stand the new album....
At The Drive-in
Aphex Twin
Day 1 - Explosions In The Sky
They Move On Tracks of Never Ending Light - This Will Destroy You
Fratures - Codes In The Clouds
Blue Calx - Aphex Twin
Fire burns squash - Loose Lips Sink Ships
I'm Jim Morrison, I'm Dead - Mogwai
Xavii - Russian Circles
Untitled 3 - Sigur Ros
Melody 3 - Tera Melos
Glass museum - Tortiose
Listened to This Will Destroy You's self titled album today, who else thinks "They Move On Tracks of Never-Ending Light" is a work of genius?