Hey guys,

So, I have a Gibson Les Paul 5 string.

I love the look and feel of this bass, but I don't like tone. I've been saving for a EBMM sting ray 5 and planned to sell this bass to fund it, But I've been thinking of putting 2 Seymour Duncan Bassline MM style pickups and the circuitry in the Gibson. I'm sure this would require some routing and a substantial amount of money.

I'm looking for punch with lots of low mids and mids.

I play mostly punk rock, with occasional soft piano rock, and metal.

Ideas? Suggestions?

yea, its guitar speakers that suffer with bass guitars.

if your happy with the tone it should be safe.
i have a 400+

i love it, best rig i've ever played through. i can't recommend it enough.

its not terribly heavy. i suggest a rack case with very good handles though.
thanks guys,

i'm paying 900 USD for this one. if you were curious at all.
the only other basses i've owned never had a truss rod cover. so it didn't even cross my mind as one. only as a little decoration!! lol

i will check out that site. thanks joker.

i've never been a Five string guy but this bass feels amazing and it just locks right into my hand.
hey guys,

I am about to purchase this Gibson bass, and I just want some more info on it. How old it is, original retail price, just general info.

I appreciate any help anybody offers.

Its a sunburst-ish Les Paul five string. It has Bartolini pickups that sound awesome and have a very high output.

the back of the neck indicates its a "smartwood series" bass

the body is flat, the back isn't contoured and the top is flat as well.

there is not truss rod and the tuners are grover's.

the serial number is


thanks for any help guys!
in the live show portion of the "generation lost" dvd you can see a boss chorus pedal on top of his amp.

seeing as how its one pedal perched on top of his head it leads me to believe its his only effect.
Ampeg's combo amps are considerably less quality then their high end heads and cabs.

I wouldn't buy an ampeg combo, I played a Peavey Max 115 for a couple years and i loved it.
It wasn't quite 100 watts but it cut fairly well with the gain control and mid freq selector, and its only $250.
yeah, don't do that.

borrow a friends cab, and if you don't have any friends, steal an enemies cab.
MarkBass LittleMark III

you'd still have some cash left over.
Orange AD200B
EHX bass big muff
your better off ordering from mesa direct.
yeah, i could.

this is more a set up for spur of the moment rehearsals and church gigs, that kind of a thing.
I love my Mesa.

400+ and 1516 cab.

everything else is "ehhh" now.
So, i just purchased a big all tube head (MESA/Boogie 400+) and a MESA/boogie 1516 cab which has 1x15" 1x10" 2x6" speakers and at tweener.

both the head and the cab sound amazing, but the problem is that i play with alot of people. and set up in alot of places and this cabinet is not very portable.

so, should i buy a combo amp to carry around and lose the tone of the mesa that i love, or buy a second smaller cab?

i know this is a decision that comes down to personal preference, but sometimes i need a little nudging.

does anybody have any suggestions of a 1x15 or similar size cab that can handle 600watts and be easily moved for under $500

So, I just purchased a used Furman power condition, its the PL-plus. the one with the voltage meter and lights.

But, one of the round metal caps that cover the light pull outs is missing, does anybody know where I can order one??

check out the peavey v-2
hey guys.

i'm looking at rack cases for my Mesa 400+ head i have coming on the way.

the head is 4 rack spaces and i'm gonna get a 6 space rack for a power conditioner and a compressor.

but this amplifier is not light and i want something that isn't gonna bent or crack.

i've been reading bad things about both the gator and SKB ones.

any suggestions?
its totally happening. and you guys are the first to see the pics.
well, the previous posts aren't a good showing of what the amps worth.

and it has a little bit of fame to it, it belonged to the bass player from the 10,000 maniacs. if you guys have heard of them.

650 each for head and cab minus 500 for my rig.
so, a little update here.

i am getting the mesa. i'm trading him my ashdown set up and 800 for it. i'll def post pics when i get it. its seriously mind blowing
yeah, i'm gonna go check it out next monday and crunch the numbers and play it with my own bass.

i'll update this thread if you guys would like.
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If I'm right, your rig wasn't worth as much new as his rig is used.

ya your right about that.

but he's kinda my teacher and he said he'd give me a good deal. i'm really hoping for about $350. that would be sick.
yes. he told me 400t. but after research its the 400+ all tube guy.
Hey guys,

I have an offer on the table of trading my Ashdown Mag 300 and 410 cab for a Mesa Boogie 400t head and Mesa Boogie 1516 Cabinet.

Obviously he's not gonna trade straight up, and i offered some cash overhead, so i just wanna know what would be a reasonable amount of cash to offer. both amps are in perfect working condition, and only very mild physical shape from road wear.

he's offering this cause its to big and to much power to use at home and he doesn't gig with it anymore, and i'd love to have it.

so, whats a good deal?

little stage shot.

MIM jazz loaded with Dimarzio Ultra Jazz pickups.
aesthetically customized with the black pickguard and finger rest.

current rig.

ashdown mag300,

tu-2,geb-7, bbe freq boost, dd-5 delay, deltalab tube driver, ashdown compressor, ch-1
hey guys, a friend of mine is selling his Ampeg SVT-410HLF and i'm pretty interested in buying it.

but whats a good price?
there is only one on ebay for $500 USD.
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Doesn't Vox only make up to 30w all tube? And is the Marshall DFX SS?

no, the AC-50.

i love how the grass was pretty much growing over the drum set.

and the singer was doing a dead on Dee Snider impression.
so. i've outgrown my homemade trumpet case turned pedal board and i'm looking for something that i can grow into.

i have 5 pedals now. 3 boss, ashdown, bbe. i'm at very least gonna get another bbe then expand into probably distortions and filters.

i sold an amp so i'm allowing myself $225USD in gear.

here's option one.

lots of room, awesome case. .. pricy

option two

perfect size, nice price... tacky skulls.

i looked at the road runner pedalboard and ruled it out. and i already have a onespot so i'm looking strickly at unpowered boards.

sorry for the wall of text and any help is appreciated.
i have the boss bass eq pedal.

but i wish i got the MXR 10 band eq
children of the grave-black sabbath always creeps me out
when i started upright i was surprised at how low the volume was too.
when playing pizzicato style i kinda layer my middle finger over my index and use both.

a bow will make it louder when done right. but isn't traditionally used for jazz.
yeah check the power supply.

it depends on what the supply gives.
oh well. for 30 bucks one of my friends would probably at least give me my money back for it
hey. the stupid deal of the day on Musicians friend is a BBE frequency boost pedal.

as far as i know it boosts the trebles and isn't adjustable.
how would this work with a bass?

keep in mind its only 30 bucks.
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Please, for everyone's sanity, please get a real Mustang! If boutique basses represent all that is holy and good, then the Bronco is the dilapidated minion from hell bent on dooming us mortals to an eternity of ****ty single coils and cheap wood.

pretty passionate.

i suggest you listen.