they did mention that the drugs will be controlled through hospitals and doctors, not in that article, but in my newspaper. so that should help keeping their effectiveness up until there are enough vaccines, assuming the vaccines are effective. plus they arent really sure how long the drugs will work anyways. the whole topic is just very new.

ah i see you study biomedical sciences, this is right up your alley, i love the sciences but biology isnt my forte
ya i just read that about the vaccines. the company that creats the drugs say they have enough to mass in case an outbreak occurs, i dont know, im not going to worry about it just yet.

it really is just a wait and see situation, but people arent dying in the streets yet anyways.

also i kinda doubt one company could handle a very large outbreak
"There is a distinct possibility the vaccine for the human flu part of the gene sequence will not work."

But it has though. Its under control in the states, they just don't know who else has it. Once people get it they can be treated, it's just a matter of waiting and seeing how it will spread.

Because like you said, they aren't sure exactly how it will spread through humans, but it isnt like a "you got it, you die with it" thing.

But you can die from it, just like the normal flu.

However, what is strange is that it can be deadly to young adults and adults and not just small children and the elderly, so i guess that is cause for concern.
Spamwise, chill out.

Out of the 82 in Mexico that died, only 20 of the cases were confirmed to be swine flu. 13 in one area, then the others were spread out.

Considering a flu virus can be easily spread since its a communicable disease, it doesn't surprise that its spreading. Especially considering the conditions in Mexico. US Hospitals are much better than Mexicos. From what I've read, swine flu is pretty much the exact same as the regular flu, and the same vaccinations can be used to control it. The only difference I've read is that it started with pigs. It is extremely rare for a human to catch it.

The only reason this is making headlines is because its very weird, but not really a cause for a global panic. Its really not much to worry about. People get the flu a lot. The flu season this year has been even worse than normal. Its just people getting sick, people always get sick, dont freak out.
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If I wasn't Christian and didn't believe in God, I might consider it, as well shooting up my school or something. I know other people have different goals in life, but without God, I really wouldn't care about living.

the only interesting thing ive read in the pit in months
I really enjoyed it as is. I like the title. Depending on the vocals you eventually add, I'd say it will only sound fuller. Ever consider adding piano? I don't know why, but for some reason I think piano used correctly in that song would make it even more rockin. But ya, I wouldn't make any drastic changes to it.
I know a girl who looks exactly like the one on the left, face, smile, body, hair, everything. It's really weird, and I'm slightly convinced that this is a picture of her.
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...metallica's style hmm overrated and highly distorted put that in your pipe and smoke it

You're overrated. OH!


I love Metallica, matter of opinion man.
I do it all the time. But I usually do it on the d or g string because if I do it on the b and e my guitar goes out of tune. I use slinky 10s. I guess you could try doing the bend on the b string.
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sushi makes me want to puke

Last time I had sushi I did puke. I didn't realize how much wasabi you were supposed to use, so I put on about a teaspoon worth.

...but I realized about 10 seconds later I shouldn't have done that.
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holy wars or hangar 18



not megadeth

I'd say the beginning of Master of Puppets. Those opening chords shook me to the core the first time I heard them. Hell, just play the whol song while you're doing your presentation.

Be like, "ladies and gentlemen, welcome to metallica." then start the song. then after the opening plays lower the volume and continure your presentation while it plays.

You'll get an A. They can't deny the metal!
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Enter Light, Exit light
Take my hand
We're off to Never Never land

Well yeah those lyrics don't make sense, but that's because it's "exit light, enter NIGHT."

and +1 to "I cum blood"
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oh, i get it. you're one of those elistist bastards who is totally against guitar hero because it is introducing your instrument to the mainstream.

get over yourself.

Way to read my second post explaining why I said that.

I wish I could be as cool as you and attack people through the internet.

Really I do.

Oh yes. And I'm the elitist bastard.
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Yanks are worse than rednecks


**** the northeast

are you serious right now?

go play in traffic.

I don't have a problem with them. I'm in a rural area in ny and there are plenty. The racist ones bother me, but there are also non red necks that are racist that bother me too.

people still use the term yanks? thats pretty lame.
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we all know the majority of players of guitar hero, reckon they can play guitar when they can hit a few buttons, but it is a god laugh, and if people are swapping over to proper guitar, then i have no complaints, and im sure tha majority here does!
its exposing rock to many people who'd never pay attention originally!

"its exposing rock to many people who'd never pay attention originally!"


It bothers me that a video game introduced some music that I'm passionate about to a mainstream public that didn't go through the natural progressions of digesting albums. It may seem stupid but I think there are certain songs on guitar hero that most people didn't deserve to be handed.

To hear a song that completely blows you away and fuels your inspiration that starts your passionate hobby of playing guitar is a great thing. And I think that people that start playing guitar because of the video game never have that experience. And that is a shame.
First of all, I'm annoyed that you started playing guitar because of guitar hero.

Second of all, rock will never die.

Thirdly, it doesn't matter that a lot of people listen to rap. It isn't a matter of what people listen to, it's about what they get out of music that counts.

Your friend is ignorant, and you are paranoid.
What the hell is a chav?
"Cut my hair? Why? Jesus had long hair. Got a problem with JC?"

and if they do...

"Oh I see. You're one of those ignorant sorts."
I had wrote a short essay responding to this thread, and then my computer crashed.

I'm sort of depressed now cause I thought this was a really good topic, and I don't the energy to type a post that would do my opinion justice again.

It involved brain processes, a reference to "I Robot", science, the special theory of relativity, the big bang theory, evolution, math, human nature, and god. It was great, and now I'm pretty much writing spam, how pathetic.

I'll just end with saying that I don't believe science could ever reach a point to prove a theory explaining a person's free will.
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1) lock the nut

2) use fine tuners and tune to perfection (make sure they're all at medium height before you lock the nut!!!)

3) adjust intonation

4) PROFIT?!?!?!

What he said.
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just wana clear this out coz im doing a presentation soon about this topic.

So you asked the Pit?

I would've gone a different way.
I'd like to think there is something after life, but I don't pretend to know whether or not there is one. To me, life now is pointless unless there is some sort of judgement afterwards. I think that the idea of an afterlife is what drives many people to keep some sort of morals. In the end, the idea is just an idea. And an idea that gives some people hope and gives others a set of guidelines to live by.
What brand of guitar. Is it a fender, or a knock off of sorts?
it's a piece, 60 bucks is pushing it

just another knock-off, knock-off fender
and they dont get as much uncontrollable feedback as single coils
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New Brunswick, where I'm from.

Could we threadjack a suicide thread by talking about canada?

That would be intense.

Peace be with the TS.
Its been a while since I've been on UG and I was expecting all the hate comments when I saw the topic. But I'm pretty impressed that quite a few UGers are telling him to not do it.
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That's true. I try to look tough, scary and kvlt but then someone bumps into me and I'm all like, "Oh sorry, are you ok? You dropped your pocketbook, here let me get that for you. Here, are you sure you're fine? Ok, take care then..."

Ya, a local bumped into me and was very apologetic just like that, I was amazed. I live in Buffalo by the way. And I'm not gonna lie, I really dig the accent with the chicks, just throwing that out there.
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I was being completely and totaly serious when I said he should move to Canada and start a new life or Mexico

I agree. I just visited Toronto and I loved it. The people are so damn friendly its ridiculous.
this is one of those things that you dont believe, but at the same time youre if he actually is killing himself, and i did nothing or worse, made fun of him, then im going to feel like a dick
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English and bad English


used to speak french at an intermediate level, but i haven't done it in a while, so i sort of forgot it
Band consists of lead and rhythm guitar, bassist, and vocalist. Hard rock / Metal / Punk / Blues influences. Message for details if interested.
dude, i'm in the exact same position. im trying to make a band with a very similar style. you hit the nail on the head with hard rock and metal with taste of alice in chains. i dont want any of that screaming bull **** either, i want an actual singer. i can;t find anyone t commit. and most people that are willing to are already in a band. I'm a guitarist with another guitarist who are dedicated with drummer with adhd who cant keep a beat for 5 ****ing minutes, just plays blast beats...its ridiculous. but ya man i feel youre pain, what area are you around? im in the new york buffalo area

i apologize for the horrible spelling and grammar, i normally write decent but im exhausted from long ass hours at work and dealing with bitchy bass players and drummers with no focus....
Any string with a number is played, in your case just the E, A, and D. If you were to play any other strings they would be marked with a number, open strings with a 0.

Strings marked with an X are not palm muted, they are muffled. When you palm mute you rest your palm near the bridge and play the strings to give a brief chugging sound, but that is NOT what you're doing in that instance, you're instead muffling the strings.

When you muffle the strings, you rest your fingers on your fretting hand across the fretboard lightly across all the strings marked with an X to make a percussion type of sound.

Yes you strum the strings. The strings indicated by a number or X.
dude, heavy means chugging riffs with a lot of gain, the day a guy claims a pop song to be heavy is the day that guy gets smacked in the face
dude its wikipedia, of course theyre wrong
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"Free" health care eh? Non-Americans must love to pay taxes.

ya seriously, im in new york and im already getting ****ing raped by taxes, i can't imagine what it would be like with a healthcare system run like that.