Hey although this may sound like a weird question, I much respect John Frusciante not to mention his live work. So without going into to much depth, how does one go about learn how to solo like him, b/c acknowledge it or not, his striking style is not that common these days. Thanks for you help. Peace.
Hey everybody,

I've been playing for just over a year now, acoustic mostly. My biggest influences are the Chili Peppers and John Frusciante, but I enjoy playing things by all kinds of artsits (incubus, oasis, jack johnson, foo fighters etc.) I play both classical and baseball-bat style depending on the song, and both feel comfortable. I would consider myself an intermediate player, meaning I'm capable of somethings, but my technique base is still quite limited. Quite often the most discouraging points in my playing are when I sit down to find a new song to learn and nothing seems to click. Lately I've started using guitar pro, and it has been one of the best tools I've adopted so far, but yet I still find myself at that intermediate level. I realize nothing but practice and time will increase your ability, but surely there are certain guidelines one can follow, songs to play that are difficult and will promotoe the learning of some useful techniques, but aren't so frustratingly difficult that you get discouraged when you play. Sorry if this was a super broad question, but any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for all your help. Cheers.
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thanks for all the responses dudes ... I appreciate all the input, especially considering the question was received warmly. I've had some issues in the past on the UG forums, discussing the peps, although I've never thought myself to be rude or ignorant in anyway. Anyways, thanks for the technique ideas, I'll definitely have to work on it, b/c playing the song with a pick and strumming, sounds far more beautiful, at least in my opinion. Just a cool little side not, I'm not sure if it's common knownledge among the true pepper fans, but listen to the jam "Pretty Little Ditty" from Mother's Milk, you'll be blown away, but the huge ripoff you hear. I'm assuming the band that stole the riff paid the chili peppers or at least the record label. But still, come on making a smash hit with someone else's material is F$#@ing lame. Cheers!
I've seen the chili peppers numerous times live now, and at all of the shows they ended up playing scar tissue. However it was always under the impression it was a finger picked song, but oddly enough John plays it with a pick. Now I'm sorry if the obvious answer is he mutes the string, but after listening carefully to a couple live version of it, it doesn't sound like theres any muted string"ing" going on... so any ideas? Again I'm sorry if this is a really novice question, I did not intend it to be, I'm just curious. Thanks again. Cheers
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I'd forgotten about this. It's the jam John, Flea and Omar Rodriguez did.

Those 3 work so well together, I'd also recommend checking out the videos of the pepps at Slance Castle, also on ... enjoi
John Frusciante, in my opinion may not be the king of shred, but in my books he definitely share's the throne for most touching solo's, with the likes of David Gilmour and possibly Hendrix. I recently saw RHCP live at the ACC, it was mind blowing, a simply life changing experience. The encore jam lasted about 10 minutes, and John even went as far as to adjust tuning's of 3 or more strings while playing. ****ing intense. Although I believe his solo career is exceptional with albums under his belt like, Shadows Collide and Inside of Emptiness, his work with RHCP is above and beyond. The contribution of Flea and Chad's talent as a rhythm sectional (arguably one of modern rock's best) gives John the ability to explore much broader and different horizons, than he can individually. Also Anthony also adds a distinct voice, backed with some of the most metaphorical lyrics since Pink Floyd. So is Frusciante a guitar god? In my eyes yes, no other musicians music touches me quite as much as his. But then again this is only the opinion of one person, and also an opinion taken from one era. Although I listen to a lot of Pink Floyd and Hendrix as well, I feel as if because I did not live in this era, my intepretations and love for this music is slightly different, as I view them more as classics than as music of the new.
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I disagree. Frankly, because he helped pioneer modern rock of the 90s and today. I like to compare him to David Gilmour: they both can't shred like crazy, but they both can pull off great solos that are characteristic of their respective playing styles. They are also both excellent songwriters.

At least someone on this forum knows what their talking about. Well said friend.
thank you scourge ... I appreciate your input ... and I fully agree .. I'm glad not everyone reading this is an angry brit telling me to F$@K OFF ... lol
wow ... sorry like I said I did not mean to offend anyone ... and I definitely never would assume my taste in music is better than anyone else's ... in truth I don't believe there is a good or bad taste in music. However when people take thoughts such as these so personally it worries me that the whole concept of music is all but lost. Sorry to have bothered you and I will refrain from posting on UG from now on. Sorry for any inconvenience.
Could very well be, but I have over 10 000 songs in iTunes and probably over 2000 cd's I'd say I listen to a lot of music. But you're right I may not be looking in the right place. However, in the past I've overcome the problem by just making my own music. It might suck, but listening to a song you composed entirely yourself is somewhat rewarding I'd say. Thanks for your input dudes!
As a child and my parents being majour hippies I didn't have the typical childhood introduction to music. I grew up listening heavily to Pink Floyd, Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Alan Parson Project, Genesis, Deep Purple, The Yardbirds, The Beatles and so on. I still love most if not all these bands and still avidly listen to their stuff. However, I'm quite disappointed to say that in my travels so far I haven't found any music produced by any more modern artists, that is put together to thoughtfully and are comparable by talent. It seems like anyone who can even remotely play an instrument gets a record contract these days (not to offend anyone I have respect for all musicians, simply for their shared passion). However, my question remains why? Is it simply because our definition of music has changed dramatically from creating beautiful masterpieces (albums like The Wall, Physical Graffiti etc. I know there are many others I'm just naming my favourites) instead now the norm seems to be your average Chingy song. Or is it because there aren't talented musicans anymore like Page, Gilmour, Hendrix, Knopfler, Clapton and so forth? and if so why? ...Thanks everyone for your time and input

Jimmy Dunlop 0.38mm-0.55mm Nylon String Picks ... booyah! Oh ya and sometimes the Tortoise "stubby" light guage for picking.
very true friend, however one word of warning, don't cheap out on the pickup.... because at this time more than any quality shines through
LoL no doubt, I could not agree more. However I did experience one of the more depressing moments in my guitar "career" today, after purchasing the tab book for Brushfire Fairytales, by Jack Johnson... and realizing I cannot play a single song from it. All I can say now is there goes a perfectly good 30$. Anyone ever come across this sort of dilemma before?
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Oh HELL Yeah! I've got carpul tunnel in my hands and my fingers are basically numb. As a result my Electric guitar playing got realy trashy because I can't feel the strings and even the slightest mis-note was amplified.
So I gave up the Electric and went strictly acoustic. But still play all the rock/blues stuff I love. BTW: Have you heard of "Hayseed Dixie".
They do acoustic (guitar,banjo fiddle) covers of AC/DC, KISS and other Rock Band songs. Check them out. They're a hoot!

Wow ... good find my friend ... this band is F@#$!%&% awesome! Another question for all of you, sorry if I'm slightly derailing here but I feel it has to do with playing rock on acoustic. So my question is, is it worth while getting a pickup placed in your acoustic, whether it be for live shows, or whether you wanna mix some cool effects in with some acoustic playing. Personally I think the wah, and phaser sound phenomonal with an electrified acoustic. Cheers. (ps. I also recently started playing with a very light guage nylon string pick, and man does it ever make some crazy cool sound effects, both amplified and not.)