You said the pickups on the Ibanez were not too bad but how would u compare 'em to a pair of Seymour Duncans 'cos thats my main concern?
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I already own a Squier strat. Is there a huge difference?

Kind of!

Squiers are made by Fender but they dont have all the nifty little details youd find on a Fender Strat
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RGs are amazing. The stock p/ups aren't too shoddy. Just make sure you don't get and ibanez with a edge III bridge or a wizard II neck.

Overall, the jackson is probably best- but get ur ass down to a music shop and try 'em before you buy.

Oh and don't buy online for jackson, if they go wrong, they have to be sent back to the original dealer for repairs.

Thank you for that!

i was gonna buy whatever guitar i got online because i live about an hour away from any decent guitar shops that stock both ibanez and jacksons but ill remember that thanks

Anymore opinions?
I've been playing guitar for almost two years now and i have a Dean Baby V (cos' it looked good, lol) but i think its time for an upgrade

I Have £300 - £450 to spend on a new guitar

I mainly play Rock, Metal, Emo all sorts really but they're the main 3

Ive been looking on guitar sites and i like the look of 3 types of guitar

Fender Standard Strat - Probably, in my opinion, the second best of the three

Jackson DK2 or DK2M Dinky - I like these 2 because they come with Seymour Duncan humbuckers which suits my style of playing and they both have Floyd Rose Licensed Tremolos

I also like Ibanez RG but only the mid price models but they only come with Ibanez's own pickups which don't seem as good as the Seymour Duncans

So, i like one of the jacksons the most but i dont know if they ARE better than the other two.

If anyone can give me their opinions or recommend another guitar in the same price range that they think is better than the ones i like, that'd be great!

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There is Freya on UG but im not sure about any others sorry! Thts a normal tab

Rite, Ive been playin bout 1yr now and im bored of playing easy stuff (green day lol)
so i need some memorable standard tuning songs or half step are fine tht people hear and no wht it is almost straight away

Cheers In Advance Guys
Hey Can U resize these and put em together (any order)

!Guitar-Heroes! put tht as txt and then

Hey Guys i need to know how to read box scales
Can u point me to a lesson or something

Hey, can i get a pic of a a Jackson Randy Rhoads V (any) with !Guitar-Hero! written across it