Anyone started a fantasy league? I'm trying to get in one.
Just finished Dead Money, thats probably my favorite DLC for any fallout game so far. It would have been cooler to have more items/ weapons in it though.
I started a new character in F:NV. I did NCR last time, but I allied as many factions as possible to save a lot of people. I'm just too damn nice! I can't ever be evil in these games
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Sack up and just do it. You've got nothing to lose.

Will do, thanks for the quick response.
Is it too forward to ask a girl to your apartment to catch a game(even if other people will be there?) There is this chick that seems like a big Canes fan and I've talked to her once or twice and done the whole facebook friends thing. I figured I'd ask her over tonight when I'm getting some people together to watch the game.
I dunno if Liberation still posts here but he normally starts up a league and I have been in it for the past couple of years so I got the invite. Try and PM him I don't know if he is still around
Damn I haven't posted here in forever...I joined the league though, and now I just have to wait for the season to it here yet?
RIP Cherepanov.

Someone make me some offers of goalies(team Rawr) in the pool. But anyways the Leafs are not going to get Taveres, they will finish like 10th or 11th. Too good to be bad, too bad to be good. Mediocre draft pick ftw
Draft tonight, it would be nice if we had more participation than last year. First preseason game is also tonight, has anyone heard any news on the free center ice online preview? They had a free week long preview last year so you could watch the whole preseason.
I didn't say Huet was consistent, I said he is more consistent than Theodore. I am not worried about Carolinas offense. Last year with all of those ridiculous injuries(Brindy,Williams,Cole,Whitney,Walker,Cullen,Eaves and almost everyone else) the Canes were still in the top 5 for goals for. I was worried about the god awful defense, which has at least been fixed a little bit. We dumped some dead weight and got younger
Washington is worse. Huet is a better and much more consistant Goalie than Theo, they should have signed him. Carolina has marked improvements on the defense and Tampa Bay improved all around and got a better goalie. Rangers have stayed steady enough, and Ottawa has gotten worse. That isn't to say they are bad, just worse than last year. Just some random thoughts, but I guess we will see. I CANT WAIT FOR THE SEASON TO START

That sucks, but atleast O'niell is coming back and Patrick Eaves is healthy. The Canes still have the forward depth to come back from this loss.


The entire top nine is capable of 20+, and most of them have done it multiple times. Williams is one unlucky SOB
Wow Anaheim waives good players, any particular reason why Bryzgalov(happened a while ago) and Schnieder are gone? Cap space? First preseason game is this Saturday, can't wait.

Oh and the Isles are not full of mediocrity anymore, they are full of garbage. And I think Phoenix will make the playoffs this year, so much youth, a good goalie and Olli Jokinen.
Why isn't Admiral Ackbar on this poll. IT'S A TRAP
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Mine is barely starting to get to the bottom of my forehead it bothers me because people grow out their hair for years and only get it by their shoulders, I dont want to be like that.

I am at a year(pic in profile) I thought my hair grew really fast but in 7 months that is crazy. My hair is really thick and crazy it pretty much changes based on how I sleep on it
Probably still pretty high, there are a bunch of offensively starved teams that would give up a lot to have such a prolific goal scorer. They did very well last year without Gagne for most of the time, if(big if) he can stay healthy they will be a great team


Absolute bombshell dropped by NHLPA executive director Paul Kelly on Bill Watters's radio show yesterday up on 640am in Toronto (audio): That Alexander Radulov, the former Nashville Predators winger at the center of a very contentious dispute between the NHL and the KHL, wants to leave to leave the new Russian league only a few games into his career there.
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I think so too, pay him the 9.5 now when they know what they're getting, rather than in 5-6 years when you have no clue who you are getting.

damn son, are you baked? capitals first? wild in the playoffs?
1. mtl 1. Det
2. pitt 2. SJ
3. phi 3. Dallas

You need a team from the SE in one of those top slots.

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you also forgot to mention that he has only finished better than a ppg once in his career, has never had a season with a positive +/-...maybe he will justify this contract later in his career, maybe he wont. I sincerly doubt he will ever be worth 9.5 mill.

Maybe not to the Senators, but to smaller hockey markets players like this don't just grow on trees.To keep players here overpayment is needed. It's a reverse Vanek contract, good deal in the begining bad in the end. But he may get that much better, who knows.

Contract Breakdown:
Sept. 11, 2008
2009-10 $6 million
2010-11 $7.5 million
2011-12 $7.75 million
2012-13 $8.5 million
2013-14 $9.25 million
2014-15 $9.25 million
2015-16 $9.5 million
TOTAL $57.75 million
TERM 7 years
AVERAGE $8.25 million/season

Note: Staal will play the 2008-09 season under the terms of his previous contract,
signed July 1, 2006. Under that deal, he will be paid $5 million this season.

Oh and BTW 9.5 million now won't sound NEAR as much in 5 years. Contracts are just going to go up/
Yeah I mean he's only the core of the Hurricanes, won us a cup by leading the playoff scoring race, and is growing his defensive game beside one the best defensive forwards in the game.I don't care how much the Hurricanes give him if we have his services. Oh and did I mention he has missed one single game in his entire 4 year nhl career? He might not be Ovechkin but sometimes teams need to lock up young players for a long time and this is the cost of doing it.

7 years starts with 6 million ends with 8/9.5 million(couldn't tell from sound problems)
An Average of 8.25 mil. It's backloaded. Plus he's giving up a chunk of UFA time
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i dominated you ****ers the season before last so i have no reason to play. too much work anyways.

I was first last year, I raped everyone you should play the more active people there are the better it is

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Doesn't Liberation usually head it up?
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Mines in sig, I just found this site the other day, it is awesome.
Man I forgot all about the throat incident last year, that really drops his value a lot
Florida is just going to keep trading away offense for defense, and they are still going to get lit up and lose. Zednik is good for 15 goals(maybe more on a better team) I guess Horton is supposed to put up a 90 goal season or something, and I also heard that they
were considering Stillman as a They think he is going to put up the same numbers as he has, except that he won't be playing beside Staal or Richards this time. Van Ryn and Zednik would be a decent return for someone that just want to get rid of
It's supposed to happen tomorrow as today is a holiday, Plus Mccabe gets his 2 million from the leafs. Mccabe to Florida for Van Ryn and Zednik or something like that
Yeah I mean it's not like these guys get paid millions of dollars to play a ****ing game...oh wait.
I'm glad that Sakic is back for another run. Colorado needed either Foresberg or Sakic to come back to have a chance at staying a good team, but with they goalie situation I just don't know.
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All the rage is that the Rangers are going to sign Sundin and Trade Gomez...which makes oodles of sense, and aging centre who has a max of 2 years left in the league and dispose of your top point getter from last season....brilliant

Sundin ends up in Montreal, Toronto or Sweden banging his wife thats like 12 years younger than he is

sounds like the retirement i was looking for near 40 as well

Yeah everyone is just buying into the Sundin hype, and it's going to cost some teams big in the long run
LOL just ask for the porn, you know thats why you made this.
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There should just be 3 NHL threads from now own: One for regular hockey discussion, one for Leaf fans to bitch about how terrible they are, and one for Habs fans to overrate their players.

Seems like a good idea to me.

Haha true that, I remember a poll on HF that asked which fans overrated their players the most, needless to say I have never seen HF so united on a subject
Rush and Hockey, need I say more?
Isn't that the best part of it?
That's the only player I like on the Oilers also, for obvious reasons. I do hope he kicks ass in Edmonton though, I am pegging Edm for the PO's this year.
Lol, I have two guinea pigs. One may be big enough for a chainsaw
if martin was smart though he'd hold the jaybo card, he could probably set that team up well if he waited til the deadline to deal him to a contender