I agree Spencer, but Cave In's new release is number 1 for me!

Fanboy at heart, what else can I do?! haha
mindsnare, junglefever reunion show at the arthouse got cancelled

over life atm hahah

none of you know what I'm talking about.

Hi cedence, hi pink the punk.
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Cave In!!!


I have a cave in tat on my leg...
I've been... All up in the non-online. The "nonline".. some people like to call it IRL, others; life.. I like to call it.. WORKING 9pm TO 8am THEN SLEEPING EVERY OTHER MINUTE.
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Yeah, i'm a real delusional.

No - explain it to me. Why would we use MSN in a chat thread? It's not as though we cut off anybody's conversations. We didn't take this "off topic". We didn't "derail" the thread.

Go on delusion boy, tell me!
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do you use bgo?
saw that reissue, is sick haha.

User: Jim

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hey boys, they've got a sweet feature called private messaging on this website.

Necessary in a chat thread? Kidding yourself, mate.

Ewwwwwww I just looked at your myspace...

Played a lot of at work:

Set Your Goals - Mutiny
Husker Du - Flip Your Wig
I Adapt - Sparks Turn to Flames
Vision of Disorder - Imprint

gettin' back into the good'uns y'know?
One of the most influential bands in this genre in my opinion. Lots of metalcore started from this band. Also, did anyone else notice that Gibson has made a Grabber reissue? Wanted to get one just for Botch/Cave In fanboy points! Haha
***. I might come back up for HC if I can be bothered.
I work weekends but. And ive had too much time off so far this quarter
Oh Youre Moooooooooooooooooooonman
Nah man. Going up for a few days to see some family with my ex gf. Only up for a few days. I was going to extend till after HC but I don't have my license so I can't drive home after and I cbf'd changing my flight times.

Which newcastle user are you on bgo (i get you all mixed up)
Hahah that's true. I'll be in Sydney from the 3rd till the 5th of july.
run at me, slut
I never used to.
Bish can sing.
Tunes are rockin'
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What da fuck are ya doin' Jim?

BGO is boring me.

Too much Newcastle IMO hahahahaha
Three most played albums this week are

Thrice - Vheissu
Paramore - RIOT!
and Cave In - Antenna
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Spencer has come back the last week or so also pmeg and Tyson are still around too. The only old dudes who are missing really is Mike, Marty, Luke and Craigo.

I don't think I knew Marty. Luke went awol ages ago. And ol' Craigo.. He was from the UK, no?
mmm. the maple is fairly porous.
Only one way to find out i guess?
I was figuring I'd sand it back and prime it fairly well before attempting to apply paint..

But I don't know.. I'm sick of how it is at the moment. Maybe I should get rid of it..
Does it balance well?
Does Spencer or any of those old dudes still kick it around these parts?

What about that kid from Boston?
It's about time this bass gets sold or something.. I don't even know!
It's been a great bass to play. But I'm thinking of moving it on as every time I take it out someone wants to take it away from me. I'm thinking I want to paint a burst on it..
Wow this thread's still kickin'. Oh, back in the day :'D
raein's new music.
heck yeah
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doesnt do international unfortunately.
is anyone able to link me to an online store with international shipping?
shipping to australia specifically.
i need to piss so ****ing hard.
tyson - in ur thred bein better than u
This thread seems to be 100% about "college" now.


Build a Tele bass like I did, poofs.

I can't believe this thread.

This band is phenomenal.
They're not the same tempo, and there IS diversity in the beat.

9 minutes out of 21 mate.

They're not solid blocks ANYWAY?

And I cannot believe you listed Have Heart...?
You'd have to be the worst drummer if you cannot realise they are different beats?

And wait what the fuck why am I even arguing this?

It's fast, sounds good, and you try and show me another similar hardcore band that doesn't use a very similar beat.

Oh my god, I cannot believe I'm even arguing this?

You are so unbelievably wrong? Holy shit!?