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^ which exact pedals would you be using? some are fine in the loop:

i've only tried the 50 but it's hard to beat for the price. it's also hard to pay double for the 100hdm

Yeah I was looking at the HDM now because of the depth control, but this line-level effect loops has slightly put me off aha . Damnit Soldano.

In the loop I'd be using a Carbon Copy (seems fine from the look of it, people on forums saying pedals with 1M impedence would work fine.), Stereo Memory Man W/ Hazarai (Impedence 2M...bugger) and a reverb pedal not purchased yet.
I'd constantly be using reverb/looper/delay pedals. Is it just a volume issue?
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Among them I'd be choosing a jet city.
Better if the 100HDM, or if you mod the 50w one.
Depth knob's make a difference.
Luckly it's an easy mod if you fancy doing that yourself.

Sure not the DSL, but that's just me.

For that money anyway you might look into a laney IRT as well.

Cheers for the reply, would you strongly reccomend the 100H over the 50? I'll have a look into the HDM.

I'm not sure about modding, I am about as useful as a chocolate teapot when it comes to anything more technical than turning the amp on.
Hey , not been on here in a while.

I've been playing a Bugera 333xl combo for a a few years now and fancy a change. I'm looking for a head, 2/3 channels capable of playing hard rock/borderline metal stuff (Think if Brand New/Fall of Troy and Billy Talent had a really ugly baby), but cleans are also important. I'm the only guitarist in my band so need a thick sound.
Budget is £600 ish. Preferably new, boost would be a nice feature and so would inbuilt reverb.

My Gear
Carvin Tl60 H-S set up.
Pitchblack/Carbon Copy/SMMWH/Crybaby
Bugera 333xl (Going to sell)
2x12" cab loaded with V30s (in anticipation of head)

Options I've been looking at

Jet City JCA50: Hadn't even been considering this until I logged onto the forums the other day. This head (based off YT vids) sounds a bit too good for £230, nice and meaty. doesn't have boost/reverb, but at that price could buy pedals.

Carvin V3m: Found one new online for sub £600, has all the features I would like. But another thread on here makes me worry about reliability. Also maybe too much gain for what I need/sounds a bit fizzy/thin on demos.

DSL: DSl ticks all the boxes, but people don't seem to be keen on the new dsl model (also pushes my budget a bit). Could go for a used JCM DSL but I'd much prefer to buy new.

What should I do? any amps that I should be looking at?
Hi guys sorry to ask this, as it's probably been asked so many times.

I've had my 333xl 212 (wish I'd of got the head version) for a fair few years now and it's losing it's pop. So as a newbie to anything but playing (I play a wide variety from Explosions in the Sky to The Fall of Troy) what new speakers and what new valves should I get?

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Hey guys... I just kinda need to get this out there.

So my girlfriend, my best friend, and my true love of my life is moving clear across the country in two days. We've been together longer than I can remember, and we've had so many amazing memories together. Sitting out by her pool in the summer, sneaking over to her house in the middle of a blizzard at four in the morning just to cuddle with her, countless late night bonfires and walks around the lake by our houses on a fall day, probably hundreds of meals that we ate together and nights that we slept together or stayed up all night on the phone, talking about everything and anything.

And now, in two days, it's all going away. She's going to be thousands of miles away, with a new life and new friends, and we'll never have anything like this together again.

I'm just so sad guys, I feel almost numb. I just keep thinking about how in two days, the biggest piece of my life is flying away and never coming back, and taking my heart with her. I can't lose her... but there's nothing I can do.

Life just ****ing blows sometimes.

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Know what you mean man.

Best advice I got was from my friend who said to just let go. What happened in the past happened so there's no use in dwelling on it. Just have to move on. I started remembering that every time I thought of her and it helped a lot.

Thank you

Nothing bad has ever happened, it was just going to be a very complicated time coming up, so it's for the best.
Just broke up with a long time girlfriend.
But it was so strange, it was a good break up if you can have one.
Just getting used to change
WTB some sort of Loop pedal

Got a Carvin bridge pickup for sale also

PM me.
Explosions In The Sky.
As being previously single for a long time. Relationship.
Open to trades.
Looking for around £50
Also, adding my PS2 and a bunch of games to this sale.
Ooh sexy, how much are you looking for?
I don't want to have to put this thing on ebay
Here we have a brand new Carvin C22b bridge humbucker with mounting ring and screws. Very rare.

It has 11 pole pieces on each coil to eliminate 'dead spots' when playing.

Output is described as 'classic' but it's hotter than the average 'classic' pickup whilst retaining the characteristics by sounding smooth.

Made for coil tapping/splitting.

I have an idea how much I want to sell it for, but just shoot me a PM with any questions or any offers.

Cheers, Joey
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How much are they charging this time?



Your ****ing soul?

Robbing bastards.

£10, and my pride.
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6/10, I appreciate it but I just can't get into it.

The beginning put me off, but then it kicked in and I got into it
His voice is a bit crazy, but I like it, fits the song.
Quite an erratic song, I like the riff, but it's quit repetetive for a song that lasts over 4 minutes.

Right guys, Resurgence Map Pack worth it, or not?
I play guitar because it's challenging, and a way to express myself even if no one is listening.
They where very good when I purchased things from them, but when those things broke they where very slow and unhelpful in getting the items repaired.
It's only a small cheap solid state, so about $50?
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I first thought about putting Seymour Duncan Hot Rails, but then I realized it won't change much...

Iron Maiden called...

EDIT: If you do change the pickups, you can always switch back to the original for resale.
It can play anything, the clean tones/slightly driven tones won't sound as natural as with passives. I'd go to a store and try it first.
Depends on what kind of metal.
It's not just guitaring, it happens to everyone doing anything.
Have a look at Bugeras, they do the marshall crunch very well.
I've got this, but the seymour duncan version, isn't the neck just the best neck ever?
EDIT: and my guitars basically been battered for two years and has no marks on, enjoy your hassle free finish. I could go on for days.
I think Gibson made a big mistake labelling it 'goddess' because it's perfect for people like me with smaller hands.
I'm just about to order a custom tl60, how long did you have to wait for it?

Also, HNGD
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Now tell me you're not creaming already!

I'm not creaming already.
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Jb is a bridge. Can you get them covered? If you look really hard im sure you can find one. Try ebay. If not, i guess you could try the Gibson covers.

You can't get them covered. My EC1000 has the JB 59 combo. The JB hasn't the best clean tone, because it's a bit too powerful and trebly, but it has a monster overdriven sound. The 59 is has a very warm smooth tone, very bassy.
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If you had the effects, and a quiet enough amp, maybe some post-rock stuff? Expolsions in the sky, this will destroy you, etc.

He'd need a lot of effects, I do love my post-rock though.
I think just chordy stuff, if it's background music you don't want to be playing anything with overdrive or anything high tempo.