Change the cord, if that doesn't work, it's the input jack.
This is why homosexuals shouldn't adopt babies.
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The questions are something anyone can do. It's just a loophole to get around our laws with respect to lotteries I believe.

^ The answer you're looking for.

"Canadian sweepstakes law, unlike American law, requires that the third component, "winners are chosen by luck," is removed. Sponsors cannot use pure luck to determine who wins a sweepstake. There must be at least some element of skill involved.

In order remove the element of pure chance, sponsors narrow the field of potential winners by requiring a skill testing question to enter their contests. Every entrant does not have the same chance to win; only those who at least pass the skill testing question are eligible to win prizes. Of course, this is only a technicality. Most people can pass the skill testing questions without difficulty, although sponsors are required to make the test somewhat challenging."
Those damn Iranians and human rights abuses...
You can't milk those.
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I'm a Parts Manager for a Kia dealer, funnily enough the car in the back round

It's the Front Left Fog Lamp Blanking Cover. If it doesn't have fog lamps its just a cover for where the fog lamp would be on a model that has that option. Different manufacturers call them different things, might just be called Front Left Fog Lamp Cover. Usually only sold by the manufacturer so it may be best just to go to Mazda. Have your VIN # handy.

Thanks ! Any estimate for the price ? 100 ? 1000? 1000000000000000 ?
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If you really want some help, look for the closest mazda dealership. Mazda is actually really helpful.

Even if I didn't buy it from them directly ?
I hate you guys.

What do you call that shit ? It's the small grill thing on the front bumper. I was driving in heavy snow conditions and when I parked my car, I noticed it was gone on one side.

I want to buy a replacement, but I don't know the name.
Halp pls.
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I can't wait to see how all the conspiratards who think the JEWS control the President are going to deal with this.

Easy. Actions =/= Words.
What's the point of it ? Why is The Pit's only idea of fun drinking till you pass out / sweat / smell like ass / do senseless crap / brag about it ?
Why does every thread in the Pit have to end up in butthurt ?
The whole "Canada" being nice thing is a stereotype or meme. I've been here for 6 years and people are such assholes compared to my country (Lebanon). The other day I met my new neighboor, said "Hello" and he looked at me like I was some kind of sick freak.

Ah my little western infidels...
The site is Russian based. Go away pls.
So far (in this preview at least), it's just basically a GoPro camera on transparent glasses.
First suggestion: Try using another Hard drive with Windows 7 already on it.
Second suggestion: If first doesn't work, it might be a problem with your power supply not supplying enough power. I've had once happen to me.
First time I get to use this properly.

Even though she thinks it's degrading, she'd be good at it.
Also got one fine booty and nice natural (big) boobies.
What the hell K'Nucks you're asian how could you ?
I only watch amateur porn. Or some really sick shit like voyeurism, nude beach nudity, exhibitionism, flashing. I'm weird like that. But yeah, that whole "American" type porn doesn't speak to me.
Rofl, your last sentence is funny. Anyway, if you do get a boner, it's alright, they're used to it, it's human nature. Either way, proper draping will cover it. If you get uncomfortable, ask her to skip your glutes.

PS: ask me anything, I get two massages / week on average (covered by my insurance). I've gotten to the point where the masseuses are comfortable enough to joke about it when it happens.
I got you a free meeting with Tiny Tim.
All my posts in this thread get buried deep sadshade666
Taiiiiiin (EUW).
BEST HECARIM EU. No srsly I almost never lose as Heca. No srsly 78.6% win rate.

Add dat shit up.
D R E.
Right back on top of thangs.
This IS arabic. Read my translation. I'm from Lebanon and lived 20 years there and got schooled in arabic. Go read first page. Pls.
Woah looks like some old arabic scripture. I'll try anyway.

Do your prayers from the rising of the sun till the end of the night and the reading of the Qur'an at dawn.
The reading of the Qur'an was witnessed at dawn.

Qur'an literaly means "reading" so the last sentence is confusing me.
I'm so happy Hecarim is underrated. He's like a less OP version of Amumu, with awesome clear times, awesome ganks, a godly initiate, massive self heal in team fights, good Ult interruption, and a spammable slow (with frozen gauntlet). I basically NEVER see him in any game except when I'm playing him. I have around 73% win rate with him on over 20 games.

Since people don't see him often in games, not many people know how to react against him = free wins for me. Srsly guise, try it.
Here in Montreal the speed limits are ridiculous. In urban areas (not necessarily residential), the speed limit is 50 KM/H (31 MPH), which feels slow as fack. I sometimes drive at 65-70 kph when I know it's safe (40-45 mph). And I go around 10-15 mph faster on highways than the speed limit. But I NEVER speed in residential areas where I know kids might be playing, or near schools etc.
How the **** can people be so stupid ? My god. Pyrotechnics at an INDOOR show. IN.****ING.DOOR. The owner of the nightclub + the band + the event organizer should be held FULLY responsible. This isn't an accident. This is negligence.
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probably 'cuz you live in america

Nope. I live in Canada and was born in Lebanon where I spent most my life. It's irrelevant. It's getting old the whole "We brits / europeans in general are better than americans hurr durr americans are backwards rednecks hurr durr". It's so annoying and immature.
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guys seriously.

that's chopping off part of an infant for no reason other than arbitrary social custom.

it's indefensible.

Stop using that argument the infant doesn't feel it / remember it. And yes it is cleaner. And according to the UN it reduces risk of HIV.

EIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITHER way, scientific arguments aside, all girls I've been with, and girls I talk to in general, say that a circumsized kawk is nicer to look at.
I don't think being capable in engaging in homosexual sexual activities is simply a choice. The mere sight of two men humping each other would turn me off, and prevent any boners. Which would probably mean that the only way I could have sex with them, is if I take it up the pooper. And to that I say no thank you.

But, I've never been in such a situation so I don't know how I'd react. But seeing as how I went from the age of 12 to the age of 17 without sex (just masturbation), I don't see why six months would turn me gay.
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an example of a band who consistently puts out bad mixes would be metallica

Hmmm I wouldn't agree. I'd say maybe 3 out of their 284921029472 albums (just a guess) are really badly mixed. Some albums are shit, but well mixed (Black Album, Load, Reload, Garage Inc.). I can't think of any badly mixed albums besides St. Anger, AJFA, and Death Magnetic (Sounded like pure crap).
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I'm level 30, and hes not OP so much as just a safe pick and bitch to deal with.

This is all he is. Annoying to deal with. So is Teemo, Garen, Olaf, Irelia, Jayce, Teemo, Teemo, Teemo.

There are some champs you are not supposed to even try dueling (i.e. Jax).

But yes, he is a "faceroll" type of champion, but he gets way too much undeserved attention.
I can't believe months after Darius was released, people still complain that he's OP. He is anything but. He's useless in ranked (where people can actually counter him), and has a million counters. The only time he's (sort of) OP is probably from level 1 to 29, or around 750 ELO.
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What do you guys think of a 2006 VW GTI 2.0T? 6 speed manual. It's got 160k miles, the timing belt was changed at 115k. $7300 from a private seller.

Looks like a standard trim but with leather interior.

160k miles on a German car for 7300$ ? I'd pass.
German parts are way too expensive in North America (maybe less than in Canada though).