Eccer, I understand the appeal, but it's not really my style so I'm gonna have to go with a 5/10.

Edit: Forgive me, I haven't posted here in a few years so I forgot how to embed :P
I recently bought an Ibanez S420. I'm in love with it, however it could use a set of active pickups. Very easy to play, very lightweight and it doesn't have a Floyd Rose (It has a ZR)
You can pick it up for around $500
Quote by mattman93

I've always wanted this shirt, it might already be real.

I like this one more.

EDIT2: Or do I. Hmm....

Best I could find.
Heinrich Himmler for pure enjoyment.

Sounds like a brand of drink
I work at a grocery store and just finished my shift. I was walking out to my car hoping to have some fun in the snowy parking lot but then I saw a plow pull in

This is why I hate snow.
Representin' Pennsylvania!

Anyone who's had that will agree with me ^^^
i hate to be the one to say this, but this is about a week old, man.
I've never done it, nor do I know too much about it, but I think there is a program called iDump that will suit your needs.
Forza 3 is pretty kickass if you're into that sort of thing.
Quote by LPstudioWRz28
my dad has that car and i say that to him all the time. that said for a 1996 its clean as hell and has no rust... i waited an extra two years for my first car but it was worth it... 1997 Camaro Z28 6 speed... very fun to drive

Should have stuck it out just a bit longer and got a '99.

But I envy you
Quote by Led_Head Salvy
lol I suppose I could always just say F it and go for a fun car :P
...but I am a guy who goes for function first

To all those who are asking, I'm willing to spend upwards of $10,000, but obviously I'd much rather spend less than that.

I'm well aware I'd have to spend a lot more for a new car and that's exactly why I'm looking up used cars. I also know for a fact that honda accords and toyota camrys are reliable and dependable cars. Still, if it comes down to it, I'd much rather look for a reliable new car than a risky used one.

I'm using a combination of personal savings and borrowing from my uncle to pay off for the car, so I'd definitely like to borrow the least amount of money from my uncle as possible.

I love all of you

Get a 1987 IROC Camaro. You'd have so much fun and look cool as hell.
I referred to my math teacher's wife as "the old ball and chain." Needless to say, he wasn't too pleased.
Quote by blake1221
Guitarfanatic, there are some really early posts that discuss that, but honestly you better move on. I've been there and the chances are very unlikely that you can turn the tides on that one.

Spartan, what evidence do you have that she likes you?

Well, whenever I talk to her, she smiles a lot and she seems interested in what I have to say. She thinks I'm really funny, and I just got a feeling, ya know?

Edit: Maybe I could write her a song?
Hi everyone, I have a quick question.
There's this girl I like, but I don't know how to tell her. She's not the most outgoing girl ever, but she's not exactly shy either. I don't really get to see her in school anymore because I don't have classes with her anymore, either so I really just text her. I think she likes me too, and I was thinking I was maybe going to ask one of her friends what this girl thinks about me, and if she gives me the answer I want, then straight up tell her that I like her, and if not I'd talk to her a bit more and try and turn the tides in my favor. What do you guys think?
A Day to Remember- If it Means a Lot to You
Seether- Broken
Go to a garage and have them check your brake fluid, your turn signal fluid, and that problem could also be caused by rusted muffler bearings.
Eminem- Role Model

"If you beef with me, I'm gonna even the score equally
Take you on Jerry Springer, and beat your ass legally"

"I knew terror before the planes started crashing"
Xzibit- Spit Shine
(Pretty intense)
Be mature and watch the movie and don't ruin it for anyone else
Friends; trying to find a way to tell her that I like her without being friendzoned or seeming like a weirdo
Quote by daytripper75

Only used in Lancaster, Pennsylvania as far as I know.

It basically used when someone does something really dumb or backwards. Kinda hard to explain exactly what it means, but when you hear it used you know exactly what someone means by it.

i have never heard anyone say that :/

[representin' southern lancaster county, bitchez]
I was going to say Sun of Nothing, but the shitheads above me beat me to the punch
It will be alright man, just be ready for a lifestyle change. If it happens, things are going to be very different but you will get used to it. Hang in there
Quote by Jackal58
When you drop it does the guy that picks it up take it?

He takes it in other ways.

Lots and lots of weed.
I don't smoke, but I'm not enough of a shithead to think that I'm better than anyone who does. People are allowed to make their own decisions and if they don't particularly care for the health of their lungs, that's for them to decide. As for exposure to other people? It's not that hard to avoid cigarette smoke. If they care enough about a few seconds/minutes of exposure to the smoke, then they can move.
as long as i can understand what they are trying to say, i couldn't give two shits
So I recently bought a 1994 Volkswagen Jetta III GL. I really don't know much of anything about modding cars, and I figured it would be cool to do. My question is, are there any fun little mods that I could learn how to do easily and do it cheaply?
do it, you won't! no quran!
So I've been trying to find a first car, and I was browsing on Craigslist when I found a 1992 Camaro RS 25th Anniversary. It's a beautiful blue color, but in need of a paint job. It has a 305 in it and a 5 speed trans. Seems like it will be a fun car to drive if the guy hasn't sold it yet.
Quote by Mutant Corn
Mutant Corn was funny when I first made it's more of a conversation piece, lol.

I have a friend who constantly has a really offensive GT. He likes that they "let him change it for free", so he just keeps making sexual GT's. Only a single 24H ban so far. Here's ones I can remember:

Hue Jeffin Cokk
cum n slappa ho
JewSeek Humshot
Hue Jerrection
There's more, but I don't remember them.

Some other ones I've seen:
Flabby Assholio
I SPAM VULTURES (Halo wars reference)
OMG i pooted
Wookies Wedgie
Buttcancer Ouch

i know a guy who's doing that; he's on name change number 35 and still no ban :/
there are days when i wake up
and i feel like wearing make up
taking pictures of myself and sh*t
make a thread, post 'em in the pit
MC Street all up in this sh*t,
your turns over, gimme a hit
when i walk into a club, all the niggas run and hide
i'm just kidding cause i never go outside
but when i do bitch i can assure you,
i can be straight thuggin and piss off cops with my crew

sometimes i feel like getting off my computer
find my homies and we ride each others scooters
no really that wasn't a gay joke, but seriously
i haven't been outside enough to see a real pussy
and bitch i drank a fifth of vodka, dare me to drive?
just kidding but it would have been cool to see that song live

cracka i ain't done spittin, homie g mutha fu*ka
and i try to bust some rhymes like no otha'
and on an ending note, i would just like to say
it's a party in the u-s-a
I feel bad every time a kitten dies because of me.
If I told you I agreed 100% with your post, Mr. Strawman, it would still be an understatement.
Yeah, there's this one chick in my school who recently had an abortion. Now don't get me wrong, I'm pro-choice, but every time she is near me, I ask different people around me their views on abortion.
Tell her to go up Niagara Falls in a barrel.
There's a thread just like this one about three or four threads down?
Those used to be my favorite movies as a kid. I really wish I still had a job so I could go see them.
Yeah dog that's a tight beat

Yo, all the h8rs from 4chan
They come here for a permaban
You see dog this ain't Brooklyn
Toss your spam here you'll never win

Now I ain't even been that nigga
That becomes a thread reporta
But man I tell you what
And The Pit's seen better days, but

We be UG, G's just follow me
Takin' over the world like a rich emcee
Almost bought a fucking missle silo
Yo, we're badass dog, fucking gung ho

Even though The Pit can be a scary place
It seems like there's always a damn race
To be the first one to tell cool story
But nigga please you just sound kinda whory

Now I'ma tell you how badass we are
Our awesome's worth more than Bill Gate's car
We The Pit, mutha fucka and we stayin' that way
Nigga you try and flame and we bet you gonna pay

We be UG, G's just follow me
Takin' over the world like a rich emcee
Almost bought a fucking missle silo
Yo, we're badass dog, fucking gung ho

Always seem that a nigga's having his carrot skinned
Go the only religion thread and repent your sins
Bitch cause we the T-H-E
To the mutha fucking P-I-T

We be UG, G's just follow me
In a penitentiary or under the sea
With the rape and the fap, god damn
You never gonna change the way I am

Yeah bitch that concludes this here fight song
Now ya'll stoner Ugers take another hit of that bong
We a nightmare inducement to opposing niggas
And like Lightning McQueen, we'll say kachigga

Edit: speakers, you can't hide your D12 from me.