Woo old pit guys!
Okay, looked through the thread and didn't see any other black people answering, so this great! It makes me an authority lol.

All jokes aside, I personally don't consider that word to be any different than like asshole or douche. It all depends on my relationship with the person. If I meet you at a bar for the first time and you're ballsy enough to call me a nigga, we might be fighting. Alternatively, if you're ballsy enough to call me a ****, we still might be fighting. If I don't know you well enough for you to insult me in anyway, we're fighting.

Just my two cents. Alternatively, if it's not directed at me (ex: Dude, check out this nigga/asshole/mother ****er on the dance floor) then I don't give an iota of ****.
The biggest thing is play the notes individually instead of strumming chords. Metallica does this a lot. Obviously they're not metalcore, but that's the first example I could think of.
I'm a cynical asshole and if someone tells me they like what I consider a shitty band I tell them why that's stupid.
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I heard TS has to wear diapers because he can't control his doodies.

Funny you say that, as there was a rumor about a gal who frequently took it in the ass and her hole was no longer tight enough to stop leakage.
Once you stop caring about what's "in" for the next few months fashionably you'll start feeling better TS. Also, the plus side to wearing "ugly band tees" is that when you don't wear them, people really notice.
1. I love heavy guitar driven music. Fancy guitar work gives me a boner.
2. The fans who think if you listen to anything else then you're a pussy
3. I love Metallica, Animals As Leaders, Megadeth and Dream Theater. I think thrash/prog would be my favorite.
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I thought you were done with your shitty thread phase?

Boss maybe you don't realize the importance of this discussion.

OT: I can be wit a woman with minimal breastesses, not so much for minimal ass though.
Man do I love how everyone bitches on this site about music being generic and the same, then when someone mentions trying something new, everyone shuts him down telling him to stop while he's early.

**** these guys dude, if you love making music then keep making music.
Here's to being just attractive enough that you're confident but never approached by the non-preferential sex. My roommate constantly has gay men approaching him though.
Tried Bandcamp. My only complaint with Bandcamp was people could listen to the entire album for free without ever having to download. At least with Spotify, I'll make something (hardly anything, mind you) off of it. I'm not expecting to make a million over night.
So my band is finishing up recording our second EP, and, in my opinion, it sounds ****in' grand, dude. I'm the type of person that if it isn't up to my standards (yes, I know how vain it sounds, but that's who I am) then I try to convince the others not to really try to make this the first thing people hear from us, as the case with EP no. 1. But this is one turning out fantastic. Besides the point.

Really, I should have just gotten to the point here. Has anyone had their music stream on Spotify before? Any success with it? Would you recommend it?
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your life sounds sad. **** that shit, im gonna take my girlie skiing this weekend.

Well here's a name I haven't seen in awhile.
I wouldn't. Seems like an insult to injury sort of deal.
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Yes but if I did it right now I would be homeless. You're saying I should dump her the day I move? What kind of person would be so cruel as to make someone spend the holiday season alone when he's perfectly capable of just keeping his feelings to himself? Honestly I've been doing it for so long one more month will be a breeze.

So this is more of a saving your own kind of spine deal then? I don't mean that in a 'you're a total prick' manner, just an honest question. It sounds like you still care about her based on what you've said man. I get the, 'I just want a new girl every night' mentality, but it sounds like you've got a nice thing right now.

One man's opinion, I personally enjoy the single life and don't commit to relationships for years at a time.
The longer you drag this out, the worse it will hurt her and the harder it will be for you dude. Do it right now.
I feel you man. Playing guitar is my escape sometimes and I think she realizes that. Kartina and I've been through some times.
My current bass player played guitar for years, but switched to bass in his last band after they got tired of flakey bass players. The cool thing is that he was a great guitar player, so we can get some pretty strong bass lines.
I can't dance, but I have a great sense of rhythm, and I'm a metalhead.

You're onto something though...
I don't know if they ever actually did anything else, but the dude who did the Macarena HAS to be no. 1. Not only has everyone heard it, everyone knows the dance.
My band opened for Stephen Pearcy of Ratt back in November. That was sort of cool, but he was a dick.
My friends and I have a little joke about how you know when you've grown up. Whenever one of us says something to the extent of, "I don't know man. Like, she's hot yeah, but I don't just want to sleep with her and leave," we usually follow with, "Dude, is this what growing up is like?"

Just a couple o' crazy university kids havin' a laugh.
I think it's only racist if it's negative. i.e. "I hate Asian chicks"
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If you're on a budget, digital>mic'd cab.

I'm not saying that about the guys who are just starting out, I'm saying that for the bands that are touring. Playing live shows without an amp behind you just seems...weird.
I'm tired of every band trying to do it. There are some good bands though, Periphery and Meshuggah, of course. But just people screaming over "boing boing" is getting very old.

Also, I dislike how the entire genre of djent tries to swear off amps and only use amp simulation. You can't beat a mic'd cab man. You just can't.

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I liked it when it was a thing before it was a thing. When every band started calling themselves 'Plurals', it got terrible very quickly.

Oh my god this.
Most of the time, I have a boost pedal for leads and chorus for cleans. And a tuner pedal, but I mean, that's a tuner
How nice.
I was in your shoes, and I went to school. In a way, I regret it, as I still play in a band and we could be some much better and farther along had each of us not have commitments. You can always go back to school man. Just remember that.
Oh **** me

Made me look like an ass lol
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I'm being serious guys. I knew an online community filled with musicians would be a fantastic place to vent my problems on, so I registered an account. I'll give the guys in my band a good talk, and keep you posted on what happens.

I hope someone in your band sees this thread, talks to the other guys, and they kick you out. It'll fuel you to make something on your own.
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Holy shit. Check your ****ing ego, man.


This is what you do. I'm assuming you're writing most of the material. Quit the band. Write your own stuff. Find people who want to play YOUR music. Done.
I sort of penetrated this gal once during a drunken sex fest. She screamed out "Wrong hole! WRONG HOLE!"

Lulz ensued.
Calm down mate, it's the internet.
The Biggie Smalls video reminded me of this one

I'm at my University's library, killing time until rehearsal starts for the musical.

"Rojam, why don't you just go home?"

Because I live an hour out and I'm staying with different friends throughout the week.

"Then why don't you just go to your friend's house?"

Don't want to seem a burden. Also, the one I stayed with last night is at work right now.
Hey everyone, I recently made the switch from ss to tube heads (yay!) and I'm looking to replace the tubes. I'm playing through an older Blue Voodoo, which, despite what everyone seems to claim, sounds good. Right now, there are some Ruby 6l6s in there.(From what the guy I bought it from, he says they're 6+ years old). They sound a bit loose and flabby, and this seems to be a characteristic of them. I'm looking at either:

JJ's 6L6GC,
Tung-Sol 6L6GCSTR, or
Tube Amp Doctor 6L6GC-STR

Any kind of input or preferences would be helpful. If it helps, I like a clean sound with a round low and sparkling highs, and for a distortion tone, I like a tight bass and a bit mid-dy, and there are Groove Tube 12AX7s in the preamp. Thanks!
That guitarist looks exactly like I did when I was 12...Same style and everything. Weird man. Even use to rock an afro.
Kid me might not be super into the prog stuff, and think it needs to be heavier. Lower tuning and more screaming
I realize there's an entire forum for customized gear, but this is more of a general question. I just finished building a 2x12 cabinet. Wrapping tolex sucks when you get a piece that's not quite large enough so you have to improvise a bit. Regardless, I'm proud of how it came out, simply for the fact that it's mine.

Feel free to add pictures and stories and what have you. Poll coming soon.

I maed thz guize
I was like, oh man, look at this ****in' loser. But then he turned on the metal zone and went for the sweeps.

Would bang/10