I have long hair for about 3-4 years now and I dont plan on cutting it.
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It's not that I hear them alot because I prefer the vibrating mode.
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The game is quite fun, but I always lose.
I own a Ibanez rg1570 and I think it is an awesome guitar. I can do alot of heavy Death-like riffs, but I also have a quite awesome solo tone.

I know you're looking for a hardcore-ish sound but I think the RG really give you a powerful sound. Also, if you are left-handed and still play right-handed guitars, the RG neck is really nice, thin and fast to play on and you can even reach the high notes without difficulties.

Hope this will help.
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Mark. says:
so honestly, why haven't we had sex yet?
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i dont no , do you wanna make out ?
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I will make it out if you won't have sex with me
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My contribution to this thread:

David Hasserhof.
Lets just post Winamp pictures.

It's better anyway.
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Okay don't take this the wrong way, I'm not trying to be mean, but you should work out and lose some weight.

This thread isn't about my overweight problems, but thanks for your concerns.
Well, I have looked up some picture before I dyed my hair (I was 13 years old) and this is my natural hair color:

It isn't so blonde after all.
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If it already looks nice, why change it?

Because it looks quite ugly after a month or so because you can clearly see my natural hair color, and it costs quite alot if you keep dying it.
The last couple of weeks I was thinking of changing my hair color to my natural hair color, which is darkish blond.
But since I have long hair and I DON'T want to cut it, I don't really know if it's possible.
I have black hair ATM, and I think it looks pretty neat on me. But my hair grows and well, dying is costing a lot of money.

Here are some pics of my hair:

So my question is:

Should I dye my hair back to my natural color?, and how do I do it?

Thanks in advance.
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What you say!
I thought The Notebook was pretty good...
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Can I still sign up?

Name: Mark.
Country: The Netherlands.
Region: Friesland. (The North)
Age: 15
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Goku would win so easily.
I would bring back Chuck Schuldiner.
He was pretty much REALLY awesome.
Classic way is the way to gooo!
I use my index and ringfinger and I always add the octave, with the same ring finger.
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^ You bastard, MM is too awesome for Slipknot.

It really is..
I don't think this is possible, mate.
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open about and press the T button on your keyboard

Haha, I really didn't expect that. xD
Thats just awesome., add meeeeeeeeeeeee.
Check the Metal Rec. thread.
Opening Credits:
Mithotyn - In The Sign Of The Ravens

Waking Up:
Dream Theater - Surrounded

First Day At School:
Symphony X - Out Of The Ashes

Falling In Love:
King Diamond - Give me your soul.....please.

Fight Song:
Rhapsody Of Fire - Holy Thunderforce

Breaking Up:
Symphony X - Wicked

X Japan - Blue Blood

Life's OK:
Koji Kondo - Majora's Mask Battle

Mental Breakdown:
Angra - Millenium Sun

The Black Dahlia Murder - The Blackest Incarnation

King Diamond - Lies

Getting Back Together:
Deja Vu - Next World

Birth of Child:
Rhapsody Of Fire - The Dark Secret.

Galnerius - Quiet Wish.

Final Battle:
Arch Enemy - Dehumanisation

Death Scene:
Koji Kondo - Song Of Time (Inverted)

Funeral Song:
X Japan - The Last Song

End Credits:
Saturnus - Empty Handed.

Wow, I'm impressed that quite alot really fit...
I REALLY like this band, Chuck Schuldiner is teh_pwn.

Death is better, though.
Old new, it was already a trend in the Netherlands.
But they discovered it wasn't so good after all and banned it right away.