Milkdrop visualisation + winamp?
Some pretty neat riffs, but I didn't like the tone so much.
Other then that I haven't really much to say, because it was rather short.
But I really think it's pretty good stuff!

Thanks for critting my song!
Thanks for the kind words and crits, I've critted back those who left a link.

The crashes will be fixed in the next version with vocals.

Thanks for critting my song, dude.

I've just listened to your song and I thought it was pretty good.
Sometimes I felt that the drums were a bit out of time, but I like how you chose not to blast beat the whole time.
Also your playing wasn't perfect but that is corrected easily with some practice.
I liked the riffs overall and the effects around 2:00 are kinda fun.
But the tapping bit at 2:41 is out of tune?

Good job, but try the recording a bit better.
But with some polishing and vocals this could be a good song!
Hey, thanks for critting my stuff.

I've just listened your song and I think it's a good song!
I listen to folk metal from time to time and this also reminded me of bands like Ensiferum.
But, as already been said, you need to practice on your rythm guitar because it was not really tight sometimes.
But I really like the lead, good song overall!
Hello UG,

I just recorded this song I've made just recently and I thought that some feedback would be nice!
It's on my profile named 'Heavy Song, without vocals'.
Like the title says it's without vocals but they're coming soon!

Tell me what you think of it and offcourse,
It's sounds pretty good, but the band name has already been taken. plus it sounds REALLY cheesy.
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Your first problem is using WMP. Winamp > WMP!

Throw it on the floor, it worked for my iPod mini.
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I couldn't find a thread about them, they're pretty much my favourite band.
Saw them live the 15th of February, they were awesome!

Any thoughts about them?
Yes, I also listened to this and i am amazed!
I'll have some Silverwings.
Thanks for the recommendation!
Need to listen to it more carefully, but it sounds good.
Hmm, I need some albums samiliar to Opeth's 'Orchid' and 'Morningrise'.
Can someone help me?
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This game is lame..
Winamp, for sure.