They're good minus the latest album.
I'm not telling YOU!
I think this sounds pretty awesome.
Mega Death actually shows the cheesyness of 'Megadeth'
The intro riff from Death - The Philosopher.
Masturbate more.
Quote by Kepulix
any love for "Lisbon"?

but "Winds Of Destination" FTW, Hansi Kürsch kicks so much ass in it

Lisbon is one of my favourites by them.

I'm a big Angra fan.
I used to think that black people pooped white....
666 - Blind Guardian - Don't Break The Circle.

999- Dark Tranquillity - The Treason Wall.
Rising Force, Magnus Opus and Trilogy are my favourites.
Go check them out.
necrophagist 25
morbid angel 35
death 45
carcass 25
nile 25
atheist 5
cryptopsy 20 HURT
suffocation 40
cynic 35
It means your computer doesn't have any virtual memory left.
Upgrade your RAM.
Necrophagist 40
Morbid Angel 50
Death 45
Obituary 10
Carcass 35
At The Gates 35
Nile 45
Atheist 40
Cryptopsy 45 HURT
Spawn of Possession 40
Suffocation 50
Cynic 45
Because you listen to Slipknot.
Yes, they're great.
Vinnie Moore and Jason Becker.
What has Paul Gilbert have to do with this?
I dont mind growls, but Behemoth's vocals are annoying.
Thier songs are good for a laugh, other then that....
Quo Vadis - Dead Men's Diary CHORUS.
The recording of the double bass is zo clean and awesome.
The vocalists sound reminds me of the Norther vocalist....
Yeah, they're awesome!
Nifflheim is a great instrumental, Dominate is my favorite album.
I can't wait till thier next album is gonna be released.
Haha, that was hilarious!
Stop bashing Dragonforce, they really have some enjoyable songs!
European, if that includes Scandinavia.
I think this is a very good album!
I like Beethoven's Nightmare.... A lot.
Dragonland - A Last Farewell, look for it NOW.
Germans can't eat pasta......

Alot of people here think Dragonforce is overrated.
I on the other hand, think not.
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You are doing it wrong.

To Demons&Wizards:

Progressive (Death) Metal.
Stop bashing Dragonforce.
They released 2 awesome albums!
The third one was ok, but less varied and weaker in songwriting...
But it DID had some good songs.
Does someone have the Symphony X LEAD and Rythm settings for me?
Dream Theater - Stream Of Consciousness (sp?).

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Edge of Sanity - Crimson

I'm surprised I'm the first person to say it.

Even through times when I felt lonely
Suddenly realized the blood red tears from my eyes
There was nothing much I could do
But watch you die

Time after time
Burnt your wings on the sun
Metal Icarus
Night after night
Upon forces unknown
Metal Icarus