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Ah i see, well they use other tunings on other albums...

And thats a great song
Thanks, happy Christmass everyone!
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oh no, Doom Metal thread on the third page

anyways, do you guys think if Graveyard Ensemble would be a good name for my doom/stoner/heavy metal project? The name isn't supposed to be taken too seriously, same with the lyrics actually, the lyrics (and the image) is gonna revolve around zombies, skeletons, witches, demons and other occult stuff like that, not all that depressive stuff that doom metal is usually associated with

I don't really mind the band name.
But i don't think the lyrics are gonna fit the genre..
Doom metal is about being doomed and being the only one left on earth.
Keep the zombies, demons and wizards aside.
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Most Dream Theater is standard, Racer X play in E and D for the most part, Symphony X, Ozzy, Iron Maiden, Cacophony, and obviously most of the early thrash bands.

That should keep you occupied for a few months at the very least .

Symphony X doesn't play in E...
I am so excited for this one, can't wait!
Angra - Wings Of Reality.

The Fall Of Every Season.
X Japan rules, they dont deserve kill!
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**** Legitimacy!

Alright, thanks guys.
Thanks for your reply.
But since i want to down tune my guitar to D standerd i would need to unlock the nut at my headstock?
But how do i unlock it?
I really apreciate your help, but this is just unknown for me.
And i can't find a video tutorial for it?
Hello UG,

So i just recieved my new Ibanez RG 1570 MRR, which is really really great.
But since i've never used a guitar like this (It's tuning is locked) so im clueless how to tune it.
Could someone post up a tutorial or something to help me out?
I don't really want to damage anything.

Thanks in advance.
Most of my favourite songs are over 10 minutes, BUT my absolute favourite is and will always be:

Edge Of Sanity - Crimson.
Planet Waves are perfect quality.
Edge Of Sanity

Mercyful Faith
Racer X
King Diamond
Well, i practised my tremolo picking with playing the intro riff of Rhapsody - Holy Thunderforce.
It's a great exercise riff.
I developed my technique this way and i'm quite fast.
Chuck Schuldiner.
Marty Friedman.
Yngwie Malmsteen.
Micheal Romeo.
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i just fund this guy on youtube
the solo is actually not sloppy
but in fact extremely good

does anyone else think he looks like alexi laiho if he were japanese

Dude, in what band is that guy?
I really enjoyed that!
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It sounds alot closer to metal than hardcore punk.......

People posted some myspace links somewhere earlier in this thread, which sounded quite punkish...

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Isn't Black Sabbath an evolution of Blues, therefore making it not metal? And therefore Doom not being metal?

Please, i didn't meant to offend people.
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Have you actually ever listened to grindcore?

Yes i did, but i disliked it due the lack of melody.
And i read somewhere that grindcore was an evolution of Hardcore Punk and had nothing to with metal.

I didn't meant to be annoying, chill out.
Why is this allowed in the metal forum?
I prefer Crab Juice.
I don't like this band..
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anal**** for sure.... or maybe goat*****, or death is pretty bad lol

Death is NOT a bad name...
I just swapped my Ubuntu for Windows, for some reasons.
I think i have this too. >.<
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That game is so ****in' hard!

Lol, that game is so easy. RPG n00b.

Hardest game i ever played is Ultima 1 - 3, old-school NES rpg. SO FRUSTRATING.
Do it, Mr. Ory?
3 Inches of Blood Falsetto > King Diamond Falsetto.
Spider-Pig, Spider-Pig.
Hello UG,

I've wrote a little humoristic metal song about the colour 'Black'.
It's infleunced by Dethklok
Don't take it too seriously, and enjoy.

Download Song


Do you get tired of all happy colours so bright?"
Do you want something else?
Something else to see?
Black makes me happy, i will refuse to see other.
Black, all i ever wanted.

Black is all what i see!

Thank you!, C4C?
I don't think that'll play comfortable
My favourite band, EVER.
Am i the only one who think Orchid is teh best album?

Haha, same.
I'll check them out.