I've pushed away everyone who's meant anything to me, even my damn parents won't talk to me. I really don't want this anymore, I can't take another day like this. Maddy im so so sorry, I never deserverd you

I've just come here to say thank you UG. You won't recognize me but these forums have made some of my days bareable, but it's not worth it anymore.
I just loose my patience and leave them alone. Ignorant people are just not worth your time
That site was a let down! Still not too sure why i clicked it...
Ok don't compare hammet and petrucci ever!!!

Buy really learn techniques to give you your own sound, then just improvise over a chord sequence and see what you come up with
My votes for F, god Sarahs got a little bit bitchy
He's just annoyed cause he's not the only one listening to them, so he's no longer 'individual' tell him to grow the hell up
Same as my avatar, the little piece of heaven picture
Myself - However 'emo' that may be its true. I just got to the point where iv'e realised that everything bad that happens to me is my own fault ah well *sigh*
I'm good for how long I've been playing, but overall I'm not that good really
Done countless times but still...

First i listened to stuff like slipknot cause i was a little hard year 5 :p

Then after a couple of years i got into punk rock eg bowling for soup and all that stuff

Then i went to more 'reggae rock' and hippie bands eg grateful dead and dispatch and O.A.R

And now iv'e come back round to metal, and pretty much like every genre of metal, though i still listen to the other stuff every now and then!
On the floor of my school, it has no marks and im pretty sure its hand made but its the best ive ever used
Im going with B!!! I wanna see some zombies fly!
I hate everyone!

The vicious cycle still remains!
Constant cluster ****, bloodstains!
Ignorance, you kill for God!
Expression not allowed!

You ****ed it up!
With your mother ****ing games!
Remember when I said
I was so ashamed?!
Well nothing has changed!
To all those who are doing physics a2!!!

I was just looking through the Advance notice Article (that pink sheet) on X-rays, i just have no ****ing idea what im supposed to be doing with it, or what section B is going to be on! Im so ****ing confused, if anyone could shed some light id be grateful!
Basically i need to get some new songs to practice for a music performance. Last time i play 'lost without you' by John Petrucci, so what im asking for is any other songs around that level of difficulty which are pretty much just long guitar solos...Cheers
Most of bullet for my valentines new stuff is in d standard, if thts the type of stuff your looking for
Ads are always relavant to what's in the article, so this is bound to happen occasionaly. Still funny though
My girlfriend smokes, it's not a massive deal for me but I'd still prefer it if she didn't smoke!
There's an acoustic version of no more eatin by plan b on YouTube. May be what your looking for
I don't quite no what I just saw....but I'm scared!
I prefer to think of fate, it makes things better and easier to take when I muck things up. But I do realize everythings your own choice
O yer and use loads of vibrato, it helps them ring out, and by lots I Mean string bending! Good luck!
Loads of distortion and then play scales with each note a pinch harmonic, that way you get accustomed to them on each string! Well that's what I did anyway
I can't ****ing take it anymore! Whatever it was I felt for you at the start is long ****ing gone. You really need to get out of this trend before you really **** things up for yourself. Way to ****ing go I really did used to think this had a ****ing chance. Guess I was just being ****ing stupid as always!!
well thats still more friends than ive ever had, you just need to get something thatll distract you, i for example just sit around writing songs all day, keeps me occupied!
People who dissmiss music they havnt given a chance, especially metal!!
When a band that people used to like, and that no one had really heard of suddenly become popular and so it makes that person who listened to them less 'individual' and that pisses them off. So they call all this new found success 'selling out', not just that they wrote a good song.

There we go, thats my little rant over
sounds like quite an interesting experiment to me, if done properly that is!
20, although over 18 still isn't something to brag about
only if your american, the month dosent go at the start (well in England anyway)
That UG must be running out of user names
Na sorry i dont have any actual recordings But ive been playing solidly for around 3 years now so that will give you some idea of my level hopefully.
How would we be writing this stuff?
I could do guitar (rhythm or lead or whatever) if your still looking
24 hours a day really, i never go anywhere without my ipod. Music makes everything so much better, keeps me calm!
Cause I screwed a girl and didn't tell them. One of them acctually said he was 'hurt'!! Was ****ing rediculous!
Infront of their family of course, maximum impact!