New price is $320 and the softshell case is free!
Selling my lightly used Ibanez RG420EG Spider Black solid-body electric. Bought it new in 2008, but Ibanez no longer makes this design so now's your chance to own a rare artifact of history. Asking $420 or best offer.

I played this thing in a few metal bands and escaped with only a few minor dings. Comes with the original whammy bar, a pair of strap locks, and the original Ibanez box. Add a used Spectraflex soft-shell case for $10.

~ V7 and V8 pickups SCREAM like new
~ Edge III tremolo is still firm and bombastic
~ Hardware is just as sturdy as when I bought it
~ However doesn't come with strings

A couple chips in the paint are shown in the pictures, as well as a small fretboard knick near the 2nd fret. The stuff by the neck strap button is duct tape residue. The only other issue is the bottom strap button is somewhat stripped from the body. I feel bad about it so that's why I'm throwing in the strap locks for free.

Large pics available on Reverb and craigslist:

If you're interested let me know in a post, or email me at
It should be the first song on my profile.
I'm not a huge fan of it, but I think it's alright. I have a few more songs that are a lot more raw and punk-influenced, but I haven't recorded the vocals yet. If anyone actually cares, I'm the one who does the screaming. Oh and if you somewhat like it, my band is the first X in my sig.
I don't know what it is, but pmtoday's most recent album In Media Res is so refreshing. Agree/disagree?
I have this razor scooter game for N64, and that monkey was definitely a character in it.
That guitar tomfoolery is just not my kind of taste, bud.
Lil' Scrappy
The Serpent Server - Impending Doom
Get the album, not just the song.
It's all about a cold pillow, my man.
Sorry for the late response, I've been on vacation.
Well what I essentially want to do is have the PadKontrol play the beats I have recorded when I press a pad. I tried MIDI mapping, but for some reason the padKontrol was working when I was assigning commands to different buttons.
You mentioned programming the beats in MIDI. What is this and how can I do it?
Well I have Ableton Live 8 Suite and now I'm trying to make my drum tracks into samples, then assigning them to different pads on the padKontrol. Will that even work?
I recently bought a Korg padKontrol thinking it could store sounds on the actual device, but I was mistaken. I made a few drum sequences in Acoustica BeatCraft, and all I want to do is have them play when I press a button on my padKontrol. The problem is, I have no idea how to do it and reading the manual didn't help me that much. So my questions are:
How do I program the padKontrol so it plays a sequence when I want it?
What program should I use for this?
Because they think it's original.
Dear Maria, Count Me In - All Time Low
Truck - The Octopus Project
Self explanatory.

Tastes Like Kevin Bacon - iwrestledabearonce
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Yeah, I figured my busted nose and pride could provide you guys some laughs. Thanks for the props though.

EDIT: OH, funny part. The funny part is after putting my pants on, sitting down, and talking it out with him life two intelligent gentlemen, he told me that he was very sorry for hitting me, told me he still liked me and thought of me as family, and gave me a hug (while I just kind of stood there like wtf) and shook my hand.

I don't think I would shake the hand of a previously naked man in any circumstance.
Punk - 24
Blues- 26
Metal - 24
Jazz - 29 Heal +2
Grunge - 0 Hurt -5 DEAD
Ska - 22
Emo - 0
Rap - 10
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i dont really need game. im a good guy, decent looking, and i dont act like an ass, and im not all awkward when i talk to woman. all you need is confidence and dont be a douche and youll be fine.

Yeah dude this is the way to go. Game is pretty much the same as not acting like a bottomhead.
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you dont have either deathcore or electronic, therefore i cant play

This man speaks the truth.
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From memory,

Between the Buried and Me x9
The Acacia Strain x4
The Number 12 Looks Like You x3
Pink Floyd x3
The Fall of Troy x2
Advent x2
Led Zeppelin x2
Despised Icon
The Faceless
Born of Osiris
The Black Dahlia Murder
The Dillinger Escape Plan
Portugal. The Man

I know there are a few more, but I can't recall right now. I've also got a Despised Icon hoodie with the gold foil DESPISED ICON on the front. I love that thing.

MustangMan, this is for you:

In Alcatraz 1962
The Acacia Strain
Sky Eats Airplane
As Blood Runs Black
Avenged Sevenfold
I don't wear the last 4 anymore though.
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TMZ is not a legitimate news source.
B-bu-but the internet never lies!
Yamaha's are really underrated in my opinion.
Here's what I have, and I love it. It has a really nice bright, crisp sound for chords or more melody-based stuff.
That meme is pretty "cool."
Waking The Cadaver is the closest band I know.
I got 148,079.
Oh, and this guy was on my dead list.
"1783 - Capability Brown, English landscape gardener"
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And don't forget to hotbox a tent.

Hell, hotbox as much as possible.

And surf a crapload.

And attempt to hotbox a surfboard.

Surfbox a hotboard.
It's my bag of chips, but I love how ridiculous they look.
I saw this band live that did moves like that for breakdowns, and I didn't know whether to laugh or just give the nearest person a handshake.

I would love this thread if it wasn't for TS being a tool and promoting his own thread.
I'll go again and put genres this time:

Texas In July - Metalcore/Hardcore

eatmewhileimhot! (Changed their name to Mister Owl) - Metal/Pop It's the Nevershoutnever's singer, Cristofer Drew's, side project.

Dr. Acula - Deathcore/Party

Once Nothing - Southern Metal (I know these guys have played Cornerstone for quite a few years; however, they broke up a few months ago just before this year's Cornerstone.)
Serious? I have one and I probably use like 10 bucks a month with a 5 dollar text plan and calls. Whatever floats your boat though. Did you want a phone for less than $50, or a phone/plan?
Dude, get a GoPhone. They are like $5 and you just load on the amount of money you want to use. I think it's 25 cents a minute and 20 cents a text, so it's not terrible. Plus you can get message packages and stuff for mega cheap.
Well I just found that amp for $150, so I don't think it's the greatest deal around.
Here's the links if you want them:

I would say try it out, and if you like it then just google some better deals.
By The End Of Tonight
This Will Destroy You
In Alcatraz 1962
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I think you'll find that she should be the one confined to the kitchen.

I always liked the word Hullabaloo.
Yeah you'll probably mic it regardless, so just stick with your 60 watt and you should be fine. I don't even think that a half stack could be heard well 50 yards away without a PA.