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from what iv seen so far, tomb of the mutilated by canibal corpse. you seen dawn of the black hearts by mayhem? not so much gory, but ****ed in the head.

wow that's a really good cover, although the tone when the second guitar comes in for the first time is a bit mad
man that's harsh, really sorry.
all the bits of the blues brother s were loads of people just suddenly burst into song

it's so funny
try out an ibanez S see what u think but personally i would go with the Schecter
yh i have had the same problem mate, i've been doing progressive death/black metal mixed with celtic folk music.

seriously just give loads of different types of music a try and see what works with your music
check out some the Line 6 stuff
Jump in the Fire is pretty difficult when you get to the second chorus
what is your favorite genre of music?
Pantera, Opeth, Metallica, Carcass, Emperor...

why does this genre of music appeal to you?
excellent musicianship and the sheer heaviness.

what first got you into heavy music?
Black Sabbath

what do you think of the current state of the music industry/mass media?
I think it's a right pile of shit.

what do you think specifically of today's mainstream/successful bands?
Again a right pile of shit.

describe your usual style of dress and why you dress this way
Black/blue jeans, T-shirt with some sort of band name on it and a black hoody.

if you were at a heavy metal concert and you saw a cowboy looking kind of guy or a total gangsta, what would be going through your mind?
Yeah they look like a bit of a gimp, but at least there in to decent music.

define poser

do you take pride in the music you listen to? this should be an obvious answer...
of course, i am a massive musical snob.

describe a typical concert experience for your favorite genre of music
pits, pits and more pits

what are your opinions on hardcore dancing? love it? hate it? why do it? if you hate it, tell us what you do in a mosh pit when you see someone doing it...
Hate it with a passion, coz the ppl who dance like that look like gimps.

and finally, the fun part

this is where you get to rant about mainstream music and what happens when music becomes commercialized this part doesn't really matter, but if you have something to say, then say it

almost all mainstream acts these days are utterly terrible they hardly know who to play there instruments, they learn about three chords and then pretend to be able to play. Thats absolute bullshit. Why are all the talented musicians not famous when all the terrible talentless ones are. It's not even that i have a problem with there type of music i just with that they would actually learn to write some proper well thought out music that doesn't get boring after the first minute. If some indie band actually had some well thought out songs, i may not like it but at least i would have respect for them.
personally i don't like FR trems, i used to have an Ibanez with a FR and it was terrable, i could never get it in tune, it took me ages to change a string, and if you do something wrong to it or not keep it in tiptop condition it'll ****ing rip your head off.

The only good thing is that you can get some insane noises from one, but in my eyes it's just not worth it
best guitars in the world FULL STOP
8/10 nice amp, good start

my gear:

Jackson dinky hardtail
Randall RG50TC 50 watt all tube combo
my names Luke, 16 years and live in scouseland
banned! coz i'm jst that kind o' guy
because many bass players just play the root note of any chord the other guitar is playing
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2NH4NO3 --------> 2N2 + O2 + 4H20

So, you're given 12.6 g of NH4NO3 and asked to find the g for each of the products.

N - 14 x 4 = 56gms
H - 4 x 2 = 8 gms
0 - 16 x 6 = 96 gms

160 gms


N - 14 x 2 = 28 gms
0 - 16 x 2 = 32 gms
H - 4 x 1 + 16 x 4= 64 gms

160 gms NH4NO3 = 32 GMS O2
12.6 GMS = X GMS

[ Unitary method ]

160/12.6 = 32/x

= 2.52 gms

160 gms NH4NO3 = 64 gms h20
12.6gms = x gms

160/12.6 = 64/x

= 5.04 gms

Is that correct???????????/

im a 14 year old indian by the way


why that is correct my little indian friend
write about the musical superiority to all other genres
lol this is why i luv the pit
cheap stuff init
i write death metal and it takes me a while as well. i think it's the with most death metal song writers. death metal has quite complex songs, lots of short notes, odd time sigs that sort of stuff.
Children of Bodom - Wrath Within
save up a bit more cash and get the Randall RG50TC, i have one and it's unbelievably good
Death to Jesus by Deicide
minor 9ths are a big thing in funk but apart from that it's more about phrasing and tone
neo-classical maybe...
I'm going to see Carcass play there last ever gig in Leeds
bands i've seen:

Megadeth, metallica, Slayer, Anthrax, Job for a cowboy, Deftones, Decaitated, Opeth, arch enemy, machine head, devildriver, 3 inches of blood, lamb of god, children of bodom, red hot chili peppers, James Brown, Evile, Hayseed Dixie, Black Label Society, Down, Municipal waste, Rage Against the machine +loads of other small bands.

bands i'm planning to see soon: Opeth, and Carcass's last EVER gig
rattle head-Megadeth
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Being out of tune never hurt the Rolling Stones.

they were out of tune coz they were 'trying to be cool' but no it's not ****ing cool it's just stupid, i hate guitarists that do that to give them sort of an 'edge' but no it just makes u look like a lazy twat and sound shit
thanks i'll check them out
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never ending supply of beer and and chicks lol

now thats my sort of world
i have recently become interested in orchestral music and i wondered if anyone could recommend me some modern orchestral stuff(i mean the really mad and musically complex stuff, lots of time changes and key changes and dissonance)

thanks in advance