Yeah I agree, go for the new amp, and then if you still aren't pleased after that then you can look at getting new pickups. I realize getting a new amp is expensive, but replacing the pickups will just be trying to sugar coat the amp quality.
The blues Pentatonic Scale. Also, SRV and the Black Crowes.
Idiocracy is the name of the game
No worrying, just floating, fleeting,
Of course and plan, there is no need,
Only simple Peculiarity.
I find teles are great. I've played my buddy's tele thru a fender blues deluxe and it was great. Awesome tone for country or blues, and through the right amp they can be great for rock too, so I'd recommend it.
Who can forget 300? That soundtrack is ep. Oh, and Lion King
To be honest, not a bad first effort, but a little overly sentimental and cliched. I think the oh's and the oh yeahs could be removed/replaced. Overall though, I'd say not worth of putting to music, but that's just me! If you like it, roll with it, and keep at the writing, because it'll keep getting better if you keep on trying.
Ok so I've got reaper and I downloaded mydrumset, now how do I open mydrumset in reaper? I've tried adding a virtual instrument, but mydrumset isn't on the list of plugins. I've tried opening it from the file location and then using reaper to open the file, but it says Cannot Open Media. So I'm stumped. what do I do?
Dragonforce are fast, and the singer has a pretty good range, but other than that, they have nothing going for them. Their "melodies" are virtually non-existent, and the constant sweeping of the same scales over and over just isn't very entertaining. Sure, they have talent and speed, but they aren't using it in the right way, in my opinion. I'd rather listen to a band like Rhapsody of Fire, because they have some pretty fast guitar, but are way more melodic than Dragonforce, and way more entertaining to listen to.
1: Tarja Turunen/Anette Olzon - Nightwish (only because I can't decide which of them I like better)
2: Christina Aguilera
plaid shorts are the shit.
The song is definately interesting, the first solo isnt so great,
but the second one was better. overall not bad at all
it sounds really cool. I'd like to hear it with the vocalist.
good work though!
I really like the guitar, but sorry dude, you're not the best vocalist.
Hendrix.. page is largely overrated, although hendrix was too. They're both great,
but Hendrix takes the cake.
Yeah I have limewire Pro, I used limewire to download it. its really good. I've had no problems and downloads go fast and great