Does anyone have any idea who's supporting MCR at their gig at Wembley Arena on the 30th of March? help would be appreciated
butch ( simply cos its really annoyin when people think they're funny by putting a guys name, so now your mom has a really manly name)
At least here are buses where you live

Dammit! I have homeowrk for tommorow
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P to the R to the A to the C to the T to the I to the C to the E.

Hear, hear dude what elser is tehre you can do to learn a song apart from practice it?
i prefer playstation to xbox but it is really really expensive. . .but have you seen some of the game trailers? they look freakin awesome! So PS3 all the wa"! When it gets cheaper that is
i got iced earth
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Guy #1: *slams on black people*
Guy #2: Hey, dont talk crap about black people. I've got black people in my family tree...and they're still hanging there

im not racist, i swear...

Did anyone hear that Michael Jackson died? Yeah, he ate some 12 year old nuts. lmfao

aww man that last one is gross. . . funny but gross
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I'd be a Lesbian.

me too
At least you have a neck, i don't its just a head sitting on top of a body

Dammit, the sky is yellow
probably stadium arcadium or black holes and revelations by muse. . .man did that album suck, i made teh mistake of buying uit, now im trying to flog it on ebay but noones buying cos its crap
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braces dont matter, not even while getting a blowjob, i dont think a girl uses her teeth while giving a blow job too often anyways.

ouch man, thatd hurt, ye anyway it doesnt change anything
ye dude that wont be good
at least u hands (plural) to begin with, i only have one

Dammit, i broke my amp
Quite mentally unbalanced ( no offense meant)
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well you wouldnt know that your being born again, considering your a completely different person. So technically even if your reborn, your orginal you's memories, feelings, and etc are gone forever.

i agree with this, you wouldn't remember anything froma past life would u?
All Billy Talent Songs
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Lets all have sex.

i second that, lets all have one big drunken orgy
umm i got wasted and attempted to acid drop of the roof of my house on my skateboard, hardly felt a thing till the next morning, it f***ing hurt
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lol, ye cos thts yr addy
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BUCKETHEAD!!!!!!! any one who can wear a bucket on there head and play guitar is badass.

lmao. i'd try it buy i'd get my head stuck
umm how about a town called hypocrisy by lostprophets, last time i checked there wasnt a tab for it here on UG
Star Wars Galaxies, i hear thats not bad
sorry about the double post btw
Holy s**t its Chuck Norris is what id say
Threadstarter i love your sig
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LMFAO, anybody else read that and just laugh their head off?

"oh, well sorry. I only wrote that because you were talking about snapping a girls neck repeatedly"

oh man, wow. Have no fear skateforcash, plenty of peeps love me, including you right? RIGHT?! NECK SNAPP!!!!

Yeah dude i love you im scared of having my neck snapped
Did anyone else go to the billy talent gig in southampton on thursday? It was freaking amazing! So ye post if you were there and say what you thought about it
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you stole my line

sorry dude
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I just want to be loved

Lol awww, sorrry i only wrote taht cos you wrote about snapping some girls neck repeatedly, i'm sure somebody loves you.
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Somehow I think this is fake.

If not, I'm probably going to Hell.

What kind of sick retard would make a fake thread about their friend dying of breast cancer?

But anyway im sorry to hear that man, thats really upsetting. I don't think there are many tips on how to get over the death of a close friend, it'll take time for it to properly sink in. My condolences man, to everyone who was affected by it.
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Jup. The proof.

my mate steves mum
im lead guitarist in a band. . .you'll get laid
Ian D'Sa from Billy talent. . .man his hair is so f***ing cool
lol, so ye dude jst ask if she wants to talk
If your talking to her, and shes upset, ask her if she wants to talk about it
dude if shes mature then go for it
If you gotta wait till march then id say yes, but tahts me