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Any of the none rgd or xl Ibanez sevens will do.

This. Maybe even a used Prestige
More than capable man. I have an Epiphone Les Paul Custom Pro (stock) and it does all sorts of metal fine.

I prefer the D-Activators in my ARZ307, but the Epi isn't really lacking in any way.
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So I have a J Custom RG, and I am tired of the floyd rose system and want to trade it in. I spoke to my local guitar store over the phone and they said they would sell the guitar for $899 if I brought it in, and thats if it was in mint condition.

Now, it is in very good condition, its two years old and not much wear on it. My question is, are they ripping me off? Or is this a fair depreciation for this guitar.

Guitar Center isn't ripping you off per se, but you have to remember that they're buying it to resell, not to add to their collection to play.

General rule of thumb with them is they'll typically give you about 1/3 the original price, assuming it's in near mint. You're better off selling to an actual person, as they will be buying it to actually use, not to resell. I can tell you right now without even knowing what model your J-Custom is that that price isn't enough, and they won't sell it for what they're telling you.

If you're not hard up for cash, throw it on Craigslist or something.
Really depends on your budget man. I can only assume you don't have upwards of $1500 to spend on a used AXE-FX. Your best bet would one of the POD HD's, or even an Eleven Rack.

You can get an HD Bean for like $200, or an Eleven Rack without pro tools for $350~
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Pure nonsense. You can get great cleans out of an HD500.

Eh. The cleans are alright in the HD series. After going to my Eleven Rack they started to sound...Flat? Thin maybe? You can get some really cool ambient stuff out of it to mask it though.

But yes, POD HD through power amp, a-ok.
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Well seems I can find the 500 used for about £250 compared to £429 for a new 500x......however I'm not sure I'm happy buying one used, seeing as if it dies, it dies, whereas an amp or guitar could be fixable. Should I worry about buying used?

I'd buy it used. Everything is fixable, it all depends on how much money you're willing to spend. I wouldn't buy it intending that it's going to break though.

I bought my old POD X3 used and it never gave me any problems if that helps. Like anything, I'd try it out first if at all possible.
If it's strictly FX, I'd definitely go the 500 route. I wouldn't be surprised if you could still find one new somewhere dirt cheap since the 500X is out.
Can you post a sound clip of it? Are you using the most updated ASIO drivers for your pod?
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Ha, I pretty much did what you're asking about. I had a Peavey 6505+ 112, and a slew of pedals to go with it (well, not a slew, more like 6), got a POD HD Desktop, and sold the amp and pedals.

The POD is cool and all, and it definitely made recording relatively easy and straight forward, AND it's modeling is a huge step up from the old POD Farm 2.0 stuff, but it still takes some effort to get a decent tone. That is if you're strictly using it as a modeler going straight into an interface, or as one.

Like everyone else stated I wouldn't go for a 500X, just get a 500/Desktop/Pro used. The X series just adds more DSP you probably won't use.

If you were looking for an amp replacement and just going full on modeling I'd look at an Eleven Rack as well. No one ever seems to talk about it. I just recently got mine and it was a decently sized step up from my POD HD Desktop.
.WAV files are always huge. Render your stuff as MP3's if you don't want ridiculously large files.

Are you using the UX2's ASIO drivers in Abelton? Whats your sample rate set at? Those are the only things I can think of without more info as to why maybe the sound quality isn't too good.
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Hi all, I'm not sure I want to get into recording at this point. Really what I'm looking to do is to be able to plug in the guitar and maybe mess around with some software on the PC and lightly tweak some sounds. Normally, I'm pretty ok with the presets, too.

I've done some reading and one way to go would seem to be something like the Focusrite 2i4 with Amplitude or Guitar Rig, etc. This would seem to be around $400, give or take the software you end up getting.

Another option would seem to be a POD HD, either the bean or the floorboard HD500? And I think you could go from the POD into your sound card and then have the sound some out the PC speakers? The software for tweaking, from what I can tell, would be free in this case? If the sound card is a bad idea, maybe just take the POD straight into some stupid monitors and use the software via USB?

Any other, possibly cheaper options I'm forgetting? I don't normally mind paying for software, but some of these amp emulation packages are pretty pricy. Again, no band or recording here. I just want to mess around with some new sounds to help me get back into playing.

Thanks in advance!

If you just want to test the waters first, all you need is a simple USB interface, like a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2, which is what I use. There are cheaper and simpler interfaces out there, the only other one I've tried is the peavey x-port, and it was pretty bad, but it was only $70.

Also, I'm pretty sure you can download free trials of all those amp sims like Pod Farm, Amplitude, etc.

Yes, the POD HD can be used as an interface, although I run mine through my scarlett >_> I think they only sell the HD500X and HD PRO X new these days though. Pretty sure you can get the bean version used for like $180.
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If you want a metal distortion pedal that destroys the universe, can definitely recommend the MXR Fullbore Metal. Massive setting possibilities, sounds really good imo, and also has a noise gate. Personally I prefer a sort of modern, heavy-as-**** sound with massive lows (which it does great), but while experimenting I got lots of results, at one point I swear it sounded like '80s Metallica.

I've had this pedal, and it was a bit much. Waaaay too much gain. I've always thought it best just to use a tube screamer or OD pedal of some sort to compliment whatever onboard distortion/lead channel your amp has.

It says there on the their website that you can have up to "128 user presets". I'm quite confident you can make your own presets from scratch. You just have to go down the list of existing presets until you get to a blank one. I know on my POD HD Desktop it starts around the 14A -14B etc area.

Once again though, there are severe limitations as to what you can put into each slot since you are using the 300.
The POD HD 300 is pretty limited man. You can make your own presets, but you're limited. Each slot only allows for certain effects, eg: slot 1 would only be distortions and overdrives, slot 2 is only for delay and reverb, etc.

You should be able to scroll down on the side there in POD HD Edit where the presets are and pick a blank slot to make a preset in. Again though, the 300 is very limited. Its not like your friend's Pro where you can choose any slot and put any effect any where you want.
Unless you want all those different I/O's for recording, than no. Most people don't, but of course I don't know what your recording situation is.

You can get the POD HD Desktop for $400, except it doesn't have an expression pedal, and it has a few less I/O's than the HD 500 and Pro. It should be noted that they just released the HD 500x which has more processing power and some fancier looking footswitches, so you should be able to get the regular 500 for cheaper.

Also, have you tried any of the POD HD's in person yet?
Haven't tried/owned the Eleven Rack, so I can't give my opinion on it. From the youtube videos I've seen though, it sounds pretty awesome and seems solid. It also helps that you can typically get one on ebay without protools for about $400.

Having owned a POD X3/used POD Farm and going to a POD HD Desktop was a huge jump, for me at least. The HD has alot more clarity, articulation, and response that the previous generation of PODs did not. Also they got rid of alot of the fizz that they were plagued with as well.

So I would definitely give the POD HD500 a try. Wish I could give you first hand experience on the Eleven Rack.
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^I'm going through the same decision making process. Haven't had a chance to play the 11 rack, but the HD's sound pretty great for the high gain stuff. A little bit of fizz on the high end, but not enough to be a dealbreaker imo. The feel still isn't quite there, but it's much better than the XT I have now (never played an X3 though, so not sure how that compares.) As you mentioned, the 11 rack is said to be better on the lower/mid gain stuff, but isn't great at the high gain tones.

The XT and the X3 are the same. X3 just looks fancier and has all the model packs on it stock. And the X3 has dual tones.

Yeah, I have the same issue with the POD HD as I do with the 11R. All the videos I see of people playing "metal" with it are using way too much gain, so I can't really judge. I have heard some pretty good stuff come out of it though.

I can't try either in person, as my guitar center never has any in stock. I'm really looking for the minimal fizz and a nice full sound. The X3 always sounded thin to me.
Hey everyone. Great thread, although it seems to be dead now.
I figured I'd ask this here.

Eleven Rack, or POD HD Pro?

I currently use a POD X3/POD Farm 2.5. Its okay, but it just can't seem to articulate chords very well in any sort of high gain situation, nor can i seem to get rid of its fizziness. I don't really care about effects too much outside of reverb, delay, and a tube screamer. I just want a great tone and minimal fizz, something that sounds and feels realistic.

Price isn't an issue, and i don't care about Pro Tools.

Everyone claims the 11r can't djent/do metal well either. All the videos I can find of people doing metal on it suck, though this just seems to be due to the fact that they're using waaaay too much gain. >_> It seems to sound the most realistic and full though.

Anywho, all opinions welcome.
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I don't have an Agile 7; but, I've heard they've been pretty solid. I think neck feel could be deal breaker, if you're picky with such.

TTT for others to comment.

Necks shouldn't be a problem. I'm used to playing Schecters and Gibsons/Epiphones, which seem to have relatively big, roundish necks when compared to say...Ibanez or something. So I'm not too picky on that end.

Also, I forgot to mention the paint job on the back of the Agile looked kind of thin, pretty sure I could see the wood through it on the back of the guitar in the picture listed on the site. If anyone could also vouch on Agile's paint jobs, that'd be rad as well.
Hey everyone.

I plan to finally delve into the world of seven strings soon, but I need some advice first.

I'm torn between two guitars:

An LTD EC 407 in snow white:

And an Agile Septor Elite 725 EB DNC White:

Both guitars essentially have what I'm looking for: seven strings (obviously), come in white (although I prefer the EC's flat finish), active pickups, fixed bridges, 25.5" scales, and mahogany bodies. Also, I prefer the Septor's plain fretboard, I have no bias towards ebony or rosewood.

The Agile realllllyyy intrigues me. I've done a ton of research, and it seems like everyone is torn on the Agile's. Quality control seems to be 50/50. You could get a dud, or you couldn't, its up to you to take the risk. I just can't warrant that kind of risk when dropping $800, even if I can return it. So, has anyone here had bad luck with Agile? Or good luck for that matter.

I'm also kind of leery of not being able to try it in person, but the Agile has everything I want, short of a flat/satin finish.

Thanks in advance.
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Just want to weigh in here

For this recording the guys in MMF used LePou amp sims for this
The LeCto amp sim
I got a similar sound to Mizell's production using the Le456 and Signals Audio God's Cab (1.4)
Just saying

I know alot of people/bands are utilizing amp sims and the such for demos/EPs/albums, but thats pretty neat if that MMF song was actually done with LePou stuff. Kind of hard to believe.
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It really depends on the amp sim you're using. Most (and by most, I mean all but one), get a rough sample of the EQ curves & such that try to model the real amp. I've recently been using Brainworx RockRack where they just went after 5 amps & made them as realistic as hell. Sure, there was a $250 price tag on it but its worth it.

As far as how far you can go with them, I think you can use amp sims in most any environment, even up to the professional level. With a good DI signal, it makes adding extra parts or changing sounds easy. Also, sims are getting to the point where even to people who do this professionally can't tell the difference.

I wouldn't invest in a POD HD, not worth the money to me. I've heard a lot of good things about the Axe FX system but there are a lot of things I could get with the $1500+ one of those costs. As far as expensive amps & micing those, you really need one or two different amps & a few good speaker cabs and you're good for most situations.

Yeah, I was kind of interested in the POD HD Pro because it seemed kind of like a poor man's Axe FX. From the videos I've seen it sounded quite good. I just wasn't sure if it was worth the $700 price tag.

I figured I'd be able to some how get the same tones via amp sims and cab impulses for a whole lot cheaper.
Hey everyone.

I've been lurking this board for quite sometime and I've learned a lot of stuff about recording thanks to you guys. I now have a fairly decent recording setup, although I am still terrible at mixing.

Anywho, for my recordings I use amp sims and other VSTs, as they seemed to be the general consensus here for those starting out with home recording, and they are relatively inexpensive and simple to use.

What I'm curious about is, what does everyone here use? How far can you go with amp sims? Would you eventually need to look into getting an effects unit like a Line 6 POD HD Pro or Axe FX II? Or maybe get some expensive amps and start micing them up?

I really like the ease of use and the amount of tuning you can do with amp sims and other VSTs and am just wondering how far others have gotten doing it. Wether they stopped and eventually went to rackmount effects or what.

Thanks for any responses.
Man, that guitar in the video sounded pretty awesome. If that's what you can pull off with it, I'm definitely going to have check it out.
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You proabably won't get an industry standard condensor for $150. A 57 or 58 would do the job fine and is the industry standard.

You've got the interface get a 57/58 for it to start out with be an improvement then the samson go.

The problem is I don't want to use a dynamic mic for recording vocals. As I understand it, a dynamic mic is usually ideal for recording instruments (guitar, drums, etc), but not vocals. For vocals (again, as I understand) a condenser is preferred.

Although a dynamic mic is the common choice for live applications.

I can budge on the price, although $150 would be ideal. Then again, maybe in that price range I'm better off sticking with the Samson Go mic (which is a condenser) until I can afford something a little more pricier than $150.

Any advice is welcome.
I was just about to make a thread asking this very question. My current setup is a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2, a bunch of amp sim VSTs, and a Samson Go Mic (USB) for vocals.

I'm curious about a condenser mic as well. I guess something comparable to the Shure SM57 in terms of what could be considered an industry standard. I'd be recording both harsh and clean vocals on it.

My budget would be around $150.

Sorry for sort of hijacking the thread haha.
I have the Scarlett 2i2 (the recordings on my profile are old and were NOT done with it) and I can attest that if you line a guitar directly in, and have it switched to the "instrument" mode, it will clip and have too much gain, no matter what setting you put the gain on.

But, if you switch it to the line mode it solves this problem. As far as I can tell, it doesn't affect (effect?) the audio quality in any negative way by doing this, and thus no pad is needed. I could post you a sound sample from my bedroom project, but I am not very good at mixing.
Zeus. Glad to see this thread is still going. Haven't posted in awhile, I hoped there was still some sort of paranormal/scary story thread.

Now its time to read through this thing.
Ah, sorry, forgot alot of people still don't have GP6.

Whenever I convert stuff down to GP5 I always get an error.
I haven't posted on UG in forever. I'd like some feedback on some stuff I've made recently.

I currently only play with one other person, but this stuff is all me. My knowledge of music theory only goes far enough to make my stuff semi-organized in guitar pro.

I'm not sure what genre I'd classify it as, but I guess metalcore.

Anyways, feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Do I need to improve? Does it even sound good, or like a jumbled mess? Thanks in advance.

Hopefully, this is the correct place to post this >_>
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I don't like being told by some ignorant scene kid that the guitar I'm playing has been setup professionally when the action on it is so low that it's unplayable. Have higher hiring standards than Guitar Center, pretty much.

Ha, this.

At the Guitar Center I worked at they hired anybody. Never tested their product knowledge or anything. Then they threw them to the wolves.

But try to carry a wide range of stuff like everyone else has already said. Boutique pedals and what have you.

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