if you played ds3, it is a slower ds3 but with less teleporting
given the track record of the show going off book script i think being very skeptical of any prequels is very deserved
i mean im also playing ffx through right now for the third or fourth time because i love all the characters except wakka despite how generic they are so there is also that
the witcher games are boring generic fantasy nonsense with bad combat mechanics
so going back to my enjoyment of basic bitch shounen, i have read all of AOT up until now and i still watch the show because it is brainless fun, and my god i love seeing all the reddit theories of people who only watch the show are coming up with
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I’m really diggin hunter x hunter

im curious how far into you are because i literally did not see what the deal was at all for the first like, 40 or so episodes.

granted i dd stick it out for those meh episodes because i am a sucker for basic bitch shounen shit.
I vote for ziggy because i feel like he owes me for being a small part of the happiest part of his life so now he needs to do some shit service.
phil fish is not a gross nazi he is just someone unprepared to deal with fame.

notch is a giant piece of skit.
notch is a gross nazi so good
horse meat is apparently super sweet because they store their glucose inside the muscle fibers so why would anyone be upset about being served horse meat anyway
also in my news i am very close to 107% hollow knight which is very close to complete completion which is a big accomplishment so congratulate me when i do it
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does Dirge Humani post here anymore

i need to know what to think of imperator: rome without having to do research myself

i havent done a lot of research into it myself but the 'hardcore' fans of pdx games hated everything they said during development which means it is probably more accessible than their older games.

also you can play as boi
these new ug profiles have fixed the css bug i have exploited for like 10 years and i am mildly annoyed about it
now if only i could remember my uplay login information.
elephants will have been secretly ferried across the narrow strait between essos and dorne and dorne will sweep all the other kingdoms.
i literally only have the final boss of the surge left and just cant find myself to complete it.
yeah whatever i dont know how this forum shit works anymore but buy dwarf fortress. if you dont you are a coward.
hi my complaint is that the bad css on my profile somehow still disables like 75% of the profile page like that shit needs to be sanitized man.
jakesmellspoo Yeah i've still been playing a ton there's a compressed texture mod that just released that helps the ram usage a ton
Link's Awakening is the first video game I have ever played on my older sister's original gameboy and i love that it is getting love from nintendo in a remake.
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Dirge Humani

Can’t watch, summarize for me

Nintendo is unhappy with how they have handled the project, they are completely scrapping it and bringing in Retro who made the first Prime games to help from scratch.
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oh i found my old post

huh, not actually shithead responses so i must be thinking of something else

probably asked something here and i responded


hi i started playing kenshi recently which means there might be more df style stories from me in the future.
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cranberries are an automatic -10/10

how can one man have such a wrong opinion
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True that. My language has evolved from faux-British to some really ugly NJ stuff and I love Wawa-sandwiches


also it is taylor ham and not pork roll and dont let anyone tell you fucking otherwise
sometimes i feel like the only person on earth that liked the modern bits in assassins creed
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I've just been informed that Joker movie is filming in NJ and looking for extras

here's Jake's big break, lads

gonna be famous

sorry bud but all of the horrible urban decay that makes a batman movie is in north jersey. and since you seem to think you live in central jersey, which doesn't exist, i don't think this is for you.
man when the fight against nergi clicks for you it is so satisfying.

also so is the greatsword and smashing it in the face over and over.
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yeah pretty much this

take a drive up to superior central Jer-Z

have fun in traffic

stop promoting a lie, central jersey does not exist. there is north jersey and hick jersey, which is everything below union county.
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hugh jack man

his name is huge jacked man thank you.
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I'm gonna work five weeks in Burlington, New Jersey, all expenses paid

Gonna have to load up on some quality games to bring to the hotel

I'm so sorry you have to go to south Jersey
I just got to high rank in MHW and man the final main story missions in these games are consistently so bad.

I want to hit things with my sword not spend 20 minutes shooting cannons at a thing.
ok you need to play mh in exclusive fullscreen mode. changing from borderless literally doubled my fps
monster hunter seems extremely hard on my system. luckily i am used to playing the old monster hunters so i dont care about low settings at all
The pit should just be forbidden from creating new thread honestly.
i wish you motherfuckers didnt tell me that there was a taylor swift cover of septermber
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there's an Abyss in Nioh?

i should really get back to it

yo dawg if you only played at launch each dlc added a different NG cycle so i think the max is ng+++++ and also the max gear level is like 350 +50
I have hit two separate walls in NioH and it is making me agitated I'm too weak to do NG+++ right now and I'm also stuck on a boss in the Abyss that would make me stronger and I'm frustrated.
i have recently discovered how cooking with msg makes anything you cook taste 10x better and i love it.
if youre not too drunk for church or too drunk to sing youre not american