no specific story sticks out but every time i go in there i see mexicans and white trash beating their kids in the cooking wear section. its always that section for some reason. i guess there are more things to hit your kids with there. idk.

my wal-mart might as well be a market in a 3rd world country.
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No I just like to have a good time. Also I do really like dinosaurs, and when I searched for the dinosaur group I couldn't find one... and I figured I can't be the only one here who is interested in dinosaurs, so I made a thread too.

Must I have a mental handicap to like dinosaurs???

you must have "mental handicap" to think that people (especially on ug) would take a dinosaur thread seriously.
I play bass for a small band in Dallas, Texas and my old amp wont cut it anymore. I need a good quality head and cabinet for my bass. I do not have too much cash to spend either so price must be reasonable. If you have one to sell ask me for my e-mail so we can work out a deal.
We are looking for a vocalist that can sing rock such as Blink 182, The Vines, Ramones and similar sounding bands. We are a mix of punk and hard rock styles. Since we formed not very long ago we currently have three original songs and are currently working on two more.

If you are interested ask me for my e-mail so we can get in touch.
we are looking for a vocalist that can sing harder rock such as blink 182, vines and things like that we make our own songs also, we are a punk/hard rock band.

If you want to join ask for my e-mail so we can get in touch.

I love my bass, in a weird sort of way.