I was looking at just getting a little line 6, maybe a roland cube, or a peavey vypyr. But if there's something better, please let me know. I'm not very knowledgeable on the smaller end of amps.
Sadly, since leaving my band 2 years ago, and moving, I sold my amp back home, and ended up selling my 212 combo here, so now I have been without an amp for the past 6 months, and I miss playing my electric.

So... To the question. What would be a good practice amp on the cheap for like heavier metal (almost djent, but I know that's not super feasible on a 15-30 watt amp).

I feel like if I actually get a new amp, I can get back into playing, and hopefully not forget everything I've learned in my past 6 years of playing.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I'm hoping to keep it under $100, but I can go up to $150.

It would be awesome if I could get at least a 75 watt, but for this price range, I'd really be happy with a 15-30 watt that sounds good, rather than a crappy amp that is louder.

Thanks UG!
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I actually love the sound of Blackouts in an LP shape. Was perfect for me, but i play more of a heavy rock/metal influenced style. I think the Blackouts would work fine for what you're doing. Just curious, what amp are you playing through?

Right now, I'm selling my amp (a crappy Crate GLX212) but am saving up. Hopefully going to get a 6505 or better yet a 6505+ at some point, but that may not be until next year. In the mean time, I was just going to be practicing/recording on a friends power amp and possibly his axefx if I can get my hands on it...

But otherwise it will be run through a 6505+ at any shows it will be used at.

And I'm thinking I may go with the D Activator in the 3010 slim. Sounds like an awesome combo to me! Anyone disagree?
I love ESP guitars, but yes, I was looking at the slim neck. Much easier for me to play on.
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high output passives. i have a emg set in one of my guitars and i can honestly say they aren't that good when you compare them to actual quality produced passives.

So... Dimarzio X2N or Super 3? Or SD Distortion Mayhems or Invaders?

I liked the invaders when I played on them before but haven't tried any of the DiMarzios or the Mayhems.
Okay then, what pickups should I be interested in putting in? I have always had EMG 81-85s in my guitars, but I would like to try something new. So any suggestions?
Have one already. Looking to get a nice backup guitar that I can use every once in a while for a different style.
Looking into getting either the Agile AL2000 or the 3010. Leaning towards the 3010, but going to upgrade the pickups either way. I was thinking about going with the SD Blackouts, but I'm not sure if there would be something better.

Basically, my question is: would it be better to buy the 2000 and use the money to upgrade the pickups or buy the 3010 and save up some more to buy them. On top of that, what pickups would be best (EMG 81-85, Blackouts, Invaders, some DiMarzio pickups...)

My style is heavy metal. Along the lines of Structures, Whitechapel, After The Burial style.

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B-52 LG 100 Stealth Series. Can find some on Ebay for $200 bucks. They are pretty decent for the price.

I was looking at B-52. I used to play basically all southern rock and metal and these were perfect for it. Never committed to buying one though. I just wasn't sure if they would work for other styles all that well. I was looking at the B-52 ST100 before because there was one here and I loved the AT100s.
Around $300 (give or take $50).

Play on an Ibanez RGA7QM 7-string and an ESP 360.

Live in Western Michigan.

Going for a Structures/After The Burial sort of tone.

More than happy to go the used route, just not sure what to be looking for.

Would be used for full band practice and small/medium gigs.
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That's the way to make friends and get advice.

A budget is good to know so we can point you in a direction that you may not have considered without you having to say, "Woah. Way too much money." Used/New is good because it drastically alters what you can get in a given budget; and location is good simply because of Craigslist.

I do understand this. I've looked around. Browsed craigslist, and have done my research. I simply have not tried out a few of these and wanted opinions on whether or not they are even an option.
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You might get some version of the Line 6 POD. Animals as Leaders used a POD 500 on their first album. Not gonna lie, I think the tone on that album sucks, but you can probably get a decent djent tone out of it without dishing out $3000 for an Axe-FX.

I've been looking at it for a while. A friend installed the software on my computer but I have not been completely sure as to how I would use this playing an actual show and not just recording.
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Well, dick, seeing as I gave options, I don't need a budget, gave a style, doesn't matter if it's new or used because I AM THE ONE BUYING and therefore know the cost so obviously they are around the same price, don't need city because it doesn't matter WHATSOEVER.

Before running you're mouth and linking to threads to make me seem like a "noob" maybe you should think it through.

I am using it for medium sized gigs and practice with a full band.
Using an ESP 360 and saving up to get the Ibanez S420.
Peavey XXL, Spider III HD 75 or the 150, B-52 LG100 or LS100, Crate GX1200 or 900 or GT3500.

Want to get as close to a Djent sound as possible before pedals, so any help would be awesome.

Looking to get a Volumes/For The Fallen Dreams/Structures type sound.
I mean, the head is basically only like $50-$60 then because the cab comes with it. Worst case scenario, I sell the head to someone a little more expensive and keep the cab (even to just use for when we have parties as a louder speaker, haha).
Well I plan on using it for rhythm patterns in a band, where I will be, and another (much more technical player) will be playing technical leads over them.
I was just thinking $150 for the half stack wasn't a bad price. At least to slide by for a while.
No, called them djent, just trying to give a somewhat similar style so people could compare.
Found a half stack here for $150, and before running out to get it, I wanted to ask the wise UG community if it would have a decent sound for djent style music? I used to just use a Line 6 Spider IV, but sold that, and haven't played much in a while, so would this be better than that, or at least anywhere near? It wasn't great before, but it handled alright.

right now I can afford about $600 but I can save up another $400. I don't need this amp right now I can wait a few months.
Okay, what I think I'm gonna save up for is the B-52 AT-100 100W Tube Guitar Amp with Tri Mode Rectifier with an Avatar G212 Vintage Custom Cabinet. Sound good to everyone?
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I dont think you fully understand how loud 100 watts is man.
Imagine putting your ear right against the bass drum cover whilst someone is using it. Thats how loud a 100 watt amp is, except it's poluting 100% of the air around you, and making your heart syncopate beats with palm mutes.

I know how loud 100 watts is. I wasn't asking about that. I was asking about what cab would be suited for it.
I also see the B-52 LS100 and LS412A Half Stack which seems okay but its a solid state.
Im looking at the B-52 AT-100 100W Tube Guitar Amp with Tri Mode Rectifier
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well it's just the head so what cab would go well with it?
I want to try to get a tone similar to Maylene and the Sons of Disaster, but there is no way I can afford a Bogner so I'm looking for something a little different.
I was looking at this amp in the guitar center catalog and it was something I just had to find out about.

It's the Raven RG100H and RG412 Half Stack and the price is at $500 so it was kinda an eye opener.

Can a halfstack for this price actually be worth something? I know it's a new brand as well, so it's not going to be overly expensive but still.

My question is, has anybody tried one of these, and if you have how is it and is it loud enough to play some medium sized venues?

There is also the Randall RX120RH and RX412 Half Stack.

I forgot to mention that I play in a hardcore southern rock band, so I need something that can cut through everything else but still have a crunchy sound and harmonics.
i have an ESP EX 260. its the hardware in the pickup that went out. its not picking up the sound quite right anymore. it just cuts distortion.
my guitar decided that the neck pup is gonna start to die so im gonna get a new set cuz they kinda suck right now.

i play a lot of heavy stuff and im in a hardcore southern band so i need something beefy with the lows but still pick up the harmonics and has nice sustain.

I was orginally looking at either blackouts or emg 81/85s. i do want active pickups though.

any opinions or reccomendations would be greatly oppreciated as im sort of lost.
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Blackouts are probably best if you don't need cleans and you end up getting the Windsor. They won't make a good difference in your current amp, so don't expect miracles or come back whining about how your tone still isn't good.

at this point i will be getting the windsor. hes ordering the krank next week. as long as he gets it the amp is mine.

i just need a little change.