Can anyone recommend some tips? Would you use mainly your thumb and index for lead licks? Or alternate index and middle for faster licks? I'd like to know in more detail how Krieger finger picks
I'm just starting to learn how to play with a slide and I'm in open E tuning what are some scales most commonly used while playing slide in this tuning? a blues scale, minor, major, or a pentatonic? I'm just trying to use one scale as I start off and just write some licks with the notes in that key. I'm not used to open tunings so I hit a lot of wrong notes.
I think a nice rake into a bend with a vibrato sounds great. To mute the strings for a rake would you use your left or right hand (assuming you're right handed)? If you're gonna bend on the high E how would you rake before it ? Thanks
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Unless you have pics to show that there really is something wrong, have you considered your technique being the issue?

I'm positive that this issue is not due to an inability in my pull off technique. Many other guitarists I play with have played the guitar and told me that there was an issue. I'm just curious as to what's causing it.
My high E falls off the neck with very little force at all, mainly when I'm pulling off from a fret to open. you can hear it buzz very prominently but the man at the shop insists its just the guitar and normal among certain ones. I have played many guitars and mostly they don't have this issue. is this normal?
we're working on vocals and taking group lessons at the moment.

any thoughts ?
I know this was posted a couple days ago, but I didn't want to start a whole new thread. I love the cleans on the Fender Blues Jr III but do you guys think a blues Drive pedal would boost me a sufficient enough amount gain (not too much is required) for some general psychedelic rock songs?
I am currently using a Valveking 212 combo, and I've been thinking it's time for me to go in a new direction with tone.
For the live shows I played, this amp was never really turned up past half way, so there's a lot of power I'm not using.

My band experiments with all types of genres: blues-rock, psychedelic rock, jazz, and even some progressive rock.

Would this be a good amp for around this price range? I've played one at a local store and I loved it, but I'm just wondering what some of your opinions are.

And also, for genres that we may experiment with and get just a tad bit heavier ( a little more gain), would there be any nice pedals to add to my set up? I already use a Boss Blues Driver pedal and a Sonic stomp.

My jazz band is doing a solo selection that includes a variation of basic 12 bar blues in Bb. I am playing a solo over it and I'm still in the process of experimenting with different cool things to do but I don't have too much knowledge when it comes to different types of scales.
I was wondering if anyone could suggest some scales to try over this progression

Bb7 / / / Eb7 / / / Bb7 / / / Bb7 / / / Eb7 / / / Eb7 / / / Bb7 / / / G7 / / / Cm7 / / / / F7 / / /
Bb7 / / G7 / / Cm7 / / F7 / /
Okay so I have a quick question about my last trip on LSD.. I tripped a few nights ago, going going from Dec 30 to 31st and he took two 2 hits. They were roughly estimated by people to be about 150 mics a hit. This was my second time tripping lucy and my first time I only took a hit of some non-potent acid and only felt slightly weird.

This time I was with my band, who were also tripping, but they took four hits. We were in a very comfortable environment and very safe in my friend's room which is filled with psychedelic lasers, great posters, tapestries, etc. At first I thought I should have taken 3 but I dosed at 11 and by 12:30 I started to really feel the effects. My bandmate Jim looked like a cartoon on his bed and everything felt somewhat like a cartoon. I started to feel like I literally hear colors as crazy as it seems, my senses seemed like ****ed up. I started getting minor auditory hallucinations.

My other friend Chris was not tripping and I seemed to resort to him a lot during the night with questions and shit. I remember I was talking, and I knew what I was saying was really weird but I couldn't stop talking or help what I was saying. We listened to Sgt. Pepper's by The Beatles, and I am a big Beatle's fan. According to my friend I was asking him who George Harrison and The Beatles were.. I don't remember much of the music I listened to unfortunately. Until later on when I was coming down and I listened to Disraeli Gears, Axis: Bold as Love, and King Crimson's debut...

But we smoked about a quarter of my friend's O he picked up. sometime during the night I had an ego death. I was looking at my friend's and thinking crazy thoughts. The fact that I had a life blew me away and the fact that we were all people seemed just so insane. We went downstairs and everything that was white just really popped out at me, the cabinets and everything. I kept asking odd questions like, "We're people?" I also kept asking my friend "Did I do something wrong?" "Do i have to be worried" and "am I all good?"
he said I looked like I was having not so great a time, but I had a great night.

What I'm getting to, is do you think if I take some again I'll ever be able to actually listen to the music I love and recognize it? Is that not normal for me?
I recently bought a new Gibson SG Standard from a local shop. The guitar sounds great but when I am on the bridge pickup it will cause bad high pitched feedback unless I use my fingers to stop the strings. I know that that's not really hard to do to stop the feedback but I was wondering if that's normal or not. If the strings are untouched it causes the feedback horribly.
Thanks a lot for talking to me man, I've had a rough night and day and thought some pretty crazy things even after I came down..
the cop scenario just sucks even more because I was literally retardedly high when he talked to me..

I def smoked too much, I had weird thoughts and thought i was in the most random places. I purposely made myself think i was in random places because i knew my mind would fall for it i dont know how stupid that sounds but its true.
is it normal to have such bad short term memory that it literally causes you to trip like me and to make your vision almost blurred and laggy?
Thanks a lot guys I appreciate the advice honestly I had a pretty messed up night.

and by lagging i mean, short term memory was completely gone, which maybe my vision appear to be lagging because i didnt remember how i got there or anything.
its not that i didnt enjoy it- up until the cop i loved it

but i just dont feel like anyone gets that ridicuosly messed up. but then again, my vision changing and how i perceive things, that's how I know i'm high. so if that means I'm super stoned, what do you guys (normal smokers) feel usually when you're just normally stoned? sorry if i sound stupid haha
I need someone to talk to right now, crazy night last night. I also lost my gf of 3 years and nearly went insane :/

So I've been smoking for a while now. This was maybe smoke number 20 in my life last night. Well, I got baked. Sooo baked. HORRIBLE night. And my friends ditched me, long story short.
I'm 16 and I got pulled over by a cop at 12 am. So high I couldn't speak straight. Had my bowl filled with residue on me. Let's just say this- traumatizing. If anyone wants to know any details on this I'd be glad to tell them. I thought I was going to wake up from some messed up nightmare. It's horrible when you can't even speak straight.

My question- are my highs normal? I got FCKED up. (pardon my mouth) and I mean, trashed. I smoked the most. The stuff was called train wreck and I smoke maybe 10 really nice hits. I'm not a complete beginner, but my high was actually trippy. Now- I'm not complaining. I loved it, it was great. I'm just wondering if it was normal. It wasn't laced so let's take that out of the question right now.

So how did I feel? Wrecked. my friend goes (who didnt nearly smoke as much), "dude this kids got lagging, i never get that, only 1 time have a gotten that." and now, I get lagging every time I smoke.. that's what I thought being high was. Just my lag this time was insane.

PLEASE read this part if anything. This is what happened. My vision changed basically- everything was just different, not describable. I could only remember things for about 2 seconds then I'd forget where I was even. I didn't really say anything, I was just zoned out. People spoke to me, I couldn't comprehend it completely, and I spoke slower. People tell me they think faster and better when high- mine's the opposite. I felt like the sidewalks were never ending (I know, normal feeling) and it was just crazy. I was never aware of my surroundings. My vision was so different in a way. I just couldn't think straight at all. I was having the craziest thoughts that I can't even describe.. like insane thoughts, making myself pretend like I'm in some abnormal situation. I was def relaxed with a nice body buzz. but everything lagged. Like my vision, my thoughts, everything. I literally felt in another world. The cop caught me and I couldn't even tell him some basic facts.

The perfect way to describe this, it felt like a dream. Honestly EXACTLY how a dream feels. I was not aware of my surroundings at all, and when I was, I just perceived them in the weirdest way!

I feel like no one else feels like I do, and even when they're super stoned they don't get this messed up. they seem to be able to act straight and be relaxed. I'm always relaxed when baked, i'm just so out of it. I compare it to when I wake up during my sleep and I'm disoriented, that's how I think when high. I try to act straight, but I just can't.

Are any of these effects normal whatsoever? please tell me this is normal to feel when super stoned. Now, i felt AMAZING before i got busted. it was just traumatizing. But the lagging I guess is pretty rare, but thats how i always am when high. opinions please? thank you
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RCA for turntable to receiver. There should be an RCA cable with a ground wire that comes with the turntable. If not you'll need to get one. Hopefully your receiver has a phono input which supports a grounded RCA cable, if not you will probably get some nasty static. From there you need speaker cable to attach your speakers to the receiver.

Thanks man

So would it be possible to just hook my iPod up to the receiver and play it from the speakers too?
I ordered a turntable, two speakers, and a receiver. How do these all hook up with each other, what to what? And what cords do I need?
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From what I heard, your voice seems to miss a couple of notes. There's nothing wrong with the tone but again try to sing the notes to pitch. What I do to improve on this is to play a note on my guitar and try to sing it. Try doing that and see if both the notes on guitar and your voice match right away. If it takes you a second to get your voice to match then work on it.

Also work on transitioning from note to note, like sliding on a guitar. More specifically the "dead of night" part.

Thanks for the response and advice I will practice that tonight!

Now it seems like I'm singing different from yesterday even. I recorded and wrote an original yesterday and took a snippet out.

Now, this is bad. I can tell I'm hitting the notes, but this just songs different in general from how I sing the first video. I feel like I either sing, softly almost and calm or, yelling in pitch almost (I feel like both videos represent these two ways.)

Is there a reason why I sing the first video a lot better?
It just stinks that I suck at singing. I write my own songs and I love just picking up an acoustic and playing. I just can't sing well at all, and I'm trying to learn a bit first before I think about lessons or anything. It seems like I can hit a few notes, but I just don't hit them well. I mean, my voice just sounds bad. I can't really tell why, I've been practicing for weeks, and I have seen an improvement, but I've kind of gotten stumped here.

Don't remind I'm not the best, I know. I'm just looking for help please.
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You have to adjust the spring tension. Unscrew the nut, put all the fine tuners at halfway, then tune and adjust tension as needed.

If you aren't even willing to do something as small as that, then maybe Floyd Rose isn't for you.

Yeah, maybe. Sorry I'm just new and I usually screw shit up a lot :/
But after I tune, do I adjust spring tension then, before I relock the nut? and then tune again? Or what? Sorry for stupid questions
Okay so I'm in standard right now, but the fine tuners are all almost all the way loosened. Is there any way to get the back to halfway in, stay in standard, and not f*ck with spring tension?? Because if I put them halfway again, unlock, and tune, the bridge won't be parallel.
So I'm finally getting the hang of things with my floyd
Only one question, is it normal to have to tune the strings a lot when you get new ones? Because I just got new strings and after a while my fine tuners may get to the point where you cant screw or unscrew anymore, so I unlock, reset them, then retune a few times. Is this just the strings stretching effect?
This is going to be closed or moved I know... but I need some more songs
so far we have
Pat Benetar - Heartbreaker ;D
Bob Seger - Old time Rock n Roll

Any suggestions for more songs like this?
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First re-tune it (set the fine tuners, unlock nut, retune, lock nut etc.)

Then whammy some. It'll probably all go sharp again. When it does, push the bard down and then release and see if it's not in tune again. If it is, then either you need to lube your knife edges, or they're dull, but it's probably not either of those.

Just loosen the springs a touch, it sounds like your bridge is just slightly off-balanced, and is going sharp because the springs are pulling a little to much.

So, my guitar got to the point where every string was a tad too *low. And I couldn't tighten the fine tuners anymore. I've borrowed some of my friends' guitars with floyds before and this has never happened.

So I set the fine tuners about halfway in, unlocked the nut, tuned, re locked the nut, almost fine tuned but guess what I noticed? Oh joy the bridge isn't parallel
I had to go back to the store twice because I messed up the floyd on my ESP LTD twice somehow. Now this was perfectly in tune yesterday but then all the strings raised slightly sharp. I used the fine tuners to get them back to normal pitch and now a few can't reach that with the fine tuners. I guess my question is, is this normal. Is it because of new strings? A problem I could have caused? And should it work fine if I set the fine tuners back halfway, unlock tune, relock, and then fine tune? Because last time I did that the bridge wasn't parallel anymore..
Agh I can't figure this out and it's really bugging me. My ear sucks and I was wondering if anyone knows if John is doing the high or low harmony on this?
I got a new guitar with a floyd and when I realized every song I was playing too was off tune on my part, I realized the guitar was in tune but every string was slightly sharp. So I messed around with the locking nut and fine tunes and spring tensions and messed it up too much Now my bridge is messed up and it needs to be tightened, but the spring tension shouldn't go any tighter; I'll strip the strings.
What should I do? I'm going to bring it into the shop but I'm wondering if there's anything I can do to fix it.
I have my Les Paul and I'm getting an ESP LTD MH with a floyd. I'm debating on whether to keep the ESP in Drop C or Standard and use the Les Paul for the other. Yes I know it's all personal preference but I'm asking for what you guys think

is it that challenging to get into drop C from standard with a floyd? Can't you just unlock, tune until it's good, lock it and then adjust the springs? And how can you tell if a fine tuner is in the middle?
Quote by biga29
Yes, but barely. After you do it a couple times you'll just be able to do it with ease.

I don't know what to adjust or how to do so
... So I even have to adjust the springs to lower the E to a D for drop D..?
With a floyd.. can't you just unscrew the three keys on top, tune, screw them back in, and then fine tune? Or is this wrong to do? I'm confused..
What would work better for harder metals and deathcore?
A Schecter C-1 or the BC I posted?
I literally play all types of metal and various types of rock, which is really vague, I know. I just need something that'll cover stuff from deathcore to older metal.
I was thinking of one of these, it's the only BC I like, but I'm unsure.

What do you think?
All right so I rest my hand on the bridge when I play and for some reason on the Strat it's not working out too well.. It leaves actual marks in my hand and just makes it uncomfortable to play.. this is just with palm muting also. Is this normal?

And is it just from that specific bridge? Like if I played this guitar
would I have an issue?
Does anyone know if it can be hooked up directly from what it says on the specs?
^ Instead of quoting you guys and everyone, thanks a shit load

anytime I'm learning something and someone tells me 'this how it is,' I always need an actual answer to how it works, and it's really annoying to the people answering so I appreciate the patience

see I was just confused with the -2 ^2
I did the 2 ^2 = 4, and then used the (-) to make it a -4. Yes, it's technically 2 * -2 but that's not the actual work you do to solve it, correct? I mean, like I said, I used order of operations; squared it and then multiplied by -1.
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This is important and not doing so can cause a lot of confusion. Trust us engineering students who are going through calculus and engineering courses; when it comes to large equations, or even small ones, clarity and proper grouping etc. will prevent a lot of needless problems.

(-2)^2 is not the same as -2^2

(-2)^2 is negative two squared

-2^2 more clearly written as -(2)^2 or -(2^2) is two squared times negative one

if x=-2

x^2 = (-2)^2 = 4
x^2 =/= -2^2

-2 ^2 means squaring two and then making that answer opposite right?
God damn this is confusing me so much and it's so damn simple

okay so if the x is -2

and x ^2

(-2) ^2
-2 ^2

are BOTH putting that -2 in for X yet they have two different answers... -4 and 4.... **** this