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This thread has been done to death.

On topic, I still haven't gotten mine. And I'm 18.

S.W.A.T isnt too bad.
I agree on the Disturbed one, it destroys the song.
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I think it was rhetorical - he wasn't seriously advocating at.

I hope so.

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I think it's fair to say that yes, he is. Or 11.

Oh god.
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Also i think the UN are stupid having "laws" regarding war. surely every soldieer that kills should then be given life sentence?

Are you fucking stupid???
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2. The "Ultimate potato Peeler" It was essentially a rubber glove with tiny rocks glued to it. You put it on and "stroke" the potato

ha aha ha ha

My mum has a pair of those.

Use a circuit breaker and you'll be fine.
I had a similar situation with my mum and sister. They don't see why you need more than one guitar. They think that one is enough and will last throughout your playing life, they don't understand the need to upgrade your gear.
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A man walks into a bar, and asks the barman for a double entendre. He got one.

So he gave him one!!!

Much better punchline.

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What's the difference between Jade Goody and a moped?

A moped can make it past 30.


Wiggy I love you!!!
I'm gona be original and go for:

It's the End of the World as We Know it (And I Feel Fine) - R.E.M.

And I've just realised UG has adjusted it's times to account for DST xD
Same with you TS, specially on Everybody Hurts.
Or any other of their songs for that matter, can't beat a good up tempo political song to lift your mood when you feel like shit.
Contact the network provider???? That would have been the first thing I would have done.
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It's at the end of Watchmen.

I notcied that.

To be honest, although I haven't heard the original I don't think MCR's version is that bad.
Don't shave your pubes in the first place???
The whole of United 93, I cried all the way through it. And I never cry at films.
No, the tree falling creates vibration, not sound. With no-one around to hear it then it makes no sound.
I would say yes basically for what you have said TS, for my friends, family etc. but when I think deeper into it I start to doubt that. Basically what COBGage said.

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What do we want?

A girl worth fighting fooor!

*cookie to whoever gets the reference.*

Bastard, I wanted to use that.
You will not find a better war movie than SPV, although many come close.

We Were Soldiers
Enemy at the Gates
Full Metal Jacket.

I wouldn't bother with Platoon, I found it a slight dissapointment. Band of Brothers is a TV series, not a movie.
God man that's great!!! Beest thing I've seen in a long while.
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I like eyes, but I feel like that's a little clichéd, and to be honest, I like a cute nose.
People think I'm weird for it, but a nice nose completes a face, for me.

I'm with you on that, I've often found noses cute.
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Isn't the current theory at 293?

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Women only had 2 holes

I used to think that too until someone kindly enlightened me.
Oh god, I hate these threads sooo much. Not only do we get several of these, 666 is NOT the devil's number, it has no significance whatsoever.

I'm going to cardiff this weekend. Seeing as it's the capital city there should be a load to do there.
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So how's it going? Still thinking of the military?

Visit my profile, I don't want to threadjack, I got banned for that once.
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Yeah. Not much interesting threads lately.

Yea, I kinda agree.
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My future kids will be nothing but some gooey **** splattered all over the floor.

I haven't seen you in the Pit in a while.
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I have no intention of raising kids.

Neither do I.

I might have a little kitten instead.
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You dont NEED an HD im usin my PS3 on a non HD TV right now

Dude, the quality is so much better on a HD tv. You would be stupid not to play it on a HD tv.
McDonalds, mainly cause they hired me and I get discounts off food
Well, this is the 18th year on the trot that I'll be alone for Valentine's day. So I'll be celebrating my dad's birthday instead.
Irony - using the opposite of what you mean to express a point. It's rather tricky to explain so it's best just to use examples, as one guy gave earlier, wading through flood waters carrying an unbrella.

Sarcasm is using irony to insult someone.

TS, I think it's time you invested in a dictionary, a good one.
Ass all the way
Jimi wins hands down.

By the way TS, I love your screen name.
This reminds me of that guy who had his cat stolen.
Argh, mentos and coke fountain is pathetic, seriously:

That's much cooler.
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fun fact: 90% of statistics are made up


Statistics show that every 9 out of 10 people believe that statistics are incorrect.
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What about ambudextrises?

I don't know.