I don't want to rejoin, but why the removal of your piece JazzDeath? I remember it being the most complete piece we had so far.
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I thought this would be a real track, not some guitar pro project.
Record this with a full band please.

I hope you're trolling. You do realize this sub forum is for tabs. Recordings go in recordings.

I will leave a crit up tomorrow, it's late now.
It took me one second, thank god for FIOS internet .

But I really like this a lot. I can see this being mixed in and creating some neoclassical metal, but I think slam would be a bit too far D:. I'm not really into this kind of stuff, so all I can say is that I like it, I can't really provide a detailed crit.

I also like how it sounds in MP3, perhaps I have been too quick to judge the power of GP6.
I agree with MattAnderson111, the technicality feels forced, which is something I hate more than prune juice, but other than that, it's not bad. What I didn't understand were the weird harmonizations, but I guess that's just part of the "technical" aspect you were going for. Really, it's not bad, it's just been done too many times before.
Um... where is this song you speak of? I have come all this way and I have found nothing. I'm going home .
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What I love is the lack of ambition. He's plagiarising music not for any real personal gain, just to get four or five people to say they quite liked it.

Wow, this guy isn't a normal troll, he is an INSECURE TROLL
Haha, you know what I just realized? On the thread where we did the big Forum Album Collaboration, he kept requesting to get in and posted some of his "work". (post #47)

He just copied the tab of "Lord Gold Throneroom".

But it appears he has been banned anyway, but I can't believe how long this has been going on, and NOBODY noticed until now.
Here is another song he posted before he removed it:
Are you sure? Please provide some examples. I'm not really the biggest fan of HORSE, I only know a few songs. As far as I can tell he is just heavily influenced by them.


Hmm, well I did notice a few threads he had started before have disappeared.


HOLY SHIT! You're right! One song he posted called "Singularity" is actually their song "Murder". :|



Also, on this thread he titled "Polyerizing Art" (, he posted a file called "ARRIVE", which is HORSE the Band's "Arrive".
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He probably didn't like the bad crits he got, so he reposted it hopefully to get better ones.

Another case solved, Detective Ometh!

But really OP that isn't a good idea. If you really just wanted to post an updated version tag in onto the original attachments or to another post in the thread, not delete the first one and post a whole new thread.
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You bastard

That's what I thought at first. What an unfortunate name for something that Ometh finds funny.
Dammit, once I get my hard drive fixed I will post the symphonic -core monstrosity that I called a song many years back
Probably sits at home and doesn't do many things that would qualify as "extreme"

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I played it once.

All I remember is shooting at a townsperson, them repeatedly killing me, and me ragequitting because of the terrible HUD and controls.

i need to give it another try.

Ehhh it's not for everyone. The controls are a bit off at first but you get used to them and they are consistent throughout the series. And yeah the A.I. is pretty aggressive. Call of Pripyat is probably the easiest to get into if you want to try the series out, but whatever you do, DO NOT start with Clear Sky. I loved it, but it is PUNISHING.
qɐuuǝp qǝɔɐnsǝ qnʇ ɔɐu ʎon ɹǝɐp qoʇɥ ndsıpǝ poʍu ɐup ɹǝʌǝɹsǝp ʇǝxʇ¿
Anyone here play S.T.A.L.K.E.R.?
˙uʍop ǝpısdn pɐǝɹ ʇ,uɐɔ noʎ ǝsnɐɔǝq pǝuuɐq
Banned because of all the quotes in your sig mentioning that you are an 11'er.

You are an 11'er.
Banned because these are getting less and less clever.


Can you get me some waffles?

A bath in iodine-131 a day keeps the doctor away.

No but seriously the only thing I hate more than dumb people with stupid ideas are dumb people that fiercely defend their stupid ideas.
Isn't Norway the most livable country in the world? Or at least in the top 3?

And this still happens?

Such begins my downward slope into complete misanthropy.
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I'm from Russia and i think this is hilarious

Same here. Take joke, comrade! Don't be little beech.
Holy **** Ometh you made my MIDI driver kill itself near the end of that bit.
Please make this a bonus track or something

Come on!

Well, I can't compete with that.

Will leave a proper crit tomorrow hopefully.
Mass Effect reference?

Not really much I can say about this, just seems like a collection of ideas. Definitely something I would like to see recorded. Good work.
Never mind I'm a bit busy, go right ahead.
Them tritones are ****ing br00t4lz.

No, but really there isn't really much I can say about this song. It's pretty solid (besides the drumming), it's just boring and extremely generic. There is nothing special about breakdowns, they all sound the same and it's about time to stop concentrating on them in writing music.
The AAL influence is definitely present throughout the song, especially in Track 1's part. Bar 1 started the song off well. The choice of an 11/8 rhythm threw me off at first, but it works well, and gives the song a nice uneven feeling. I like the use of 7ths thrown in to the first part of the bar, which in fact is present throughout the majority of the song. The slides do well in accenting certain parts, but sound a bit off at times, but I think that's just Guitar Pro. I really like how at about halfway through bar 1 the song jumps up to much higher notes than the first half, which contributes to the overall feel of the song. The drum track was pretty solid, and worked well with the odd time signature. I especially like the ghost notes for the snare, which too contribute to the whole AAL feel of the song. The song got repetitive at about bar 2, I don't think it was a good idea to repeat that part of the song. The drums did their best to break up the repetitiveness, but I still couldn't shake the feeling that it was just a repeat of bar 1 for the most part. Then the song got to bar 3, and the sudden change to 9/8 was a bit of a shock, but once again it works well. Bar 3 strays a bit away from the use of 7ths, but still sounds consistent. The drums are a bit less creative than the first 2 bars, but still sound good under the 9/8 rhythm. Then, once again, the song gets repetitive at bar 4, though the drums do help vary bar 4 from the previous bar. Then, the whole song repeats, which takes the repetitiveness I mentioned before and escalates it to a whole new level. Not only that, but I believe the 9/8 didn't transition well into 11/8. I think changing bar 4 the 11/8 and adding a few extra things at the end will help break up the repetitiveness and transition the song back into bar one. I will add an example of what I'm talking about. Overall, I like how it sounds, but I think there could be something done to make the song a little bit less repetitive.


And you said it couldn't be done.
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I'm sorry . I will now go back to crying and writing music with my mere hands. I do not possess that extraordinary ability.
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I took way too long to do this

How did you manage get the new iwrestledabearonce album?
I find FL Studio much easier for electronic music, but I only use Cubase to actually record. I find it the easiest to instantly record and use inserts.
Hmmm. I did remove it once and upload it again because I forgot to do something. I tried reuploading it again. See if it works.
I guess that makes sense.
Yeah, I have a knack for overcomplicating things. And I used to play in C-Standard, so I tuned my 7-string the same 2 steps down. I actually tried to record some stuff through my interface and it sounds pretty nice actually at least in my opinion (I don't like to use a lot of bass in my guitars when I record them). Yeah, I guess there was no real "emotion", I was going for more theme and atmosphere. I can see where you are coming from and really appreciate any advice you can give. This is what constructive crits are about.
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Lol @ Punny song title.

I dun get it .

I like the fade in into, though for some reason I can better imagine it as a 7/8 riff without the extra 11 at the end.

Anyway, the verse is pretty cool, but I don't see how the vocals will work. As someone else already mentioned, the whole 7-4 idea is pretty generic, among other ideas in the song, but it works pretty well. The chorus is pretty neat, with the remixed intro riff and all, though I don't get the clean rhythm guitar. The "next part of the song" has some nice chord progression. 83 is a pretty nice ending, but I don't feel like it progresses enough. The second guitar is added but then nothing really changes after that.

Anyway, it's a bit generic at some parts, but there are some nice ideas going through the majority of the song. It works well and sounds like something I would actually listen to in my down time.
Crit up in a sec guitar_jew.

And I'm glad you like it Burning_Angel . Though if you can leave an actual crit of why you "love" it so much that'll really help me out.
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If you mean the thing that starts at bar 20, I think it fits pretty well.

I meant for the Sumerian Records part.
Thanks for the crits so far!

Yeah, Sumerian was probably the most problematic. I think Extra 2's first part is poorly synced with the guitar, I thought it was kind of cool at first, but now it sounds really bad. Yeah, I think it sounds pretty messy at the end as well. I'll try to see what I can do there before I move on.

I also think it was a bad idea now to not sync up the kicks entirely with the guitars .

Well I haven't posted anything for about 6 months now. Here it is:

A 1:30 long snippet of a (hopefully) long and epic song I'm working on. Don't really know how to describe it. I like it so far (and I find it hard for my work to impress me), but I feel that it kind of lacks polish and the transitions are kind of weird. I just want to get some opinions on it before I start working on it again. As for influences, I would say Born of Osiris (especially The Discovery), and I can't really think of anything else. It kind of has some djenty bits in it. It also somewhat reminds me of post-hardcore. So I'll now claim the genre of "postdjent".

Please be brutally honest, I want this to be perfect when I finish it.

C4C as always.