Oh my god it's been so long since I was on here. So surprised to see some familiar posters. Wow. Going through my old posts makes me feel so... I don't know. It's weird. I've came so far. And done so much. This shits crazy. Anyways, how you doin DT? Mental_Zer0 its been a while, youre the poster I remember the most. Still at Ball State?
Hi. I'm trying to chop up samples on Reason 5, using the Kong drum pad and I'm having a bit of a problem. I know how to chop, I know how to move it to different pads and all that. My problem is, I chopped a sample up, loaded the piece to pad one, and when I go to play it, it'll play.

Where the problem starts is I try to hit the pad again to start the sample back over. Except its still playing from the first time I hit it and just plays again over top of that. Sorry if thats worded weird, I don't know how to explain it very well. I hope someone can help me.

Basically, sample plays - try to restart sample - sample keeps playing and then plays the again over top of the one already playing. How do I get it to just restart? Not overlap.

Thanks for the help guys.
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I know of at least 2 other Indiana DTers. Haven't seen one of them for a while though.

Could you possibly be speaking of me? I know of a couple Indiana DTers as well.
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I'm getting a half strip soon, and need to know how to store it so it doesn't lose potency. I can't store it in my freezer because of my parents, but my room is abnormally hot so I was thinking in my shirt drawer because it feels kinda cool in there, plus its dark in there most of the time. Where is the point it gets to hot and starts to lose potency?

Wrap it in aluminum foil, place inside tupperware container, put somewhere dark and cool. Should last a while. Anything above like 75 and you're pushing it on heat. Any type of light for a long(er) period of time is going to break it down.
Got a legit lucy vendor. PM me for details.

This ain't no cotton pickin free for all either, I'm only giving it out to people I've talked to on here before.

And yes, it's real.
Got some 'cid the other day, 170 ug per blotter. Ate 2, tripped bawls for like 13 hours. It was awesome. Alex Grey/Ganesh blotter, pretty popular from what I read.
So, I ate some shrooms today with a couple friends. Had a great trip. Really depressed afterwards, I can't describe it. The comedown made me horribly depressed though. I just feel like shit.
Yea I guess you guys are right. It would be stupid to try and hide it I suppose. This should be interesting..
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Like you said, if you lied and she found out, there would be war. Just tell the truth, it's never as bad as people think.

I just feel like she would completely ignore me and it would be the end of any chance I had with her.
So, I met a girl recently. She's awesome, everything I like in a girl, she has. The thing is, her dads a preacher and she's into it 100%.

Now, I'm not the religious type, at all. That's where the problem is.

She wants me to start coming to church with her and I don't know what to do. On one hand, it'd help me get into the position I want to be in. On the other, I don't want to go against MY thoughts on religion. Plus, if she found out, I would look like a total jackass.

So my question is... is it wrong for me to continue this and go to church and fake all of it?
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Hello sexy man beast!

How have you been?! Have you posted in this DT yet? You need to post more often!!!


I've been alright, moving alot but finally settled down. How have you been sirrrrr? I do need to post more often and yea this is my first post in this DT. I guess I just lurk, like all the time. I'm that awkward kid that just watches hahahaha

Tell me the chorus doesn't make you wanna pick up a girl and blow down and drink it up. Greaaaatttt song.
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damn, that's a lot of weed


My thoughts exactly when I read that. I had to re-read it a few times and I'm still like ....wut? lol.
So DT I just got outta jail today. Did 3 days for a failure to appear on a minor consumption. Got diverted though, so its not on my record. Anyways, jail blows.

Edit: ^^^^ I had the clap once, gave me antibiotics and I felt like shit everytime I took them. Made me nauseous and felt sick just like you describe.
I want some of what you got.
Netgear Wireless G Router. I think I spent 50$ on it and I haven't had one problem with it. It's upstairs in my house, 4 people use it and it's fast everywhere in the house.

Oh yea, I got it from Walmart. Check their site.

Edit: 40 bucks.
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I didn't say you asking for help was wrong (it's a VERY smart thing to do when it comes to putting a drug in your body). I'm saying that our help shouldn't just consist of "get weed instead." Morphine is up there with oxycontin and heroin. It's not something to just mess around with. I just want to make sure you understood how powerful those types of drugs are.

Just because other people are doing it doesn't make it right. Some kids your age are already alcoholics or on coke already. It's sad to see.


That is very true. I also didn't just want to say "don't do it." There needs to be reasons and such and then the rest is up to her to decide in which case hopefully she makes the decision that's best for her (which it seems like she will).

It's like sex to my brain to interpret the words with the flow. Old School and Fuc# The World are my 2 other favorite songs of that cd.

Yea, I give mine to So Many Tears and Temptations. Temptations still beats any sex song out today when it comes to general sexiness and flow of the song.

Yea I understand what you're saying about the opiates though. I'm not very good at giving advice about taking drugs at a young age. By 15 I was knee deep in pills and shit. And to be absolutely open about my drug use, about 2 months ago I tried shooting up for the first time. The first time I did it, it was meth. Absolutely crazy. Scared me so bad that I'll NEVER do that again. Wasn't even a good buzz. Second time through like the 10th time was heroin, and lemme tell ya... omg. It felt amazing to say the least, but the whole process of cooking and shooting is just too much for me and had me feeling horrible about myself. Haven't done it since and don't plan on doing it again.
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No one has mentioned the fact a 15 year-old shouldn't get in to fuc#ing oxycontin lol. Reminds me of early deHollister (sp?).

Eh, I really can't say anything. I was heavy into opiates by 15 and still managed to pass all my classes and the ISTEP on 40 mg of hydrocodone. Like any other drug, it can be used responsibly. I understand she's 15, but I really can't see her deciding not to take it because we told her not to.

Edit4yerEdit: Yea, I've been a huge tupac fan for a few years now. But I really never listened to me against the world cause I didn't like the beat or something. Then I heard that last verse and was like ".....Damn". It just blew me away.
Oh, hai DT. Hows everyone on this day of love?

Edit: ^^^^^ Listen to Me Against the World by Tupac, been stuck on it for a few days now. The last verse, I honestly think, is some of the greatest lyrics ever spit.
Sounds like a crazy situation.
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Learn 2 Skype, bro.

Slink man, I'm smoking a blunt, this situation has me freaked.
I just got 3 calls from the number "666". The first two I ignored cause I was freaked out then I answered the third. Had the weirdest music playing, very creepy music and no talking whatsoever so I hung up. Anyone know if this is an easy prank for someone to pull or am I about to meet Satan?
Yaaaayy, funny dogs!

Someone figure this song out.
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Pills...pfft. Y'all need more psychs in your life.

Agreed. Been tryin to get RCs but my site decided to stop selling them. BS! Hopefully some shrooms start comin around.
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Alright guys, found myself some nodders lying around, some Darvocet. Only problem is they seem a couple years expired. How dangerous is it to take them?

Ehh, I don't know if they would be harmful perse, but Darvocets suck anyways. Definitely not somethin you can nod off of.
I don't know if anyone here would be interested, but I have Demonoid invitation codes. PM me for one if you want.

I don't know if you guys have seen this yet, but oh. my. god. SO ****IN FUNNY. The original video is just as good but the song is ****in hilarious.
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That doesn't make sense. Anyone (over 21, of course) can grow it. Learn to grow good weed, and you'll have great quality.


Read through the whole bill before making statements on it. It really is a well thought out bill and seems like it'll have the same regulations as alcohol.
Number 1) I don't know, I like em, I know SOME are bad, and thats fine, I'm willing to cope with whatever effects they have on me because I am choosing to do them, for whatever reason.

Weed Question: I smoke because it makes me feel better overall. Its not like I sit down and smoke 6 blunts a day. My weed smoking is like 3 times a week, and even then its only maybe a joint or two. I think it feels good; I think its something to do to relax and calm down a bit from my hectic day.

Alcohol, eh, I'm not gonna even answer any of these. I can't answer when I don't really know. Yea, alcoholism as a lifestyle is definitely not good for you in anyway. Drinking occasionally, eh, I can't see the harm in it. I drink about once a week, and I vary on how much I drink. Some nights I can go through 10-15 beers and still be fine, other nights I keep it low with a few beers and just relax.
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That's a nice song

I am doing well man. Jazz Adixx radio on is playing right now...just relaxing

How about you man?

Good, just got off work a little bit ago, waitin for a female to come over with some dank. Gonna smoke, listen to some more Bone Thugs, hopefully get my peter wet and go to sleep.

Probably one of my top 5 favorite songs to smoke too.

How ya doin DT?
thank ya thank ya. idk how much ill be here though, i work alot, 45 hours a week
ive been good, homeless for a while, drug induced haha. now im back at it, just got my own place, workin and stuff

Ol' school shit to bump with females when smokin. Works everytime.
lots of new folks, i havent been here in FOREVER.
I haven't had dial up for at least 6 years. My uncle can only get dial up where he lives; I'm over there a lot.

Dial up sucks.
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I wish America would follow suit.

Decriminalizing coke would be sweet.
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Louisiana, dickwad.

Ok, dickwad. At least I'm not in the pit asking for advice for something that doesn't even involve me in anyway. There's a ton of Lafayettes, maybe you should have specified in the OP.