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The fact that none of you mentioned Youtube baffles me.

The YouTube App is packaged into the OS. You can't not get it.
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anyone else?

He looks more like Gerard Butler IMO.
Pretty much any USB mic will work. I highly doubt any non-USB mic will.
Jeans, Converse and a Serious Sam shirt - my usual lazy costume.
I'll be going to the pub, should be fun.
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A guy in my guilds ventrilo in WoW did "In a world" better then Don, it was nuts.

I'm filled with disbelief and jealousy.
Don LaFontaine
(The epic movie trailer voiceover guy)
His nicknames include "Thunder Throat" and "The Voice of God".
Preparation + Oppertunity?
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You people realize that the means sarcasm, right?

I thought I was the only one who picked up on it...
I hope to God these people aren't seriously correcting the grammar in the thread title...
The occasional off-note, but it was pretty good nonetheless. With a bit of professional coaching you should be able to get it to a damn good standard.
I couldn't beat him with an array of videogame characters. He got:
- Serious Sam
- Jack (Bioshock)
- Ray McColl (Call of Juarez)
- Elliot Salem (Army of Two)
- Frank West (Dead Rising)
- Michael J Caboose (Red vs Blue)

You win this round Akinator...

EDIT: I too tried to get Kensai, but just burst out laughing when he asked "Has your character been accused of being a paedophile?"
I clicked Yes, obviously.
Don't Stop Believin'
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...As we fought to get the worm down, it broke into pieces, making it easier...

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I can tell you right away that you should re-record:
some parts are out of tune, like at 0:38 and 1:03 and some parts have some timing issues.
also, I'd add a rythym guitar to the track, because it sounds a little empty, IMO.

it's an okay track, but compare it to this one

hear how there are zero timing and out-of-tune issues on that track? try to get it perfect in that respect. I don't ask for pro quality recording, but the playing should be 100% in tune and on time.
You can do it.

Okie-doke, if I get time I'll redo it, that's a pretty old version so it'll be nice to give it another go.
Thanks for the input.
After 10 minutes of (less than) furious editing I removed all unoriginal content from mine, and now submitted it.

Anyone eager to listen can find it on my profile, just ignore the sample from the original at the beginning.
Damn, I have a guitar version of the Tetris music, but it uses the original music as an intro, so it's not allowed

EDIT: Imma try re-doing it without the sample from the original.
i.e., I'm signing up for the Tetris theme.
My Uni uses the Unreal Editor as part of the 2D Graphics unit, so UT2004 is installed on every computer.
Heck yes.
Here's what I've conjoured up so far, sorta fast Rise Against-style punk.

(Untitled Song1)-pcQ-ccQ-ccQ-ccQ-acC-adf-ade-aag-gag-gag-gag-gaa-gaa-gaa-gaa-ecB-aaf-gaf-gaf-gaf-gae-acA-aag-gag-gag-gag-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-s,cW-cdI-ceu-ceu-ccW-cdI-ceu-ceu-gcW-cdI-ceu-ceu-ccW-cdI-ceu-ceu-sdl-cdX-ceJ-cpm-cdb-cdN-cez-cez-cdb-cdN-cez-cez-gcW-cdI-ceu-ceu-ccW-cdI-ceu-ceu-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-o,-pck-ccK-cdk-eda-a!!-cce-ccE-cde-cde-cce-ccE-cde-cde-cce-ccE-cde-cde-cce-ccE-cde-cde-cce-ccE-cde-cde-cce-ccE-cde-cde-gce-ccE-cde-cde-cce-ccE-cde-cde-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-o,-pkv-ckZ-ceJ-jpmnG-cnR-cmg-cmn-cnG-cnR-cmg-cpm-AeL-cpo-cdb-cdN-cez-cez-cdb-cdN-cez-cez-gnG-cnR-cmg-cmn-cnG-cnR-cmg-cpm-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-o

That's the point where I decided I really liked where it was going, and began composing in GP5 instead of POM2 :P
It is awesome, but the BGM annoys me...

"I am the ice cream man, running over kids in my minivan..."
Been stuck in my head for days now...
I've always been fascinated by these contraptions, but never motivated enough to try my hand at it.
Best of luck, I'm rather jealous that you get to do this!
I do, and to think that nobody in the world does is f*cking retarded.
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People see hundreds of thousands of things every day. If we were to remember and store all of this information, we'd never remember anything important, our heads would just be full of irrelevant shit. So our brains only remember the things it considers important. If you were to see a white butterfly in the middle of the night, chances are you'd be like "oh" but forget about it very quickly. If you heard somewhere once maybe that it was attributed to death in the family and you saw it after you someone you knew had died you'd think it was incredible.

It also links with the Baader-Meinhof "Phenomenon", which claims that the likeness of any two events happening are much more likely than we are willing to believe. The chances of seeing this butterfly and having a family member die are probably much higher in reality than we're willing to believe. Same as if you hear about something and then the very next day someone else brings up the same subject and you think it's a very strange coincidence. In reality, a hundred topics had been brought up that week, but you only chose to focus on the one that had occurred twice. It's got to happen eventually. So basically, coincidence yes.

You could be looking for patterns, or only becoming aware of/remembering rare occurrences due to the tragic events.
The FOTB blogs are a good read.
I was going to complain about today being rather "meh" but then I heard that one of my mates' parents split up today, so I can't really complain.
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Guess the song:

[269] = Chords

bvb vcxzXz
jhj fg Hd
pop oiuyAy

Y 0 w P A u
[259] uD

Tocatta and Fugue?

a couple of snippets here:

Zelda Theme:

Tetris Theme:
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This is pretty cool. Here's a nice one. Press CTRL first to turn sustain on.

6 0 r t 4 8 q w 1 5 8 0 5 9 w e (repeat ad infinitum for epic song)

9 Crimes? Epic indeed.
Yeah, nobody's supposed to enjoy it, it was a very effective method of building up Makarov as the antagonist. Besides, you didn't have to shoot a single civilian, only the police at the end.

And if anyone's really outraged about it, then they should've hit the skip level option...
Job For A Cowboy (Unfortunately)
Reel Big Fish
Suburban Legends
Random Hand
Faith No More
Dream Theater
The Prodigy
Def Leppard
Bloc Party

Think that's it../
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I personally don't plan on seeing it, there are much better looking movies coming out.

I didn't plan on seeing it initially, but I was dragged along by a friend who had tickets to the actual show.
I went to see the aforementioned film today and was quite impressed.
What did everyone else think?

I was a little disappointed that there was very little footage of how the show would look when finished, (no costumes, props etc) but that's to be expected since he... er... yeah.

You make it sound like a chore, Guitar's something to enjoy, just take it slowly, don't aim too high, and don't beat yourself up if you can't nail everything first time.
[quote="'[x"]Huffy[x]']"The Batman soundtrack"

Cookie for whoever gets the reference.

Shaun of the Dead?

OT, I'd have to say the original Pokémon theme.
Anything with Hans Moleman.
He never fails to make me laugh
Was it Bill and Ted? :P

OT, no they don't. AI barely advanced enough to create a system that can hold a conversation, let alone have a conscience...