Hey guys, a quick question, Does anyone know if theres a difference in pickguards between the standard, custom, traditional as far as size, screw hole positions and pick-up placement...or are they all the same. Thanks y'all.
Sorry for the d l post butt his guitar im looking at is the classic model as apposed to the traditional or standard model
Looking at a gibson 2012 les paul that im interested in buying used For $1900.00 Can anyone tell me if this is a good price for that model? Also where does this model sit compared to the Traditional and standard models of the gibsons??? Thanks.
Moving On

Im not gonna let you , waste my time
im moving on
Im leaving you, far behind
tomorrow im gone

were never gonna win this war
when were on opposite sides
the only thing that i know for sure
is what happens, when opposites collide.

You had a look, in your eyes
that looks long gone
lost somewhere to the sands of time
like a forgotten song

you cant prepare for days like this
just take the punches and roll
what started as a single kiss
now ends with us hurting and alone... alone.

it didnt have to end this way
it just feels, feels all wrong
i take comfort theres no blame
just two kids, moving on
moving on.

repeat 4th stanza.
the first 3 lines are killer, id work on the next 2 lines though the y dont seem to belong the " screaming in the dark line is great too, its an ok piece, the 2nd n 4th stanza doesnt have as smooth of flow but i guess its how im reading it,

i also agree with hippieboy..the 3rd stanza should be changed around...and make the last 3 lines there your first three. pretty good.
------------------------.......................A New Dawn......................----------------------------

Im wasting away like a pencil drawing fades
from the rain into nothingness
Like a proud beam of light whos star burnt out many light years ago
but it just doesnt know
Like a sea shell abandoned left alone now and stranded
in the sand waiting for the tides
Like the child whos afraid praying for the light of day
in the middle of the night

Its gonna be alright,Its gonna be OK
Theres a new dawn rising and good things are comin my way
Its gonna be alright,Its gonna be OK
Its gonna be just fine cuz this worlds yours and mine
and I think Ill stay, come on lets play
wow, a great read and had me looking forward to the next line...nice work.
im liking this, "a book of things I want to tell" is probly my fav line......maybe change the word "things" maybe..."truths, tales "...something other than things and why didnt you use that line in the 2nd Chorus?...just curious...a pretty good tune though.
Theres alot of wishing going on here, the 3rd stanza doesnt quite feel right but a great last line.
this is kind of long and is in desperate need of a ray of light, some sort of hope, very last stnza, losing sleep,losing your mind,love is lost ,"till the next time...." theres your ray of light cuz you know there will be a next time.
Im sure this makes a pretty good punk song' the part "Through gritted teeth" may work better if you switch it up,n turn it around like, "... your an idiot, this music in your heads , to floor you hypocrites..." sumthing like that....nice effort though.
Just wondering if anyone knows when the Zeppelin reunion show that was played last yr will be coming out, I chk'd out the "2009 most anticipated releases" blog but didnt see it.
i think hea great,I know hes worshipped for his earlier stuff but i really dig tunnel of love.
I hear strats are the best for a nice clean sound.
Quote by #1 synth

simple but very heartfelt.nicely done.
not toobad, reminds me of the 80's metal, Dio comes to mind, "speak of the devil and you wont hear a sound" is a great line, just wondering why thats not in the chorus, nice job though.
this was pretty good,you got me feeling the hurt and betrayal, nice job the last 4 lines are kill'r.
Wow , the 1st 3 lines are great, i think "their" is the word you want to use in some places, if not my bad.Not sure why you use "stood on a curb" rather than "stand" but that line is great too. nice poem.
I think the first two stanzas were great, usually rhyming a word with itself,in this case "matter" doesnt really work well but in this case the wording had it fit well.

Ithink incite me would be a better word to use than excite me but the next 2 lines having brightly and unsightly didnt seem to go well.As for the last stanza, too many "tions "for my liking. Over all the flow was nice and my fav stanza is definately the 2nd...nice ....I just put up a tune called "Go Away"...appreciate a crit...
This has a kinda bluesy feel to it......c 4 c.

Go Away

I dont give a damn
about none of your future plans,ya
and i dont really care
if i come home and your not there

so take your clothes and your bags (and go away)
thanks for the good times we had(now just go away)
girl I cant forget you,but atleast let me try to...

Tuesdays gone with the wind
think that its time for a new begin'ng
maybe we can be friends
but that depends how fast you r at getting

so grab your coat and your hat(and go away)
thanks for the good times we had(now just go away)
girl I cant forget you,but atleast let me try to...

when two hearts grow apart and theres noone to blame
you can try to restart but its never the same...

so take your clothes and your bags(and go away)
thanks for the good times we had(now just go away)
girl I cant forget youbut atleast let me try to...
Quote by one vision
Where did you order them?

Sounds interesting.

i was trying not to say the name cuz i wasnt sure if its allowed but since you asked, go to brossard theres all kinds there. They are very comfortable to hold once you get use to them and id imagine last forever,the few people i know that play and play far better than i, like em and offered me a few bucks for 1.
ya, my bad ,Its not Ivory,just some kind of bone i believe.
I ordered some picks from a guitar mag awhile ago and have recently started to use them and am having mixed feelings about them. They are different kinds made of ivory,ebony,rosewood among others and i was wondreing if any experienced players out there use them and what they think of'em. OH ! and are they harder on strings????????????? thanks eh!
This was an OK read for me,has a nice flow to it. The rhyme scheme was simple but seems kind of forced in some spots,seems to be like its a rap song though which i didnt care for. 6/10
the lyrics were pretty good,reading this didnt really flow all that great but after listening to the actual song,youve meshed it nicely. I also like how you stop singing and go to the speaking stanza than back to singing.some guitar parts were very cool,but i think you should try n add a vibrato to every other riff. A nice piece though and the recording was pretty good too. thx 4 critng "A Little Prayer"

Ya kinda repetative but alot of great blues songs are,thats the blues style.The lyrics are definately bluesy,nice job
...verse 1, last line....."And left for the road"........maybe try....."And left, aidios" i know i didnt spell that right but since you used road earlier in the verse.....just a thought.......
thx for the crit on "A Little Prayer."
,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, A Little Prayer,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

the stars seemed brighter that night
another soul added to its light
guess by now theres no mystery
so is it everything we were told it would be

i say a little prayer
i say a little prayer for you oo oo o
i say a little prayer for you my friend, until we meet again

i sat with your mother a while
somehow managed to get her to smile
she told o'l stories of you
most of which i'd already knew
your brother and sister were there
oh how he's getting big,she's grown her hair
gathered round your sleepy grave
one year to the day you went away

we said a little prayer
we said a little prayer for you oo oo o
we said a little prayer for you my friend
we said a little prayer
we said a little prayer for you oo oo o
we said a little prayer for you my friend,til we meet again

we all know that war aint pretty but
you dont have to be in it to be a casualty
so if your lookin down the barrell of a gun and
for every father or mother whos lost a daughter or son

we say a little prayer
we say a little prayer for you oo oo o
we say a little prayer for you my friends
we say a little prayer
we say a little prayer for you oo oo o
we say a little prayer for you my friends,til we meet again

remember you called and i was not home
well ive kept your message on my phone
i played it and passed it around
it was the only time your dad laid that flag down

we said a little prayer
we said a little prayer for you
we said a little prayer for you my friend
we said a little prayer
we said a little pryer for you oo oo o
we said a little prayer for you my friend,until we meet again
til we meet again.
God knows im no expert,could be a # of things, 1st try new strings/ new brand or adjust the pickups
WOW ! havnt been here a while, seems like a huge debate over the Martin X guitars......I too did some investigating and was told that they were basicly made from the waste/sawdust of the other Martins that are made. Mr Martin himself was touring the factory and asked what was done with all the saw dust, he was told it went to a hardwood flooring company where they made floor panels from thats how the idea of making guitars from it came about....................anyways....I did not buy the Martin,instead i bought a Takamine EAN76 with hard case. A great sounding guitar at half price. Had it a couple months now and Im loving it.
I like it. "cars are thrown like devils dice" is my fav line...still kinda short though.
I agree with chippythingy, get a seperate tuner, i have a new Tak with a built in tuner but it seems to sound better when i tune it with my other tuner...
Most guitar makers have a model around the 500 dollar range, id suggest walk into a shop,start playin all the ones that you like than ask a salesman 4 help. I just purchased a 1500 dollar Tak,acoustic/electric for 700 jus cuz its been there too long. The price on it said 1500 so if i hadnt asked, i never would have concidered it cuz that was out of my price range. Im sure alot of shops have a guitar like this hangin around.....good luck....

Oh, and thanks to the guys that responded to my thread about the Martin DXM, Im so glad i didnt buy it now...Cheers!
Well, that puts an end to that, thanks y'all for the quick replies and info.its greatly appreciated.
Im thinking of buying a Martin DXM, it sounds great but it does not have a clear coat finish, just bare wood, is this a good idea? pros and cons please...thanks
The first line right off the hop reminded me of an old INXS song that I havnt heard in ages, the last line of this stanze" i dont give a ****" doesnt really fit unless its sarcasm cuz its obvious you do give a ****.....(thats just how i see it)
The "D is for"........."E is for".... parts are awesome, rolled really nice,great word selections here, now im feeling a "PANTERA" type vibe. wouldnt change a thing on either of these stanzas. nice job.
WOW, better than half the people before me...thanks
YES it is...almost as obvious as Dragonforce being Maiden fans...

I like this but where is the battle, its kinda short but a good battle would solve that.
Metal has progressed so much since the Sabbath ,Priest, Maiden reign,I mention these three bands cuz lets face it,talking old school, these guys were tops. yet, todays metal is filled with alot of old played faster,slower,backwards,inverted, so I cant see anyone liking the new stuff and not like the old.

For me ,metal started with Sabbath.Though there were alot of heavy bands, they were still more hard rock,(imo). Iommi gave birth to Heavy Metal guitar, probly even down tuning and power chords, and if he didnt, he certainly mastered it and made it what it is today....again, just my opinion.
how about calling it....RETALIATE WITH A HINT OF HATE....