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Posted in 7 string thread but I'll post in its own thread...why not?

I'm getting a use RG1527 in a few days as a result of GAS and the pickup combination is X2N in the bridge, and Evolution 7 in the neck. I know Evo7 usually goes in the now that I think about it, it's pretty weird.

I have a JEM7VWH so if Evo7 is basically the 7 string version of the Evo on the JEM, I have a clear idea of what I'm getting.
On the Symphony X site, it says Michael Romeo uses the X2N and I love his tone so X2N should be right for me....

How would you rate this pickup combo though? It's two bridge pickups and I'm not sure how well that would work out. I do love the creamy sound of the neck pickup but I'm looking to get more of a chunky low end riffing.

I'm planning to play a lot of John Petrucci's stuff (Acid Rain for sure!!!), Meshuggah for sure, some Vai and just overall heavier stuff. The extent of the clean tone would be The Audience is Listening; most of it will be heavy B string riffage.

Is this right for me?

First I have to say, you have a great taste in music. Second, I've read that the EVO7 is has a bit more bite/ gain. They don't soudn the same, but similar to an extent.

Also, the fact that your guitar is basswood and your Jem is alder will change things.

Aside from that, it will still sound great.
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Right, I remember seeing this on some site. Thanks. But aynway, it's still expensive to buy an OFR, so I wouldn't recommend doing so.

Yeah, it works though.

I fell in love with the neck on my RG370, so it was worth it for me.
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Swapping the tremolo will cost you another 150$ - 200$ for a decent one, so you don't save any money that way. Besides, more often than not, changing the trem is
a) impossible
or b) requires lot's of work on the guitar's body, moulding and whatnot. The chances of messing it up are high. So I'd stay away from that.

Actually, all Ibanez's with Edge 3s (All Cheap RG's) can be swapped out with an OFR, without any routing. The Edge 3 is based o ff of the Edge which is based off the OFR.
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i have an ibanez with an edge on it, i think its a pro or edge 3, either way, look at the back of the guitar, take the cover off for the springs , read ur manual and theres a allan screw that can be adjusted for tremelo arm movment

I remember you could do that with an Edge 3, but I don't think you can with an edge pro.
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It is real, there is one at a L&M near me

Kill yourself.

These were made by Variant at
This thread is everything that is wrong with this forum today.

As far as I know, there Isn't a permanent solution. I was going to suggest tape, but it seems you've tried that.
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well one day i went into my local guitar shop, which just happen's to be the birth place of van halen, and his first guitar is there so i thought yea im going to go for it, i picked up the guitar and proceeded to play the intro the looney toons, but at 9x the speed and i threw in some under/ over reversed double tapping (just becuase i was bored), anyway this kid look's over at me looking at me like *omg dude you rule, but i know powerchords so suck my chode*... how ever, i didnt! regardless of what people say!

so i thought, dude, i cant be having this, so i started to play some vast neo-classical music i crafted while eating breakfast that morning, it lasted for about 30 minutes with a 10 minute solo, but i was eating a cornish pasty at this point so i could only play it at 320BPM, since i was doing it with one hand. anyway after i finished my cornish pasty and completed the solo, i cranked the volume up to 11 and started to play the outro to my track, which, is the best thing you'll never hear!

the dude just left the shop, and i was like, damn! im good!

true story...

Wait, so was the obnoxious kid you?
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Just as the title says. For me, it'd be Dragonforce. If you get past the whole Guitar Hero image they're not too bad. I actually quite enjoy their first album.Songs like Disciples of Babylon and Valley of the Damned are actually enjoyable for me, once you get pas the cheesy lyrics. Although, their latest works I really don't like.

I agree. Valley of the Damned is a classic power metal album. They were at the top of their game when it was first released.

Thousands of people like Ensiferum, but I am the only one at my school that cares about theme. Along with Wintersun, I love them. Luckily, I just turned my Cousin on to Wintersun, so I have someone to see them with when they tour next year.
Kill yourself.
VG Strat= Bland Classic look with on board, messy digital effects.
The Hellraiser will stomp the LP in terms of metal tone.
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i want just the money actually. im not a lambo fan. now if you say ferrari then my option would be #3 but ijust dont want as murcialago

You're a huge tool if you wouldn't take a free Lamborghini.

this thread sucks. Period.

A great guitarist needs elements of both. A true artist will try to master every facet of their chosen craft, out of devotion and love.
Ibanez. Only the ones made by Mr.Ibanez though.

Seriously, independent luthiers are the highest end I see.
Schecter bitches both of those out.
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the cure uses schecter.

but to the original post, i've been wanting to know the same thing...

I'm seeing them on the 22nd.
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didnt even read tqh text. but get schecter. syn gates uses them lol. and i like syn gates


Personally, I'd go with the Schecter.
In my opinion it has better wood, better pickups, and overall better styling.

I've owned a 1570, while It sounded nice, it sounds nowhere near as brutal as a mohagany guitar with Blackouts.
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ha! funny! NOT!

Clever. NOT!

Well, learning your minor pentatonics are a start.
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Lai Lai Hei ~ Ensiferum

You are deemed true
Micro Cube is a definite must in this case.
Doesn't matter if its thick or thin, but how it is contoured.
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Parker Fly Mojo

Edit: I'll go into detail/specs.

Body is one Piece Mahogany, ultra thin body lined at the back with a fine sheet of fiber giving it huge sustain and strength with increased resonance.

The neck is similar to a Jacksons neck, plays itself really... 24 frets with no limitations to the upper frets. Again lined with Fiber sheet along with a Carbon Glass fretboard, ALWAYS slick and smooth!

Sound is superb, perfect for every sound ever imaginable... From Jazz smooth tones to acoustics to death metal... Brilliant.

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wow im really liking that septor in green... but hows the quality of it? i mean i've always wondered about agile guitars theyre so cheap, are they good?

Awesome! They're excellent guitars for the price! My purple septor has become my main player, over my american start and my RGA321.

This is the one I own. It's sold out atm
You play Nevermore? Be a real man and get a 7.
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What's sexier than this?

My Epiphone Strat is pretty legit. Itcame in all black, SSS, and a maple board. Thin, comfy neck, surprisingly similar to a Wizard. IT's a awesome guitar, but I really need to redo all the electronics.
A crazy Shawn Lane/Jari Maenpaa/Chris Broderick orgy lovechild.
I dropped a set of BO's in my Mohagany Agile Septor 727, and they're absolutely FATAL.

Out of those two guitars, I'd get the Hellraiser and swap in some BO's.

But as far as Classic/ Modern Rock goes, I don't think actives are the optimal choice.
But, if you have to choose from those two, the BO's are your best bet.
Shawn Lane ftw

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Nahhh, you think you want an iceman, but you really want a Stratocaster. Go get one of those!


Personally, I'd go with the 400. Classier looks IMO. Korean made IIRC. The 700 is Indonesian made. Not that big of a difference, but it's noticeable.
Shred guitarist A doesn't have any feeling.
Blue guitarist B is better than Shred guitarist a because he bends notes more often.
Shred guitarist A isn't a real guitarist even though it is clear he has devoted countless hours of his only life to the instrument.
Shred guitarist A is a wanker. He overuses Minor modes and Harmonic variants.
Blues guitarist B is amazing. He uses the minor pentatonic scale. With bends.

Why do I come here?
They're no such thing as death metal arpeggios.

Learn your theory. It'll make things much easier.