Yeah, I'm new, and I just find it hysterical that the first tab I submitted was denied with no reason given, when it's better than any of the existing tabs for the song. I've been tabbing for YEARS, and all my tabs are done by watching live videos of bands and looking for the exact frets the guitar/bass players are playing. But I guess since I'm a newbie here, my tab HAS to be wrong. (Yes it was in the right format, I know everybody's first reaction will be to tell me it wasn't.) It's probably 100% correct the exact way the band plays the song, and even if it's not, it's better than a lot of the other garbage out there. But oh well, it's not my loss...I know how to play the song, I guess nobody else will.

I guess I'll try submitting a couple more but if this continues I'm just gonna leave. The only reason I came here is because Mxtabs died anyway.