Was gonna buy one of these for my GF: But I want it for myself more and more each time I look at it.

The point I'm trying to make is, everyone likes skin.
Planned obsolescence isn't a conspiracy theory, though.
Not even slightly (unless it was a malicious act).
It'd help to know which store.
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But everything is more expensive here in Aus anyway so we end up losing our savings anyway

Well yeah, but we paid more. So we lose it all to rent/utilities/etc, so I figure if I can save some money by importing, why not?
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yea i reckon....i'm sad. no longer so economical to get pedals from overseas.

Whatever. Even if the dollar is worth less, nearly everything is cheaper in America.
I constantly switch with both. Same with inventory.
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We were designed to reproduce, and spread the word of god to our children

The thing is, homosexuality is biological, or natural, saying that we were designed to spread the word about something invented long after humans appeared on Earth is just odd.
Which religion you follow is a choice, your sexuality isn't.
I clicked yes, but I meant no. Goddamn brain.
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that show that the transformers stole the idea from

Should be able to get it from the lexicon website.
EDIT: If not, get in contact with their customer service guys.
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Yeah, **** those people who take music wherever they go!

Lol, people who think 80s shitpop is different from modern shitpop.

To be fair, Duran Duran is ****ing awesome.
Most of those off-brand entry level guitars.
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Depends on the legality of the muffler delete, here in Australia, it's a $20,000 fine. I'm a car nut myself so I'd go the muffler delete.

I wonder if we can use Whistle Tips here (or any excuse to link this )
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Please never compare reddit, tumblr, and Funny Junk together. Reddit is an actually community, whereas tumblr and FJ is just to repost shit, like you said. I've gotten to know a lot more Redditors than UGer's.

As someone who's been going to Reddit for a few years; that's exactly what it is. Sure it has a community, but everything is reposted over and over. The obvious exception is breaking news but even then, the same thing will be posted hundreds of times often even using the same link because the users are too lazy to search.
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Yes, set necks should usually be considered higher quality. They allow better sustain and you'll usually only see them on "better" guitars.

Epi LP Special 2s are set necks. Find me a person who thinks they are even remotely good.
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They match the music perfectly, I agree, especially for their first two albums when they sounded like angry pirates. But I wouldn't say they have good voices, they've just gotten them to work in context. If Brent Hinds sung in a production of Don Giovanni, I would not enjoy it.

Haha, understandable, but I'd pay to see that.
Also the angry pirates thing is so true, I've never heard it put so aptly.
Quote by whalepudding

I like them, I even like Brent's ridiculous nasal singing, but none of them really have good voices. Except maybe Brann, but he sounds completely emotionless.

Allow me to be "that guy" for a second: All of their voices perfectly compliment the music they make. Or perhaps I'm just blinded by their awesome tone.

Quote by goest
Truth be told, he doesn't have the greatest range. But his status as a sexy beast negates any vocal shortcomings.

It's science, really.

So he's a boyband?
Wait wait wait. You have neons for your bed?
I would have said "Worst advertising ever" but no one called you on it, so I guess not.
EDIT: I stand by the worst advertising ever thing.
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Okay, now we need to come up with a plan in case I Am Legend happens.

Get Charlton Heston on it. Like Will Smith, but not a pussy.
EDIT: Also, here's why it may be bullshit:
Quote by llanafreak44
Thanks for the link, but that literally told me nothing. Is it the dance? Is it the genre?

Yeah, sorry. Mostly the music that influences the "dance" if that makes sense.
EDIT: at least that's what I thought. But now I've confused myself.
Look around on eBay to get a rough idea of average prices over a week or two then undercut by a bit (10% maybe. It's been a while since I've sold a guitar). Also keep in mind, the quicker you want to sell, the less money you'll get in the end.
Quote by MidniteHaze

'Ram it Down' - Judas Priest. I will listen to the songs, just sound alittle digitally enhanced..

Was that the album where they used synth guitars?

Quote by DavidRayT
I must have a horrid taste in tone. I think Rust In Piece by Megadeth, and both Necrophagist albums have great guitar sounds.

Not really sure how I feel about RiP, but I can't think of anything off the top of my head that makes me think the tone is bad and as for Necrophagist, I don't see how it's that bad either. Also, the arpeggios in Stabwound sound absolutely amazing.
Angel of Death.
And I played for about 5 years, then I stopped because it was always more of a chore than it was fun.
Then maybe a month ago I was bitching to a friend about how hard it was to find a band that needed a vocalist around here (because here, if you don't play formulaic not-very-good hardcore, you don't matter apparently) and he jokingly said "Maybe you should play bass", and here we are.
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Those are just the choices that I'm given by my study abroad office.

For all those asking: I'm a psychology major with a business minor. But the thing is that none of my classes are going to directly transfer. My remaining required classes have to be taken on campus (really dumb), but I'll still get elective credit hours for whatever classes I take abroad.

It's an odd system they use.
I have this American chick in one of my classes who's doing teaching, but because there are teaching method differences between Aus and the US, they forbid her from doing any teaching courses over here, so she's doing a year of sociology.
NSW is probably the best uni in the country, if that helps (inb4 Melbourne defense squad )
EDIT: Also, why Wollongong and not Newcastle?
Quote by DamagingExcess
LoG'd first two albums were just horribly produced as it is. NAG doesn't even sound like LoG and I don't consider it them, I still consider it Burn The Priest, because even though it's the same people , they are two completely different bands. And everything on As The Palaces Burn just sounds muffled and gross. Still an amazing album, just hard to listen to on songs that aren't 11th Hour, ATPB and Ruin, every other song is really muffled.

Shit, I must be the only one who likes NAG more than everything after it when they settled into a groove where Randy didn't do anything interesting. Seriously, the vocals on one song of those albums may as well be the vocals on any other.
As for the instruments on NAG, I could take them or leave them.

Anyway, the tone question: Chuck Schuldiner's solo tone (especially the early albums and live albums) sounds terribly trebly and tinny. Phenomenal guitarist, lead tone wasn't great.
Invest in some fine-ass headphones.
Or yeah, an attenuator.
If I'm adjusting my the truss rod on a 5, should I detune first to take some pressure off the neck, or does that kinda defeat the purpose?
I was talking to this girl and everything was going great, then her boyfriend pulled up a chair.
Quote by Ometh

Cattle decapitation anyone?
Atthough Carcass rules. Can't say the same thing about BTBAM though.

Hey man! Hey. Hey.
Carcass does rule, so does Cattle Decapitation. But neither were ever really popular with a wider audience.
Quote by carlos_almighty
vegetarian progressive grindcore.

Carcass was never really that popular.
Drop a couple of X2Ns in it. OH MY!
Quote by some1fat

Fair enough. I just haven't really listened to much of them past Soul of a New Machine. Time to break out the newer stuff I guess.
Fear Factory have SOME really good songs. And they are all in B standard (from memory).
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I love pointy guitars, which is why it's a shame most of them are poor quality.

Honestly, I a lot of BC Riches looks awesome (not the Warlocks though...) Which is why I wish they were a more reputable company and made some high end models outside the custom shop.

Well then, you're in luck.
They make a **** ton of high quality instruments outside the CS. Try going to their website sometime.
It's a shame they haven't shaken the "post-1990 pre-2008" misconceptions people have about them.
Well if absolutely nothing else, you learn the order of the song which I've always found was my downfall (knowing the song, but not knowing when changes come).
Beck is my favourite comedian.