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Genuine question for the Arsenal fans - would you take any Southampton players for your first team if they were offered to you? And if so who

EDIT: I say first team because I think it's fairly obvious anyone in our team could get onto your bench at the moment

Schneiderlin, Osvaldo, Lovren, and Lallana could all do a job in rotation. I don't think they'd be regular if they came in now though.
Typing in boobies on LimeWire.

I didn't even know what masturbation was at that age, so I just watched it until I got a boner.
Clean sheet for Captain Zabaleta pls.
Berbatov cracking Sagna straight in the forehead with that elbow, quite a funny replay.
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Who's playing DMC for Arsenal?


Ramsey. Santi and Rosicky in the middle either side.
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Can't find a video, but one of the five that Berbatov put past Blackburn in the 09/10 season was a brilliant passing goal. Started from our box, every other pass was him, including a cross field ball to find Nani (iirc anyway), he then sauntered into the box in perfect time to smash it in.

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Nope. You can sign up for free at

An open league code is in the OP, you can message sam for the regulars code.

How regular does one have to be to be regular?
I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks that Cabaye would be pretty good for Arsenal.
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Then how has he not impressed you? Unless you watched him at Celta, where he created the most chances in La Liga.

What's the official definition of a 'chance'? Not being facetious for a wind-up, genuinely asking.
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Oh it looks no different to me either but as I said I never use the 3D engine and just prefer the dots on the fastest speed. If I really need to see the goal I can 3D replay it later.

Still waiting for a good pre-order deal too, I got the game (and Beta) last year for £19.50 so hoping for similar.

Pre-order? Sweet Moses, I picked it up for £15 in February and thought I'd done well. Where from?
Barring a few keeper and defending animations, it looks literally exactly the same. No guarantee of avoiding bugs, absolutely zero graphical progression. Meh.

I'll still buy it, mind. It's just irritating.
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He is trying, and 18 days is still plenty of time to bring in some quality.

He's already had 89.
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Who are these?

idontwatchfootball - Alex Gossage
Shredx FC - Ben Pinkus
TenInchClock - Ben Parker
• • • - - - • • • - Andrew Biles
Shane Long - Ilja V
Generic Team Name FC - Tom Bershtein
Obi Wan Kenobi Nil - Ben Musgrove
Gruffalo Soldiers - Chris Parkhill


This shit is getting a request only thing


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Ox has defensive discipline. Showed it against city a lot. He was back earlier than gibbs in most occassions. We will go for ramsey, but ox os the one with the fogure for cdm. Proper hardball.

Remember the loss against Sunderland where he lost the ball in the opponent's third, then ran literally the entire length of the pitch in about fifteen seconds to score an own goal.
Is there any sort of list of all the Steam coupons available floating around somewhere? I'll be damned if I can find it, want to see if there's any for this Kalypso sale stuff.
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They're not his, he just took them.
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Kenny Miller. Just go nuts with it.

Oh for ****s sake.
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Good. we need him against Villa.

Who scored for England?

Walcott, recovered from a shitty touch to wrongfoot the keeper.
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Went for Wilshere in the end, 5/1. Miller is just too bad for me to even throw free money away on.

I now await him scoring, to spite me.

And off Jacky goes at half time, apparently.
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Bloody hell m8

Got 20/1 on (what I think, at least >.> what look like pretty obvious results

plz dont let me down. Usually the obvious ones that do

What've you gone for?
Went for Wilshere in the end, 5/1. Miller is just too bad for me to even throw free money away on.

I now await him scoring, to spite me.
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Kenny Miller. Just go nuts with it.

I was genuinely tempted, it would net me £80 if he managed it.
Got a free £20 bet with William Hill, and I'm not going to waste it on an obvious bet to pick up like £3 for my trouble. Any of you guys got a suggestion for a likely scorer at decent odds?
Just had a striker take a fifty-five yard touch with his chest to put an opposition striker through on goal, as my entire defence step out of the way to let him in. I've got to say there are some ridiculous flaws in this match engine, I haven't seen shit like that since I scored an overhead-kick own goal from outside the box.
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Sinclair was good at swansea. Don't be daft. Gnabry brought nothing against asian teams.

But did against Schalke last year, when nobody else brought anything. Deserves to be around the first-team squad IMO.
yaaaaaay, United won me £4.44 and a £20 free bet.
Anyone watching Cambridge v Halifax on BT Sport?

7th minute - Halifax take the lead. 0-1
16th minute - Halifax captain sent off for last man tackle. Resulting penalty scored. 1-1
25th minute - Halifax keeper sent off for last man tackle after terrible back-pass.
26th minute - Sub keeper saves the penalty.
36th minute - Cambridge score again. 2-1

Brilliant game.

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I've put a bet on Wigan, under the logic that I never win bets, so I've now caused United to win.

So if we win you can thank me.

Edit: Unless you wanted Wigan to win, obviously.

Put a £10 bet on United to win on the basis that the William Hill entry offer gave me a £20 bet. Stupidly, I forgot that they don't give you the bet until after your bet finishes. So United had better win.
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We need a squad keeper. Szczesny will be great in time, but there's no way we can get by with Fabianski and Martinez (who's near appalling) as our backup.

A squad rotation keeper would be nice for like, cups, easier matches etc.

Have you seen any of Martinez apart from the 7-5 game? Because I haven't, and I've come to the same conclusion of him as you, and am worried I'm being narrow-sighted.
*Daily Scouse Propaganda Article*

It would be the mother of all egg-to-face moments if Suarez ends up joining Arsenal.
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Hey at least Skyrim had a combat system that actually made sense .

Oblivion was just use heavy armor and you were golden, and Morrowind it seemed like one out of every five swings *might* land. But the story was so much better.

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Oblivion was just use heavy armor and you were golden

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heavy armor

Amber armor says go to hell, you philistine.
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If Celtic played in England, who would they match up the best with? Top half championship teams? Bottom half BPL teams?

Bottom five/top eight Championship teams IMO. There's a reason that players moving from Celtic tend to move into the Championship rather than the Prem. Hooper was in negotiations with QPR, Wilson to Forest, Rogne to Wigan, Murphy to Ipswich. In the last three seasons I think only Hooper, Wanyeama and Shaun Maloney have gone to Prem sides.
What do you guys do to combat "not getting shots on target"?
Just got back from my first match of the season, Woking v Lincoln City in the Skrill Premier (BSP with a stupid new sponsor). Stopped by the away dressing room window at half time to hear the Lincoln City manager absolutely tearing into his players. "Put a f*cking foot in! But don't get too f*cking tight to them, all right?!"
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Quality, cheers.
Do we have a Fantasy Football league in here yet?
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