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Just got the game on

How's it been? Is 2-0 deserved?

QPR getting dommed, according to the BBC. Two mistakes from Samba to create the goals.
Gengar, Dragonite, Ninetails, Blastoise, Rhydon, Jolteon.
Does anyone know of any FM forums with a decent community that aren't the aesthetic equivalent of roadkill?
There is nothing more satisfying than caning your arch-rivals 4-0, resulting in the sacking of their manager. I love Vasco derbies.
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This thread was just an excuse for you to rattle off all the naughty swears you know, wasn't it.
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I love Imanol Agirretxe.

Agreed. Can't be bothered to dig through the Steam files to get the screenies, but he's banged in 12 in 20 for my fledgling Sociedad side.
Should we take you seriously?
I thought "I won't last six months" seven years ago. *shrug*
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I don't really know what to do about the whole "lack of confidence"

It's just a learning process. Be honest with her that you feel a bit nervous about it, and if she's the sort of person she'll want to be with she'll appreciate that. And then when you're getting down to the business just trust yourself and your instincts, and trust her to tell and show you what she likes. You don't need to blow her mind the first time - great sex comes from learning what gets your partner off, and you can only do that through experience with her.
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Quick question - how do I deal with a girl on her period bringing up fights from the past?

Build this and hide behind it.
Pretty awesome. The solo was absolutely horrible, but I'd quite happily get up with SP and play a shitty solo. Kudos.
This thread made me YouTube pretty much every single lightsaber duel in the entire series.
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Find your own people to be attracted to and sleep with. The one and only solution.

And if I'm doing that and it doesn't seem to quell it, what else do I need? Just time?
How do I stop feeling unreasonably jealous about ex-partners being attracted to and sleeping with other people? I'm fully aware that she's/they're not doing anything wrong in doing so, as we're our own individuals with independent lives, but there's something about the notion that makes me really physically uncomfortable and I'm struggling to deal with. Ideas?
Evenin' gents.

I've met a girl at university a few months ago, and recently we've recently reached fourth base. The first few times we did it, I was fine, stiff as a Drill Sergeant's upper lip, but for some reason the past few times I've been struggling to orgasm. I'm not sure what it is - after a while my peep will just drop into a semi, and languish there laughing at me while I try and get the motor going again.

This is quite irritating.

Is there any way around it? Not particularly up for viagra - could it just be a length of time thing? Our sessions have been getting longer and longer, so maybe I literally just don't have the stamina or don't get myself off quickly enough for it to stay up. Any tips?
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That is right, however we were talking about free will. Can you say that someone with a severe mental disorder has the free will to rationally make a decision to kill these children?
It's difficult to say without knowing the exact nature of the disability. But if we're saying that not having free will means he doesn't have responsibility for his actions, and his disability means that he doesn't have free will, it doesn't make sense to say that he isn't to blame IMO. Whether he has free will or not, he has responsibility.
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What about people with a mental disorder?

You'd lock them up just as you would someone who was completely sane, for similar reasons: rehabilitation, and preventing a repeat of the crime.
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Will Kerzhakov start after the horror show last time? I'm deciding between him and Lewandowski for FF captain. If I was the Russian manager I'd be tempted to start Pavlyuchenko

Go Lewandowski, all day long. Russia have far more players who can get goals from the middle of the park and the wings (a la Dzagoev vs Czech Republic), wheras Poland... don't, really. :P
I have absolutely no idea how seriously to take this.
Got Russia in my sweepstake at work, and Poland and France in my pub sweepstake. Not terrible.
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I don't think I'll have too much of a problem with hardware, I've got headphones that can do the job fine so I don't have to endure laptop speakers when trying to get a tone. Are there any six-core variants of the models you mentioned earlier?
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Well for gaming... *post*

I like the look of the Intel Pavillion AMD most out of those. If I were to go 6 core (I'm hoping to start doing guitar covers on YouTube when I go to uni, and will be doing proper video editing as opposed to sticking on a webcam and hoping for the best), would I be looking at a notable increase in price? And would there need to be a specific type of soundcard for recording guitar onto something like REAPER without it sounding extremely processed and saturated?
Suppose this is the place to ask. Bit of a computer rookie, but I'll try and learn whatever terminology is thrown at me. :P

Looking for a laptop for Uni. I'd like to be able to run games (W00 SKYRIMZ... maybe not that powerful, but certainly something capable) and record (using either a Line 6 POD 2 or a Blackstar HT5 combo straight into the PC). Budget of around £400, but I can add money to that if necessary. Any recommendations? Friends have made noises about Quad Core Processor/6 Gig of RAM, if that's any help.
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Get the Metal Shop pack. The stock sounds in POD Farm kinda suck IMO.

Either that, or use a free VST like TSE's X50 or LePou's Legion, with LeCab 2 to load some impulses of your choice. They sound more realistic than any POD Farm model anyway

Are they compatible with the UX2? I had a swing at using them, apparently noise is being recorded but it won't play through my speakers, which is odd as I can get a signal from Pod Farm using exactly the same setup, just changing the input.
Does anyone have the faintest idea how to get a decent heavy rock tone out of a POD UX2? I've come back to messing around with it now I've finally got a working webcam, and everything I try sounds really over-processed and flabby, even with extremely low bass and high treble/middle. I'm recording from an Epiphone Les Paul into the UX2 (which is connected the PC via USB) into REAPER. Am I just cack, and need to keep trying? :P
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This is from page 13 or something. I was 12 when this was posted. I'm now 17.

EDIT: **** my life, I thought you were on about Bill Bryson. BACKTRACKBACKTRACK
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Keep in mind, guys, this setlist is for absolute beginners.

There are some bits that beginners won't be able to play. The solo from Slither, assuming you actually have to play it note for note, will be pretty hard to nail.
Thanks guys - will C4C tomorrow, as it's ten past midnight. Just got back from The Globe in London.
All guitar parts played by myself. If you subscribe I will provide any amount of sexual favors to you and your family. Comments are welcomed both in here and on the video itself, and I'll crit back any links you post. Fire away.
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It slightly weakened my conviction that my genuine death ... will be the end of me, though I continue to hope that it will be.

^ A. J Ayer said that after a near death experience in which he saw a "divine being". Take it from someone who knows his shit - either there is a divine being (extremely unlikely) or you will stop. And stopping isn't like being buried alive or in a locked room - there is nothing to experience anything. Which isn't bad at all - it's the ultimate neutral.
Recording at that standard of audio quality won't get you enough views to make it worthwhile IMo, if you seriously want to YouTube shizznit on a regular basis it'd probably be worth investing in some recording equipment.
Bin the wah pedal, dear God. ^_^ I really dug the cover, I like the way you've changed it to something quite unique, but I wouldn't have used the wah at all - it's never going to sound great with basic recording material.

Dig it. Some of the riffing isn't quite tight enough for me, but most of it is pretty damn good, and this isn't amateur material, so kudos to you. I'd try and get rid of the motion blur in the video though.

This is cool. You got very close to the tone of the original track, and for the most part your riffing is great. I'd say you do need to work on finger strength regarding chords though, there's a couple when you just don't make the fret you need and it sounds like cack for about half a second until you correct it.

Duuuuuuuude, this sounds very cool. Really mellow timbre to the whole thing, with great recording quality doing it justice. Aweshurm.

I dug the guitar, though I wasn't a massive fan of the electric tones you use. I'd say it would sound better acoustically if the drums weren't so well done, so kudos for that. And this is an awful thing to say, but the accent of the vocals really grates on me! :P Apologies, but there's certain ways of singing that really rub me the wrong way (the song "On and On" by The Answer is another), and this is one of them.

C4C if you get time!