Fowler had no place on that pitch other than for fan appeal. He's got tubby.
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Back to an older topic, but I actually went to school with Steven Caulker, he was in the year below me. Weirdly, you'd think the kid who became a professional footballer would be known all over the school as amazing at football, but that wasn't really the case. I would've played against him a few times and I don't remember him being particularly outstanding. Good, of course though.

The players around him will make a huge difference. No use you being able to read a good footballer's game if you're surrounded by school-kids playing their game, because it'll be totally different. Can't rely on any of his team-mates for anything above playground defending/movement/attacking/communication, so no doubt he blended in.
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mention one player Madrid bought with tactics in mind rather than jersey selling and the general glam of the player.

Gravesen, Woodgate, Arbeloa, Khedira, Faubert.

EDIT: Not can I explain Faubert.
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From what I heard "Its a bad game and the developers have no intention of making it better."

glad you put that it quote marks, because I think it's absolutely incredible. Not that I play it - I don't have the time to invest.
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If I were an Arsenal fan I'd be very pleased about clearing all the deadwood from the squad this far ahead of the deadline. Could still use a couple of signings though...

It's been long, long, long overdue. Shame it's overshadowed by zero signings for the first team - shit depth is better than no depth.
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I'd have rather seen Borini stay on instead of Suarez come on. Suarez doesn't give a shit and has offered nothing so far.

If his attitude on the pitch demonstrates where he wants to be (I.E not there), him having a hissy fit might actually be beneficial in the long run. As well as confirming that he's an absolute tool.
I can't stop watching it.
The Norwegian keeper's performance in that shoot-out is the only challenge I've seen to my theory that keepers in women's football are exceptionally bad. The Danish keeper only dived once - the other three pens, she sprinted along the line to where she thought the ball might go.
Quite interesting that the Cringe thread is filled will Brony, but we've got a Brony thread 100 times the length on the same page of the forum.
Quick question(s) guys - I have no idea how good the graphics card in my laptop is, and the internet seems reluctant to tell me so presumably I'm searching wrong. What basis is graphics card performance based on, and when a game says '______ card or better', how do I know whether or not my card's better? It's an Nvidia Geforce GT 630M, 1GB, if that's any help.
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Doesn't sex with random people cause psychological damage?

Depends on the person.
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What will an education do for me? Get me a degree that won't get me a job? That'll help.

You can't rely on pessimism and assumption in disregarding all education available to you.
Why not get back into education and focus on getting better at the bass in your spare time? Or drop the bass completely but still do the first bit?
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The top comments killed me
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Ribery says iya

Robben's better than Ribery.
gigantic + humongous = gigangous or humontic, your logic is inconsistent
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I don't especially rate Arteta as a free kick taker, but Theo is up there with the worst I've seen. He can occasionally put a decent cross in, but direct free kicks no no no no

His free-kick against Aston Villa I think the season before last is one of the cleanest strikes of a ball from that range I've ever seen. But for some reason we insist on having Lewis Hamilton take every set piece except pens, with one in every five free kicks a toss up between Pod and Arteta, so he doesn't score as many as he should.
Goes straight through the wall though, if they don't sh*t their pants that stays out IMO. He is brilliant, not denying, but I wouldn't say he's the best free kick taker. I think Arteta would be close behind him if Arsenal didn't force Theo Walcott to take all set pieces for no apparent reason Messi's brilliant, Pirlo's brilliant, Ronaldinho's brilliant.

EDIT: Ok, Arteta's more of a personal vent. But the other three are candidates.
First one took a huge deflection, didn't it?
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But Suarez is the best freekick taker in the world.

Nah man.
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If I was Wenger, I'd just pay £50m for Suarez. Honestly.

Get it done at all costs before Madrid come in. Liverpool would not turn down £50m. They just wouldn't.

We'll be left looking at Cisse and Michu otherwise.

Suarez isn't worth that, not at all. And we wouldn't want to set a trend involving £50m strikers from Liverpool.
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Suarez deal done to Arsenal #AFC #lfc


Did he not think he'd need to provide a little more than that?
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Supper is dinner though?

Oh no he didn't.
Fish/chicken with noodles/chips and beans/peas. Delete as appropriate. Though I do a freakin' mean stir-fry.
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that black guy from porto that scored 30+ goals (who was it Digman?)

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Buy a few to get another badge and level up. Then you get all the cards you would have gotten from voting.

What level do you have to be to get cards from voting?
I'd go Medieval II, because then that gives you access to the amaaaaaaaaazing Stainless Steel mod.
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If you want to go down a slightly more dangerous path, (this i do not recommend at all but hey you wanted advice) find one of your friends who takes amphetamines for ADD/ADHD. Those suckers can help with blood flow and well..... hehehe.... lets say there are some perks to being an ADHD kid myself. I mean you know... other than legalized meth

I don't think you'll get massively positive feedback for suggesting drugs in an advice thread.
- The Witcher 2: Enhanced
- Rock of Ages

About £4.50.
I really wanna buy Warp, but I can't physically bring myself to pay more for it then I did for Witcher 2: Enhanced.
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Is this reasoning actually reflective of reality, though?

The problem is that that investment (financial and emotional) is of indeterminable significance and value in the volume and quality of feedback relative to the people that would have bought it if it were cheaper. Factor in the costs of sending feedback (time and effort) against the percieved gain (when people are unsure of whether or not their feedback will even be noted) and I think you'd see a paucity of relevant, high quality feedback.

Projects that are open source and free, however, have their existence predicated on the willingness of individuals to contribute to that project, and they have often been of immense success. Wikipedia, Apache servers, the Android platform, etc. etc. Are examples of high quality content generation that lacks any financial reason for personal investment.

The logic is too dependent on the notion of a perfectly rational consumer, a creature to be found in similar quantities to unicorns and fairies.

...I can't really argue with that. I suppose I'm basing my opinion too much on my own motivations behind purchasing an Alpha - because I know that it is an Alpha, I'm aware that feedback will be in high demand and an inflated price is to be expected.

There are packages on games like WarFrame where people could pay £250 for the game and some fancy extras, and when asked why they did on forums and whatnot the vast majority cited supporting a game that they were excited about. So I don't think my point is entirely invalid. And fundraisers like The Oatmeal's purchase of a Tesla Muesum have generated huge funds towards projects with little/no recognition for their individual effort. But I recognise that these donations are financial, and very different from feedback. Maybe I'm just too rational for my own good.

I'm pretty that if devs accepted that as the sole feedback, then they'd never have decent feedback. Besides, it's expected that older games would be cheaper. Why do you think that game studios are always developing new games? Because that's how they keep making money.

I wouldn't expect them to - Alpha games should have a team behind them that is able to keep the game progressing and growing. I've no idea how long games are supposed to stay in the Alpha stage - is prison Architect an old game?
When I get a job, one of the first things on my damn list is this beautiful thing.

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You just restated his claim, failing to provide reasons for the bolded bit.

*Why* are they likelier to critcise and examine the game in depth? What role does the financial investment play in their willingness to do so?

Because the more you pay for the stuff, the more (generally) you value it. If people paid 50p for something, you care much less than if you paid £50 for it. So the more you pay for a game, it logically follows that the more you want to do to ensure it works, e.g. provide feedback for the devs.
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I don't see how a high entry price in any way predicts the likelihood of an individual submitting bug reports, or other ways of being communally active. Would you mind elaborating?

Not sure if srs but I'll take the risk

I'd assume he's implying that if someone is willing to use their money to invest in the future of a game, as the increased prices of an Alpha are more often than not used to do, then those people are also more likely to constructively criticise the game itself, and communicate the errors they find, rather than binning if after finding prisoners eating their lunches butt-naked in the showers.
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Lame steam sale has been lame.


Has anyone played Omerta: City of Gangsters? Seems like something a little different, quite tempted.
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I'm hoping Spec Ops: The Line goes on sale today, I know I missed it before when it was a flash/community choice. It's the only other game I really want.

Even if it doesn't, you can pick it up second-hand for like £5 in disc form.
Is that a fat Macheda left-middle?
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yeah, i'm actually surprised it hasn't gotten a better deal than 40% off.


has anyone here NOT played Hotline Miami and wants to? i have this spare key and all of my friends already have it.

If you don't want to give it to people you actually know, I'd be more than happy to take it off you.